Saturday, June 27, 2009

Five Months Old!

Wow, how the last month has flown by and how things have changed!

Presley has changed so much, she is happier and more fun! We still have a rough time every evening, but at this point we are getting used to it! Our 5 month old:

  • loves patty cake!

  • is beginning to recognize her name.

  • has stopped rolling over from her front to back.....but is constantly rolling from her back to front....and then gets mad because she is on her stomach?!

  • still doesn't sleep thru the night, but is usually on her stomach at the other end of the crib when she wakes up. We still aren't sure how she gets there.

  • loves being outside! She'll be screaming and crying inside and 5 minutes later will be talking and cooing on front step!

  • still hates her car seat and now arches her back when you put her in and the minute you undo the straps to take her out!
  • starting eating a little cereal last week....she didn't mind it too much. Now we just have to get her to stop sucking on the spoon like it is a bottle.
  • grabs at everything and drools on everything....but no teeth yet.
  • loves to splash and kick during her baths! We are still guaranteed a good 20 minutes of happy Presley during her baths.


So summer has arrived! You can tell Presley is happy about it!
We had a good week! Presley is getting more and more fun and active! We don't mind taking her places anymore, and as long as she isn't strapped in her car seat she is usually happy!....if we are outside! Here is a picture from our first Fathers Day at my aunt and uncle's annual Moeller Fathers Day BBQ! It was fun and good to see everyone!
Thursday night we went to the Valley Junction farmer's market, it was a little hot but our baby doesn't mind. In fact, that is when she is happiest. Outside, it could be 100 degrees she doesn't care!
My mom decided to take a day off from daycare, so Friday Presley and I hung out together! We went to a garage sale and Target and waited for the guy to come measure our family and bedroom for carpet! We are very excited to get new carpet! And even more excited that we have actually saved the money for it, instead of charging it and slowly paying it off! I guess all that overtime has paid off!
Today has been a little rough, Presley decided that napping wasn't really necessary. So she slept maybe 2 hours in 12 hours! UGH! You would think she'd sleep all night, but we know better! :)
We went to a couple garage sales today, trying to find Presley some more clothes. Then we just hung out at home, took a couple walks, played outside. Despite the lack of sleep, she was fairly happy! We did try cereal for the first time tonight! She didn't hate it, but she didn't really seem that interested. I just don't think she knows what to do with it. We'll keep working with her so she can get used to it!
Here are a couple pics of happy Presley, outside in her new umbrella stroller! Of course she likes the $20 stroller more than her expensive one!
Gotta love that smile!
Tomorrow I'm going into work for a couple hours and we have a busy week ahead of us! My friend Cindy is watching Presley for a couple hours on Tuesday night for us so we can go to Taki for dinner with the family before my sis and dad leave for AZ on Friday! Holly is going to shave her head on Thursday night! I still can't think about it. We don't have a sitter for that night, since everyone we know is going to watch Holly, so Steve will be staying home with Presley! :( Then Saturday will be Presley's first Fourth of July! We love Urbandale on the 4th! There is so much going on and the town is so festive! We even have a little red, white and blue outfit for her to wear (from a garage sale, of course!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Proof reading

Obviously I need to re-read my blogs before I post them. I just read my last post and goodness! Sorry about all wrong words! I was thinking too fast for my fingers to type and obviously didn't care about what I was saying and if it made sense. So maybe next time I'll think about re-reading what I'm saying.....maybe.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So....I've lost my mind!

Let me tell ya, last week was a long one. First, of all I worked every day. 7 days for 54 hours, that might be why my brain has shut down. I realized Tuesday that I lost my badge for work, the one used to get into the parking ramp and into the building. Friday I realized that my drivers license February!!! Sure, I had a baby in February and should totally use that as an excuse but whatever.
So went to work this morning, went to the ATM to get cash to buy a new $3 badge for work...the ATM was out of money. Fine, I knew the DOT was opened till 6 pm on Tuesdays so I was going to leave work a little early so I figured I just get my badge on the way out of work at 4. So I got my $20 from the ATM went to get my badge and of course.....the one guy who does badges had just left for the day. Fine. On my way to get my license, the skies are dark there is a severe thunderstorm warning, I knew it would happen and it did. It started pouring as I get off the one likes their drivers license pictures, especially when you straighten your hair and then it rains and you look like a wet dog. But whatever....
I had a little extra time and went to Target, still raining. I quickly tried to leave the car and get inside. Samantha was working and she left as I was checking out, I searched all over for my car keys. Couldn't find them, I figured I locked them in my car. Well, I didn't want to push the cart out to the car in the rain to find out it was locked so I called Samantha! I knew she had just left, she could swing by my house and bring my the spare keys! Perfect! She called to meet me by my car, I went outside the headlights to my car were on! The engine was still running! You have got to be kidding me! I left my car running the entire time I was in Target??? Surely, I didn't leave it unlocked though?? Nope, I sure did! Who leave their car running in the parking lot with the doors unlocked?? Obviously me, just asking for someone to steal my car!
See! Told ya I've lost my mind.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time flies....

The weekend has come and gone, busy as always and off to another busy week of work. Steve's friend Brandon is back from California this week so he is going to Iowa City Tuesday night to hang out and go golfing with his friends on Wednesday. Of course, Wednesday is my scheduled late night at work and Saturday is my scheduled Saturday....ugh. I'm not sure how I got both of them in the same week, but at least I'll get my overtime in and hopefully get a little caught up!

I'll have to post some pictures from the party Saturday night, there was a great turn out and great weather. Miss Presley decided that napping wasn't necessary that day, but she wasn't TOO fussy, so she just enjoyed all the attention and watching all the 4-square action! The game was a hit, with both the kids and adults!

Steve got his hair cut Friday night! The curls are gone! :( Not on purpose, it was supposed to be a trim, but the guy who cut his hair (who is now on my shit list) decided to 'clean it up a little'. Too bad he all but buzzed his head! It is growing on me, but I still miss the curls. On the other hand, I really need to get my hair cut (and highlight)!!! But I need to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with it. I don't want a 'mom' hair cut, but I need 'a cut'. Any ideas??

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Decisions, decisions.....

Gavin Degraw, David Cook, Gary Allan and Kelly Clarkson all in concert this summer? How do I decide? Oh, and I really want to buy the new Daughtry CD too.

We got our pictures from last weekend of Presley, too cute! It's crazy how red her hair looks in a lot of them! She got a couple good ones of her smiling, with her mouth wide open of course! and her blank stare, sometimes she just looks like a little doll with her round little face! Now we have to decide which pictures we want to order!

Big Brother. To watch or not to watch?

Sorry, obviously this post is full of random nothings. I'm off to bed. Later.

Another busy weekend...week ahead!

I remember when Friday's brought a sense of relief and freedom - 2 days off, no worries, have fun, sleep it seems we just try to make it thru the weekend, in hopes that Presley will be happy ALL day. I told my mom I was thinking about changing my hours and working 12-9 pm instead, since Presley is always pretty happy in the mornings and is fussy at night. She really wants to be entertained or walked around all the time. We just can't do it! Now that her cold and ear infection are over with, we are hoping to get back on track to a happy baby who sleep a little better at night...and later in the mornings!
Tomorrow night we might go look at carpet and catch a movie, if Aunt Holly will babysit! Saturday we have the 2nd annual Brett Favre retirement party, should be a good time if the weather holds up! Sounds like there should be quite a few people there and even my aunt from Wisconsin will be in town! She'll get to see Presley for the first time, they are both excited. Presley told me so. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post from the party!
Sunday we have a girls afternoon! Out for lunch and then to see Mamma Mia at the Civic Center! I can't wait! Should be fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why won't she just lay still?

Well here are some pics of how Presley likes to move. It would be nice if she could just play but no, she obviously has her fathers energy and the lack of ability to focus on one thing at a time!
She originally started on her playmat....kicked and moved enough to end up here.
So I took her picture with my cabbbage patch doll Brandon, notice the play mat off to the right of the picture. (and to think she was smaller than Brandon when she was born! tear)
and after some more kicking and crying for someone to pick her up, this is where she ended up! I'm telling you, she might be a little ADD. Can you give Ritalin to infants? :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

4 month appt!

We had Presley's 4 month dr appt today. I took her by myself since Steve had taken her to the two previous appts for her cold and ear infection, so I got stuck with the shots!
She is up to 13 pounds and 10 ounces which is the 50th percentile and 24 inches long, which is also the 50th percentile! So she is growing, making her way up the percentile scale!
The doctor still commented on how strong she is....I'm beginning to think she says that about all the babies though! ha

Maybe God can help us?

Well we had another busy weekend. Friday night we went over to Hoots and Basler's house to hang out after work and enjoy the nice weather. It is always nice to be able to take Presley with us to things like this...and there were other kids there. We are definitely getting to the age where the kids are beginning to out number the adults! SCARY!
Saturday we had Presley's baptism. She looked so cute in Samantha's old baptism outfit. She cried at the beginning when we were just sitting there (if you haven't guessed, Presley does not like to just SIT). So now we are hoping after her cold, ear infection and getting baptized that she'll start to be happy.....casting all evil spirits away! Right?
Welllll, our friend Janelle came over Sunday morning to take pictures of Presley, and basically she was whiney. We got a couple smiles out of her, but I guess pictures of sad, pouty Presley really captures the REAL Presley! haha. Basically she was not happy all day, even after a 3 hour afternoon nap, we had one good hour and then 2 hours for fussiness. So she had an early bedtime, like me...8:30! oh yeah and it felt fact I'm thinking about doing it again tonight! I did manage to get Presley's cold, so that is just kicking the shit out of me these last couple days.