Monday, October 31, 2016

Sunday Funday!

Sunday morning I woke up at 6:30....WTH? Finally when I was able to almost fall asleep, I heard the little footsteps of Miss Piper at about 7:45. She laid with me for about 45 minutes and I might have snoozed but I'm sure she didn't. Then Presley Pie woke up, they started fighting almost immediately, fun times. Steve got home from Earlham at about 10 and was TIRED and maybe slightly hungover so he went to lay down and us girls just hung out. They played, colored, took baths and chilled. Then we got ready to head out to Boston's last soccer game!
And guess who was on the field kicking the ball around with Boston before the game???

 Oh yes, you see that correctly! BOTH of my girls were on the field kicking the ball....You know, the girls who WON'T play soccer.
 Boston had his own little cheering section at this game with both our family and Scott's family! He did pretty good and scored 2 goals!!!! Everyone was so happy and you could tell he was proud of himself!

After the game, we got home, the girls ate something real quick and then we got ready for Sarah's Halloween party before trick or treating!
Our cute black cat and Super Girl!!!
 Sarah's house was fun, as always. So many kids and so much food! We love it!
This kid was Happy Potter last year.....I guess he isn't so sweet this year!
 Most of the kids with some hiding or missing.....
 our kids were watching the group picture.
 Bobbing for apples, which was VERY hard this year! No stems on the apples! :)

 Then we all headed out trick or treating! This picture was about the last time the group was together, the older kids were running head and Miss Piper and I lagged behind but she was a trooper!
 Look at my sweet girl, all by herself.
A lot of the houses in our neighborhood leave candy out in a bowl and it seems most kids do a pretty good job at only taking one or two! Piper lasted about an hour and then we headed back to Sarah's house to dig into the candy and hang out for a while before it was time to head home and turn in for the night! The kids have a new found liking for alot of the candy they have rec'd which is unusal for our fruit loving kids! I'm glad they are eating so that it will just be out of the house!

Brewery Tour

So back on Tuesday I called the radio station to win 2 tickets on a luxury motorcoach brewery tour for Saturday and I won! SO then my goal was to either find a babysitter so Steve could go with me or find a friend on short notice who could go with me! I was able to talk my sister Samantha into coming over with Boston for the afternoon.
On a side note....look at this proud soccer player! She almost looks like she enjoyed it, huh?
So Sam came over about 11:45 Saturday morning/afternoon and we headed over there, they had a bunch of people NOT able to make it so we scrambled to find other people to join us but really we had 30 minutes and obviously we don't know anyone who can drop everything that quickly for an afternoon! But oh well, we trucked on and met people on the bus who were really cool and ended up having
The first stop was Firetrucker in Ankeny, this is a cool place and our friend Baird plays here sometimes so another reason for you to check it out sometime!
Then we headed to Reclaimed Rails in Bondurant. Such a cool atmosphere and some of the wood is from the old Log Ride at Adventureland! The beer was good, they have TV's, a patio and stage for music. I would definitely go back!
I could've taken pictures of the actual bar/brewery....but no, I took pictures of the pumpkins...tis the season!
Third stop was Confluence, which we have been to a couple times. Very laid back, good patio and beer, lots of cyclists, dogs, families.
Then we headed over to Exile, which always has good beer and food!
Steve with our new friend Danny.
We got along so well with him and his wife Missy. We seemed to have a lot in common and hope that we can hang out with them again soon!
Some of the people that we met.
Me and Danny.
The last stop was Fox Brewery near Valley Junction and then we headed back to the radio station!
We got home about 6:30, fed the girls some dinner. Steve got his Slash Halloween costume ready for his nephews party that night in Earlham. So the girls wanted to wear it around a while!
She does make the perfect Slash!
Piper, not so much.
Rock on!
Presley was mad that Steve ate a whole row of Oreos, so they posed pouting. So funny! and then went we sent the picture to Steve.
Thank you to Samantha for watching the girls. Thank you to Boston for coming over and playing and wearing them out. Thank you to Steve for being my date. Thank you to Lyndsi for being my back-up date. Thank you to 92.5 for the tickets. And thank you to Presley and Piper for being good that night and going to be easy for me!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Friday Fun!

Friday night we carved our pumpkins! The girls were SO excited about it and both of participated by digging their hands inside and digging out the seeds!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Family picture time!

We were lucky enough to get our friend Taunie from Profound Photo's to take our pictures again! She took them back about 18 months ago and it was time we got some updated ones! We love her and she is so good with the girls! Thank you Taunie!