Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random blah

1. To my friend Nicky, whose name I spelled wrong. I apologize, for I do have 2 other friends who spell their name as Nikki...I should've known you would have to be different! :)

2. I was creative! I wrapped some of our pictures to look like Christmas presents, an idea I totally stole from our friend Cari!
3. When Presley and I were at Dahls last week I bought her a book. I noticed the wording at the bottom of the book as we were in line to check out.... A Book of Visual Discrimination.
So what exactly does this mean? I'm confused. Maybe I'm taking it too literally? The book is about helping Baby Donald find his black and white kitten...and of course, there is a black and white toy, coat, and slipper so it's SO hard to find the kitten...or not.
4. I finally made a hair appt for Presley to get her curly rattail cut off tomorrow night and the girl has come down with some sort of virus/rash....which we think might be Fifths disease b/c all the symptoms fit. She looks terrible, circles under her eyes, rash on her cheeks and on her body. She hasn't been eating good and not playing like she usually does so instead of a hair cut there might be a trip to the walk-in clinic!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Long weekends really should happen more often!

After a wonderful Thursday with my family, I was one of the lucky ones to have to work Friday. Thank goodness it was only a half day! I was able to leave at eleven and went to Daytonas to meet Steve, Presley, Holly and Uncle Dave to watch the Iowa game.....kind of a waste of time since Iowa didn't really show up to actually play. Oh well, it was still fun to get out of the house to watch a game.
Our friend Brandon came to town and hung out with us Friday afternoon and night. We were all lazy and didn't do much, but it was nice to just chill out! Although Presley was not impressed with Brandon so she spent most of the night scared of him and hanging on to me! All weekend she didn't eat much and was cuddly, her ear infection should be cleared up by now but something just seemed off with her.

Saturday morning Presley and I went to the grocery store, she was adamant about getting Cheerios and blueberries and continued to remind me every time we turned down an aisle! She took an awesome nap as the boys got ready for their night out for Nick's bachelor party downtown!
We then met my parents and Holly for dinner (again Presley ate nothing but a couple chips) and then went to my friend Sarahs house for a little while. It was a good girls night for me and my baby.

Today we had Steve's family Thanksgiving in Earlham at noon. Steve got about 4 hours of sleep so he was exhausted and Presley was not in the mood to be social at all and still wasn't really interested in eating anything besides Cheerios and fruit! Presley wouldn't leave our sides (not even to play with her cousin Ava) and was scared to walk across the room b/c of all the people around (BIG WIMP!). We left about 4 and P fell asleep in the car on the way home (something she NEVER does!). Since she just hasn't seemed herself we put her to bed early, which doesn't matter since she is still in there calling for me and talking to herself!

Five Question Sunday?!

Sometimes there just isn't enough time on Fridays so Sunday will have to do!
1. Is there a special dish you prepare that you are famous for?
Nothing. I don't cook. Usually my mom does most of the work, over the last couple years we have chipped in and brought a dish or two. Steve is usually the one who spends the time and effort into preparing something.

2. Are you (did you) go Black Friday shopping ? Heck no. There is nothing worth my time, patience and stress to go thru that hell.

3. What are your strangest holiday traditions? If we have good weather, four square with the family. Though this year we had great weather and no four square ball! Obviously we were not prepared!

4. Apple or pumpkin pie? Both please! Holly actually made both this year and they were both pretty darn good!

5. When will you put up your Christmas tree? This year we did it the night before Thanksgiving b/c we knew we had a busy weekend! Presley really wants us to leave the lights on all day and night!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


You know what is better than Packer Sunday? The Packers winning on Thanksgiving Thursday and being 11-0!
We celebrated the win with a famiy picture, since Steve is always the one without a Packer shirt on, he had to take the picture. Sorry Steve...maybe Santa will bring you a Packer shirt so you can be like the cool kids.

The weather could not have been more perfect for this day! It was so nice to be able to spend some time outside! We didn't have a four square ball, so we weren't able to play our usual family game!

Presley wasn't too interested in the game, so she played with her baby dolls. She played so good by herself and with Boston today! Maybe she would like football more if they wore pink?
Shots were had by all (for those over 21 years old!), every time the Packers scored. Yes, my parents did 4 shots....but they were little shot glasses! :)

We did get a nice family picture taken, since it's been over a year since we've had one! Oops!
Dinner was great (thanks mom!) and we all ate too much!
By the end of the day, clothes were optional (for kids under 3 years old).
It was a wonderful day with the family! It makes me so thankful that we are all so close and are able to get together with no traveling and lots of laughs!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There really are too many things to be thankful for this year...which is a good problem to have! So I will be short and sweet.
1. My baby girl. Funny, adorable, challenging!
2. My husband. Patient, witty and a wondeful father!
3. My parents. Hard-working, loving, willing to continually give to all of us.
4. My sisters/friends/family. You keep me grounded, social and entertained!
5. And everything else in my life! I couldn't be more thankful for everything!

Our Princess

There are no words......

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Fun Day

I actually had today off ! I have 2 days of PTO that I have use before the end of the year or I lose them and I'm carrying over 5 days into next year! I've always been the person who is trying to make it until December on my last 8 hours so it's very nice having extra PTO days especially since I already know of 3 weeks of vacation I need next year!
So Presley and I hung out in the morning and then my mom was nice enough to let P take her nap there while I did some running around. It's amazing how much I can get done in 2 hours by myself. Loved it!

There was a brief moment of talk of Boston not being with our family on Christmas b/c his dad wants to take him to spend the holiday with his family. That talk was put quickly to rest and not b/c we are being selfish in wanting Boston there with us but b/c some fathers want to be with their kids when it is convenient for them and are unwilling to help in any other way. Just b/c you donate sperm, doesn't mean you are a father.
Of course, my family is appaulded in thinking that there could ever be a holiday where someone isn't there. It just doesn't happen with us. It's been the 5 of us, we are always there...there is no option or thought of missing a holiday. We don't come from a divorced or remarried family where you have multiple holiday celebrations....it's always just been the 5 of us. We are close, we want to pass that down with our growing families. Plus it would break my heart to think that Presley wouldn't have Boston there on holidays...they adore each other as brother and sister would!

- Somehow Holly convinced Presley that she is pretty too. I said the Little Mermaid was pretty and Presley said "No, Pa and Holly pretty"! So at least Pa isn't the only pretty one anymore! :)
- P now likes Strawberry Shortcake b/c pink is her favorite color.
- She will only wear her green pajama shirt to bed b/c daddy wears a green shirt to bed. And she is no longer interested in wearing onesie/footsie pjs! Those are my favorite kind so this is hard for me to accept.
- It's 9:30, Steve is sleeping and Presley is still in her bed talking...after an hour of being in there with the lights out.
- We've realized that Presley does get out of her bed (she doesn't leave her room....yet, knock on wood!!). I noticed when I got her up this morning there was a book and toy in her bed....that weren't with her when she went to bed last night! Sneaky little thing.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Full weekend fun!

After a very stressful Friday at work (the point where everything piles up into the same horrible day and you just lose it, that was me!), I got up and went back to work early Saturday morning. I guess I'm a dedicated employee or something.

Presley was up ALL night Friday night. It was as if she couldn't get comfortable and she kept messing with her left ear. Steve was nice enough to deal with her for most of the night since he knew I had to work. He tried her bed, the couch, cartoons...the girl wouldn't sleep!....at 3 am she even asked if they could go outside and play!
Of course, I had just taken her to the doctor last Friday and nothing was wrong. And of course, I had opened my big mouth and said how we were so lucky b/c she's rarely sick....and guess what?? Ear infection! It was been a very long time since she's had an ear infection so we won't complain!

We had asked Andrea to babysit Presley for us on Saturday night so we could go to the Zac Brown Band concert with Jason and Christie (my brother and sister in law). She came down with a bad cold so Holly saved the day and watched P for the night! We had dinner at the Royal Mile (downtown was EXTREMELY busy and packed full of people!) and then enjoyed the concert. It was a lot of fun and we saw quite a few people we knew (so we aren't quite fully out of the social loop!)!

Sunday morning we all slept until 9:30! Guess we were all tired! :) Then I went with mom, dad, Holly and Tami to Centro for brunch and then to the Civic Center to see Wicked! It was amazing! This is the second time I've seen it and it was just as good as I remember! I wish Steve was interested in going b/c the powerful voices on those people gives me goosebumps and I would love for him to experience it too! Hopefully, Presley will be interested someday too!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

M/T/W/TH, if anyone cares

Monday night we had the family over for dinner and to watch the Packer game! We are 9-0 baby!! We don't need to go undefeated but another Super Bowl would be nice! We got to hang out with Holly's new boy (you'll have to get more details from her!), we were all up way too late. Presley who didn't go to bed until 10:30 and was nightmare Tuesday morning (but that isn't too different from any other morning)!

Tuesday I worked a little late and then met up with Holly and Nicky to go to the Gavin Degraw concert at Prairie Meadows! It was SO fun! Holly and Nikki are both super funny and we laughed all night long. Nicky is a really good dancer! ;) Plus it was super nice that it was over by 10 pm!

Yesterday we decided to meet after work for dinner....one of our favorite places, Jethros. Presley had to go 'potty' 3 times in one hour while we were there. Well, she only had to go potty once....and then decided that she wanted to go to the bathroom just b/c she wanted to wash her hands. I mean, I appreciate her wanting to be clean and everything...but just b/c she could reach the sink and paper towels by herself, she found it 'fun'. It's not so 'fun' for me.

Tonight I worked late and didn't get home until after 6:30, which I hate! Steve made dinner and put Presley to bed and while I had energy I did dishes, some laundry, picked up and started blogging! I haven't been on Facebook for 4 days which is completely unlike me! We have another couple busy days ahead of us. Give me some redbull and motivation!

On a side note:
Two things I love:
1) watching Presley sleep. Since she wasn't feeling good she was waking up in the middle of the night (which she NEVER does)! Even at 2:30 am, it is so sweet to hear her calling for 'mama'! It's nice that she has a big girl bed and I can just climb in with her for a while! She cuddles and falls back asleep....which makes it very hard to leave her.
2) when kids say thank you without being prompted. Presley is pretty good about saying thank you when needed. Of course, we encourge and reminder her sometimes too but the fact that she'll tell me thank you when I help her put her shirt on or give her a cup of milk just makes me smile!


Unfortunately, life has been calling me so I've been absence from the internet. Let's see....where do I begin?!
Last week I took Thursday off since Friday was Veterans day and we didn't work....nice long weekend for me! Thursday I took Presley to daycare late and then went Christmas shopping! I always wait until the last minute and I hate going to the mall after Thanksgiving (too many years working in retail). I got a lot done but still have more do to (with 11 nieces and nephews and all of our other family members)! I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon and then spent a couple hours by myself at home before picking Presley up from daycare. I had a great dinner with my friend Shannon that night! It was so nice to be able to catch up and chat with her, it had been extremely too long!

Friday I took Presley to the walk-in clinic for her terrible cough. It had been over a week and so bad that she would end up gagging! :( I figured I had better get in her, just in case, before the weekend started. Of course, there was nothing they could do...like I thought. Presley was so good for the doctor though. She hates her regular doctor but she let this doctor listen to her heart and check her ears and throat (by actually opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue and saying ahhh), then she said thank you and bye to the doctor. This the most cooperative she has been in a long time! LOL! She actually has been fairly good these days when we take her places....NOT fighting to get in her car seat, sitting in the cart. It's been nice, I'm sure it won't last long but we'll take what we can get!

Saturday I had girls night! It had been too long since seeing everyone! We went to the Kirkwood Lounge for a change from our mexican dinners. It was really good, a little pricey but with my girls it was worth it! We actually had 3 new girls come too, they were able to experience Holly in one of her super funny moods!

Sunday Steve worked with his brother and the plan was for Presley and I to go to the grocery store. Well, after 1/2 hour of trying to get her dressed and 45 minutes of convincing her that I HAD to brush her hair (believe me, I had to brush it!)....we then had a meltdown fit. So the grocery store was crossed off our TO-DO list.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend update

After spending all last week with a severe cold, I ventured out Friday night to the Cystic Fibrosis Wine Opener with my sisters! This is the 4th of 5th year I have been and I am always amazed at the generosity of everyone! It is crazy the amount of money they can raise with one event to support such an great cause.
Saturday we actually left the house, as a family for the first time in over a week! Completely unlike us, but with Steve not feeling good for a couple days and me fighting thru my cold and working....home on the couch is where we spent all last week. I feel bad for Presley since we didn't take her to waterbabies on Wednesday....so Saturday afternoon we went to the mall and out to dinner. Presley has (knock on wood) been pretty good lately when taking her to places and having to get into her carseat..maybe she has realized that there is no getting around it?!

Sunday we had our weekly Packer party at my parents house (our 8-0 Packers!), Steve worked on installing another window in house (our slow process of replacing all 17 windows). Only 10 more to go....which can wait until spring.

I'm not a very innovative or creative person. If anyone has been in my kitchen you have probably noticed the cobwebby walls/ceilings (or maybe not, but I hate it). Our walls are very finely textured so when trying to dust or swiffer any cobwebs off, it always ends up leaving pieces of towel on my walls and it looks dirty and disgusting...it's been bothering me for years!!! I finally had a brilliant idea, which is probably dumb to most people....but I took my lint roller and rolled it over all my kitchen walls and got all the cobwebs off! Seriously people, I was up on a stool......lint rolling my walls. It was awesome.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Conversations with a two-year old

After reading Presley some books while putting her down for bed:
Steve: It's time for bed, daddy is going to leave now.
P : No! I cry!
Steve: You don't have to cry.
P : I do!
Steve: Why do you have to cry?
P : cuz I miss you! (heart slightly breaks)

Me: Presley you are pretty!
P : Noooo (like being pretty is so silly!)
Me : Who is pretty then?
P : I don't know
Me : Are mommy and daddy pretty?
P : Nooo
Me : Is Grandma pretty?
P : Nooo
Me : Who is pretty?
P : Pa! (so now Grandpa is the only person in our family who is ever pretty!)

Steve reading Presley a book:
Steve : Let me see the book, please.
P : No, it's my sisters.
Steve : Who says that, Presley?
P : Fia (Sophia, her bff at Aprils daycare talking about her sister Georgia)

Presley after she put her baby down for a nap:
P : Mommy, you pick up baby.
Me: Why don't you pick her up?
P : She too heavy!
Me: Your baby is too heavy for you to pick her up?
P : Yah! She too little to walk.
(this is probably b/c I keep telling her that SHE is too heavy for me to carry all the time!)

Presley playing outside at Grandma's house with her baby laying face down in the driveway.
Me: Presley, did your baby fall?
P : Baby fall down, got owie, on her leg.
(this is probably b/c we had just talked about how Grandma's legs are healing from when she fell down the stairs!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dis and Dat

I mean really, what 2 1/2 year old needs 8 pairs of shoes? Well the flip-flops are probably done for the year and the pink All-Stars are a little big, so we'll save those for spring and the red Dorothy shoes probably won't be worn until Christmas!..... So really, she only has 5 that she'll be wearing this winter!

and here is one wall of her room that we finally completed! Colored and mirrored circles!

Our fantastic family friend Susie gave me an awesome idea, she gave me Toy Story iron-on decals so I can make Presley some girl Toy Story underwear since I had mentioned they don't make Toy Story underwear for girls! Thanks Susie, you are so thoughtful!