Friday, October 30, 2015


I don't want to discredit my baby girl by making Presley sound so wonderful. Piper is 3 and is a complete mess most days, her hair is shaggy, her face is dirty and pants are too short. Oh well.
She can't just play, she isn't interested in anything (which should make Christmas shopping super easy **insert sarcasm**). She loves the Ipad and her pacifer. We have cut the pacifer down to only during bedtime, but she will go lay in her bed just to have her paci! Are you kidding me?

She likes to do everything on her own, even if she shouldn't.....she'll go upstairs and get a Popsicle and scissors out and come downstairs b/c she wants them! We've changed where we put the scissors so she couldn't find them and still, she manages to find a pair! HA!
She did get in trouble at daycare the other day b/c she refused to help pick up!

However, she is the sweetest thing ever! If I sneeze, she'll say 'bless you mommy' and I will thank her and she will say 'your welcome'....melts my heart.
She told me she liked my butterfly ring and I said thank you and again she said 'your welcome'.
If Presley is crying, she'll ask what is wrong.
If I say ouch to something, she'll ask if I'm ok.
When I drop her off in the mornings, she'll sit there with her breakfast, give me a hug and kiss and then wave to me thru the window and blow me kisses.

Out of the blue she'll say 'I love my daddy so much!'

If I tell her she has an attitude she looks at me and says "I not an attitude, I'm a Piper!"

She is so sweet and gives some of the best hugs ever. We love you Piper, never stop being sweet or funny!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pumpkin fun

Tuesday was the only night we had to carve our pumpkins! Presley was more than excited, she loves reaching in and grabbed the insides....amazes me! So girly is some aspects and so NOT in others.
Piper was less than thrilled.
Eventually she got slightly into it. She would get stuff on her hands and then want to wash them.
Then the drill came out, this is the easiest way for Presley to 'carve' a pumpkin without the use of knives.
It was bath night and they were slimy and covered in pumpkin. I got some cheeses from my baby.
Our finished products (Piper only wanted small baby pumpkins for hers, so be it!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


So far 6 and a half is my favorite age. I know I went on about Presley in a previous post but I need to do it again b/c who knows how long it will last!
Over the last 5 days we have had a lot of time with just us 3 girls and she is just so easy. She is helpful, basically fully self-sufficient, nice, sweet, funny, so smart and just beautiful. She knows when I mean business, she listens and will follow directions, and I think she totally understands why I lose my cool when she watches Piper get in trouble over and over again! :)
She'll come home and do her homework by herself, without us having to remind her. She'll eat a good dinner and clear her dishes (most of the time). Piper jacks around and doesn't eat anything until an hour later when she wants a 'treat'.

She loves to help with Piper (sometimes too much), she'll offer to help get her dressed or get her breakfast. She'll try to convince Piper to do things faster when she knows I'm in a rush. Piper on the other hand will just go slower knowing that we are trying to hurry.

Don't get me wrong, she had her moments when she is tried or cranky or Piper won't leave her alone, but even then she has been easier to calm down than she used to be. I'll just bottle her up and keep her like this forever! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Night Eyes

Since we spent most of Saturday inside, I wanted to do something with them today to get out of the house. We decided we would have a trial run with the Halloween costumes and hit up Night Eyes at the zoo. We normally don't look to take them to things like this but Piper has never been so I thought it would be something different.
Presley decided last November 1st and she was going to be a black cat for this Halloween, so both of them are going to be cats and each costume cost $3.99! Score!
The girls before the make-up came out!
Little noses and whiskers were painted on our cute cats!
We picked up Boston and Grandma on our way and headed to the zoo! Adorable!
Cowboy Boston didn't like to pose but he was willing to stand next to the frog!
Oh my sweet girl!
Our hot mess cleaned up pretty good for a cat! :) The make-up didn't get too smeared or rubbed off from her snotty nose! :) But she does insist on eating every piece of candy the second she recieves it, which means she never actually finishes one piece!
We got home a little after 3 and the weather was so nice! Steve was able to get some yard stuff done around the patio and shed while we were gone so when we got home he took the girls outside with him while I did more cleaning (yes more, b/c the house only stays clean for about 5 seconds).
Daddy put on some Taylor Swift on and sat back and watched the girls dance and Presley do a million cartwheels out there! I'm so proud of the work Steve did on this, he had been talking about and planning this for over a year (and only took 5 months off and on to complete) and it turned out great and just the way he had wanted! Now we just need our patio furniture with the firepit out there and more nice weather to enjoy it this year! :)

Hacking Piper

All week Piper hasn't been normal, getting up in the middle of the night, coughing like crazy, snotty nose. We thought it was a cold or allergies. We gave her Benedryl at night and hoped for the best, but night after night she ended up in our bed and one of us moved to the couch.
Tuesday night I had my annual pumpkin beer night with some girls and Wednesday P had gynmastics and Piper and I went to El Mariachi with know, to keep mom busy with dad still being gone! :) I don't think Presley, daddy or Piper was feeling good this night.....then came Friday morning we figured we better take her to the doctor before the weekend in case something was wrong. Steve picked up her from daycare about 11:30 and went to the walk-in clinic.....sure enough she had a fever of 101 and a double ear infection.
So thankfully we were able to take her to my mom's for the afternoon so Steve could go back to work!
That night Steve went out so it was a girls night in! Piper coughing so hard that she made herself throw up twice! I just hate it! I feel so helpless b/c I know coughs are hard to prevent. Facebook seemed to support Vicks on her feet, so we did that plus her ear infection meds and Tylenol. She went to sleep pretty good and then Presley and I made popcorn and watched was pretty good!

Saturday Steve was able to get the patio poured for the shed! We've been waiting for a free weekend that his concrete buddies could help him and that the weather cooperated! So it is done! Besides the staining if we get another free weekend and some sod/landscaping stuff that will be done next year!

The girls and I hung out most of the day. Since I was gone all last weekend, there was so much cleaning and laundry that needed to be done! I got alot done (and if you came in my house right now, you probably couldn't tell), so much laundry, organizing, cleaning, picking up, dusting (which 24 hours later everything is dusty again anyways!). Presley kept busy playing and writing stories and drawing. Piper played on the ipad, watched parts of movies, and caused trouble. Overall a good, productive day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I think I need some time away from Facebook.
I just can't handle all the negativity on there these days.
Everyone is so critical.
Everyone complains all the time about everything.
Very few people seem happy with anything.

I was going to go into detail about some of these things, but I don't want to give more time to that crap than I should.

Don't get me wrong, I know I have complained on there. I usually try to make it light-hearted and not all 'FML' like many other people do. But the amount of times I want to make snotty comments, type it all out, then delete it b/c I figure it's not worth my time is getting too much.

I don't need to subject myself to that much negativity, it's not good for me, my attitude or my stress level. So I must back off and limit my exposure to the constant crap. End rant.


Just trying to remember to jot down the funny things that Piper says....

- last night we got home from work/school and she stopped at Presley's backpack and turned to Presley and said "Presley, do you have any homework tonight?"...ok thanks mom!
- she was putting on her pajama pants with no diaper on (on purpose)...and said "This is going to be crazy! This is actually going to be really crazy!"
- this morning I was trying to get dressed and talk her into getting dressed too. She saw I was going to put my bra on and said "No, I'll wait. I want to watch". Then of course she thinks it's SO funny that she saw my boobs. I told her that she'll have boobs someday too. She said "I have boobs!" and reaches down her shirt to find them! All I can do is shake my head and laugh at her!

and I love it when Presley looks at Piper after she does or says something ridiculous and then looks at me like 'what the hell is that girls problem!' HA!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Girls weekend!

Somehow we decided that a sisters girl weekend was needed, after many talks, plans, changes we decided on Omaha, its close and fun!
We left DSM about 4 and got back into town about 6, got settled, got pretty and headed out for dinner at Plank. We had the perfect waiter, Jared. He was a little like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory but SO sarcastic and funny! Two of the best things he told us was that there was a 'healthy amount of crazy' at our table and that we were the 'perfect combo of trash and class!' I have never laughed so hard at a dinner before. Then we went to a couple other random bars, had some drinks and somehow ended up at Whiskey Tango, a country dance bar....we danced, we had fun and we were out until 2 am! I am too old for that! We had a blast! So much fun and so many laughs!
The next morning was a little rough for all of us. We got up and had breakfast at the hotel and went back to bed until about noon...and that nap helped all of get a little pep in our step for day #2.  We went to the Stadium Club (which we had been at for a while the night before) to watch the last half of the Hawkeye game and eat some lunch.

Once the game was over we did a little shopping, checking out some of the cute shops in the Old Market and then headed back to the hotel about 5 to get ready for another night out. This night was much more laid back, which I think was fine with all of us knowing we had to actually function and go home the next day!
We had a couple drinks at the happy hour at the hotel and then did dinner at Upstream Brewery. It was so good and we were SO full!

Then we headed back to the sports bar so that Holly could watch the Ohio State game. We talked, met some people, made fun of other people and got back to the room about 10:30....definitely more my normal bedtime!
We got up the next morning and headed to Mount Crescent to go ziplining....the longest zipline in Nebraska and Iowa....1600 ft long. It was a lot of fun and I think we would all totally do it again!

Then we headed back home. We got to mom's house about 2 and got ready for the Packer game! It was a girls only game (except for Boston). The kids played SO good together and it was nice enough for them to play outside. We actually did more watching of the actual game with the boys gone....all they do is talk! :) The Pack looked rough and it was a nail-biting game....I don't like those, but they pulled it off in the end! WooHoo!
We got home a little after 7 and then started the bedtime routine. Piper actually went to bed good b/c she is fighting a cold...which is why she was up from 1:45-3 in bed with me coughing and snoring and cuddling. And I thought I would get a good night sleep being home after 2 nights away, what was I thinking?! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2015


- I still hate our computer.
- I'm so glad I have a husband who can fend for himself and take care of our kids. I have friends whose husbands rarely change diapers, who they would never consider leaving the kids with for a weekend...I just don't understand that! I couldn't live that way. My husband should not be another child I have to take care of! (even though there are plenty of time I'm cussing him out under my breath b/c he can't put his shoes away or leaves his stuff on the counter or wants me to do his laundry but then won't help me put it away...oh yes, this happens, weekly!) So thank you Steve for being an amazing, caring, fun daddy to our girls. You spoil them rotten but that is what daddies are supposed to do for their girls (don't forget to spoil me! hint, hint!)
- I love my guys at El Mariachi. Steve took Piper there last night b/c I wanted to take Presley to gymnastics and they asked where I was. I stopped there tonight and got a to-go order for myself and just watched them while waiting. They work so hard. They all know their job, they know what needs to be a well-oiled machine that mexican restaurant is! ha!
- I rarely take P to gymnastics but this week I left work early to take her.....I love watching her! So many parents drop kids off and leave to run errands or are on their laptops doing work. I was planning on reading my book but I can't NOT watch her. I know most parents have kids many sports with alot of practices and games and we only have this one hour once a week, but I love it. Sure, I could run to Target or I could even go for a run during this hour....but I just can't pull myself away from watching her.
- Running/walking....which I have not been doing. I did so good there for 2 weeks, then we went to Chicago, then I was busy at work so didn't feel like I should/could take an hour lunch, then I was sick and then I ran out of excuses! :)
- We are becoming pretty good friends with a family in the neighborhood, Sarah and Kyle and their kids Collins and Carver. We just seem to click really well with them, we all like sports, our kids play good together, the amount of sarcasm is too funny! Love it! Of course, maybe they are hoping we'll just go away and then Piper drives the Frozen jeep into their yard, right up to their deck in the middle of  their dinner and before you know it, we've invaded their night completely!
- My dad is in Chicago waiting to get on a plane for Italy! AHHH!! I'm so excited for him! Some of my aunts and uncles go on a big trip every other year with a group and this was my mom's retirement present to him...getting to join them on their trip this year! Of course, their flight was delayed in Chicago...and then they have to spend 9 hours on a plane until they get there! But he is going to LOVE it and I can't wait to see all the pictures he takes! Have fun Daddy!
- I'm totally going to jinx myself...but my teams are undefeated. The Hawks at 6-0 and the Packers are now that I've mentioned it, go ahead and blame me when one of not both of them lose this fact, I just might deleted the part of my post to unjinx myself!
- Tuesday night we decided to go to BWW for dinner. The Cubs game was on (not that either one of us REALLY care, but it is exciting for all the Cubs fans that we know, so we are excited for them and cheer them on) we were there for almost 2 hours...with our children...and they were good! Woot, woot!

Monday, October 12, 2015


Oh my Presley Pie.....Steve and I (and mom and I) have been talking over the last couple weeks about how GOOD she has been recently! It's amazing and wonderful and you can just tell that she is growing up. She is polite (most of the time, if I ask her to 'try again', then she'll realize she was whiny and ask nicely), she is very helpful with Piper, she actually listens (most of the time, she isn't perfect! :)...she does what she is told, she is more outgoing and friendly and I just love watching her learn and grow.
She was talking about being 8, 9, 10 years old and so on and I told her that we just need to enjoy her being 6 years old before we talk about her being older and how she has had such a good year being 6 year old that I didn't want her to be older! :)

Piper - 3 years

Our baby is 3! I can't handle her cuteness, she is SO funny and so sassy and can be so sweet! Sarcasm and funny should not come in little people like this! I love it and I know that she just listens to everyone around her which is where she picks up the things that she says!

She :
- 32 lbs and 36 inches (she gained about 2 lbs and 2 inches in the last year)
- wearing mostly 3T clothes and size 6 diapers at night
- is down to an hour nap (though she LOVES naps and would sleep for 3 hours if we let her). Really if she is asleep before 9 on the week nights, that is a success!
- is 'potty trained', meaning she will only pooping in the potty. She has accidents maybe twice a week in her underwear and is nice enough to save her pooping for bedtime (when she has a diaper on!)
- LOVES Frozen and Annie (the new one) right now....she would watch them every day if we let her. Her attention span is still short, but we can get maybe 30 minutes out of her now...much better than she was 2 months ago!
- loves snacks. She is our sweets girl. She would snack all day, candy, chips...doesn't matter.
- still has her pacifer. Shhh...I know! I hate it but she loves it! She doesn't have it all day at daycare and now has regressed into wanting it ALL the time at home. So I've been working on this over the last week and hiding it from her until bedtime. I keep telling her that she is a big girl and when she is 3 years old the paci is going away and to another baby!....then she'll look at me and tell me she is a baby and still 2 (so that she can have it!)
- can identify about half her letters, she always amazes me with what she has learned in school.... when she draws a circle and asks me what letter it is. I said 'O'...and she'll say 'O, for Olivia'. Then she drew a 'tail' on the O and I thought she was just doodling and I said 'Q'...and she said 'Good job mommy...Q for Quintin!' HA!
- if you call her Piper Rebecca she'll super snotty turn around and say 'I not a Becca! I'm a Piper!' and she'll do anytime you call her anything but Piper! Then occasionally she won't be Piper anymore. Tonight I called her Piper and she said "I'm not Piper! I'm Presley!" Ok, whatever child!
- loves her big sister and they CAN play good together. Presley is a big help but is also the main cause of the fights. However Piper does good at wanting quiet time. When she is pouting or sad, she wants her paci, her blanket and wants to watch Annie by herself.
- is our little firecracker for sure! If you want a hug, she will smugly walk by with her nose up in the air and shake her head no. Or she can be SO sweet and give you a super big hug and pat your back during it.....You never know what to expect.

There are not enough words or stories to fully describe this child. She is amazing and awesome and adorable and I can't get enough of her cuteness and comments. We love you Piper Rebecca!

Happy Birthday Piper!

Piper's birthday party was Saturday, we started celebrating early by giving her whatever she wanted for breakfast....a waffle. Done!  Then Presley and I ran some errands to get ready for the party!
 She wanted a Mickey Mouse party, NOT Minnie Mouse. I wasn't going to get a cake because neither one of our kids eat it, but about 2 weeks ago she said she wanted one, so I gave in!
 Our favorite cookies from Confections by Kelly in Ankeny. Love them, so cute!
 Steve made an awesome dinner spread (with cheesy potatoes provided by mom!) and then we did presents! She got some good stuff, that she is loving! Thank you everyone!

 She even sat on Aunt Roxanne's lap!
 Then it was cake time! Love her cheesy smile!

 We never know how they are going to respond to the singing of Happy Birthday since Presley cried the first 4 years. Piper was nervous, but she smiled the whole time!...she refused to blow out her candles though.

Presley had been hiding in her room for most of this b/c she got something in her eye and didn't want people to see her crying. So I was attending to her and these pictures are courtesy of Samantha! Thanks sis! Once we dished out cake, cookies and ice cream Piper took her ice cream to Presley's room to eat with her! So freaking sweet! She loves her sister! It was a great party, thank you everyone for coming and hanging out! I asked Piper if she had a good party and she nodded her head and said "I'm happy!" (LOVE HER!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Photo Dump

Center Grove Pumpkin Patch........
 Piper calling the goat over to her...even though she would've ran the other way if he would've actually listened.
 The jumping pillow/trampoline.

 She liked it best when no other kids were out there. We couldn't get her off after her groups turn.
 The slide! Presley loves it...Piper says she loves it, but doesn't REALLY want to go down it!
 Presley is getting more and more into cheer and dance....but always with her tongue out!

The weather was perfect, we were out there later in the day and it was still busy but the kids did great and had fun!


Here was her section of the newsletter for gymnastics! :)
Congrats Presley!
Everyone, meet Presley! This star student caught coach Katie's eye with her hard work, timeliness, and devotion to improving each and every time she attempts a skill. Her passion for bars, specifically, is obvious as this sparkling gem just mastered her pullover! Way to go! When Miss Presley is not at the gym, she enjoys swimming, playing with friends, drawing pictures, and cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes. In school, she looks forward to reading time, and aspires to be a school teacher one day! 
We are all so proud of you and your great attitude, Presley! Keep up the great work and you are sure to go far! 

Week in review

The cold I had last week has lingered and now Steve has it! Oops! I keep telling him to stay away from me! ;) HAHA!

Last week I had to work late on Wednesday and Steve took on the challenge of taking Piper to gymnastics, which is fine if you DON'T actually want to watch Presley! He took the ipad for her and she seemed to do okay, minus the fact that she does not have an inside voice! Presley's Athlete of the Month board was posted and she is in the Sapphire newsletter this month! I'm so proud of her and she works SO hard, I'm so glad it is paying off for her!

Thurday my employer gave us some not-so-good news about our department. Let's just say I'm still employed but the next couple months are up in the air with how our department (and a couple others) will proceed. Technology is not on our side, so we need the smart techy people to step up and get us back on track!
I got home after drinks with work people and saw an incident report from daycare for Piper...she had an accident at nap time (they don't put her in a diaper at nap time and usually does pretty good). But the note said "Piper threw a fit (threw herself on the ground) when we asked her to go potty before nap time. Then she had an accident at nap time"....Really? Threw herself on the ground? I expect this from her at home but never thought she would tell them no! Hopefully this was just a one off situation!

Friday I picked up both girls. We came home had dinner, got organized and then headed up to Jester Park to join Sam, Scott and Boston. They bought a new camper and a bunch of us joined them for a couple hours to hang out and enjoy the awesome fall night!  It was fun and I'm sure we'll be joining them for camping fun in the future!

Saturday morning Piper woke up at 7. Way too early, she had been up past 10 so I knew that she didn't really want to be awake. She was poopy, so I changed her diaper, tucked her back in bed and said night, night, see you in the morning!' I went back to bed with my fingers crossed, hoping it would work and it did! We all slept until 9! :) Once we got up and moving I had a bunch of errands to run and I took Presley with me, she was rather pleasant and good! We ordered balloons for Piper's birthday part and I got a pair of jeans hemmed, which I have never done before! I loved them, they fit good and I needed 3 inches taken off (with my boots on!) and now they fit perfectly! Then we went to Target to get Piper a birthday present...taking Presley to pick out a present for Piper was not smart. She only found a million things that SHE wanted, so I grabbed a couple things and went on our way!

We got home to watch the end of the Iowa game and then decided to hit up the pumpkin patch (photos to come later). The weather was nice and our next couple weekends are busy....and you know what, we didn't even get pumpkins! We did all the activities and didn't want to wait in line, so we'll pick some up this week somewhere else!

Sunday we had another early morning with Piper. She woke up at 7:30 and couldn't find her pacifer, I found it, covered her and snuck back into bed...2 hours later she woke up! I'm loving this morning routine of sleeping in! Our house has been a diaster and just filled with crap and unorganized. Steve and I went on a rampage of cleaning and organizing Sunday morning, of course we still have a lot to do. But toys were put away where they should be and toys were thrown away, Presley helped by going threw all the markers to see which ones worked and which ones didn't and could be thrown away! The 25 million color book pages that have been colored or ripped out for no good reason, all got tossed. It was nice! We did this for hours, then Steve did stuff outside and I did some laundry and we all got ready to go to Holly and Jerry's to watch the Packer game! Another win!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Photo Dump

These were from a couple weekends ago when fed the ducks at the Jordan Creek pond after lunch.

 Piper, being Piper.
 Presley, being Presley.