Friday, June 2, 2017


Last Friday, man, I can't believe that was a week ago already! I feel so behind and I don't like it! But Friday, we went to Papa's Pizzeria in Polk City for dinner and then headed out to the marina to watch Oreo Meatwagon play (our friend Baird is in the band).....we didn't stay too long b/c we had to get home and pack since we left for Wisconsin that next morning.
We got up, packed up the car and headed out about 9 am.....the girls did pretty good, only asking if 'we are there yet?' when we got the gas station down the street from our house. No joke. It took about 5 hours to get there and my cousins graduation party started at 3, we didn't want to be too early so we pulled over into this scenic overlook place just past The House on the Rock (I have been there before and think it is super cool )

We got checked into our housing (thanks to my uncle for having a timeshare that we could use!) and headed to the graduation party. It was so nice b/c so many people from my family were there (from Colorado and Texas!) so it was like a little mini-reunion!
My aunt and uncle have such a nice house and lot! The weather was perfect, the kids were good and kept occupied with this tree house! I wish I would've used my good camera and got more pictures of everyone!

The strawberries in the chocolate fountain was a HUGE hit with this girl! I preferred the brownie bites in the chocolate! So good!

After the party we all hung out, talking, eating, drinking, the boys played some volleyball and Jordan slept thru most of it! 
We had promised the girls that we would go swimming so we left and went back to enjoy that before it was bed time!
Mary and Presley

Boston, Piper and P


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