Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I'm getting behind on posting and I hate it....I've been using my phone to take picture which I hate doing b/c then I rarely upload them to anything. I guess eventually I'll get caught up...maybe this weekend.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday Funday

With both kids at mom's we were looking forward to sleeping in a little! Well you know what....the power went out, which I can handle....but what I cannot handle is the fucking bird flying into our front door at 6 am! Seriously?! I had no way to drown out the noise of him flapping into the window every couple fan, no tv. IRRITATING! I was however able to fall back asleep and the power came back on about 8 so that helped too.
My parents have a rule when they watch the kids overnight, you have to pick them up by 10 the next morning, I think this is totally acceptable and don't blame them at all! Steve went to get them about 9:30, Presley had just woken up and Piper was still sleeping! There were tired and they always sleep great at Grandmas!

Then we had our typical Sunday, Steve ran some errands, the girls played SO good together and with the neighbor girl Anika. I was again, able to do more cleaning and laundry (why does it seem like this is all I do on the weekends?) Piper took a very late (3:15) and short nap (only 45 minutes). And I headed out about 4:30 to meet my friend Cindy for dinner. We haven't been able to get together in forever and it was nice to talk and vent and listen and enjoy time with my old college roommate!

I got home about 7:30, the girls had eaten dinner, had baths and were ready for bed...and hour later they were both in bed and by 9:30 I was sleeping!
With another busy week ahead of us, we are looking forward to the long weekend ahead of us!

I do have the best parents EVER.

So after the walk on Saturday, Steve took Presley to a birthday party at Chows and I took Piper home and put her down for a nap. I was able to get some laundry and cleaning done (and a little reading outside!)
They got home about 3 and we had a little time before we had to start getting ready for my friend Sarah's wedding that night. We dropped Piper off at mom's about 4:30 (b/c we don't take Piper anywhere!) and the 3 of us headed downtown! Her ceremony was at Simon Estes ampitheater, the weather was perfect, it was so awesome. She was beautiful the whole set up was great!

The reception was at Wooly's so we walked there and hung out and talked with my
friend David and his fiancee Nick. The reception was AWESOME, they had it decorated so cool...totally like Sarah and Aaron, it just fit them perfectly. The music was great and atmosphere was really neat, I was impressed!
Presley was tired (after going to be late on Friday and having a busy Saturday) and there wasn't really any food she liked at the wedding so she was getting tired. Just pouting and having breakdowns over nothing, so we call grandpa up to see if he would come and get her. He did, she cried the whole way to their house but we knew she just needed to eat and go to bed....and again, she was up late until 10:30. We stayed and hung out and enjoyed the rest of the night...they even had Fongs pizza delivered at 11 pm! Bonus!
So gorgeous! Love it and so happy we could be there!
Sarah Shaffer's photo.

Another week gone

So Monday Presley had a dentist appointment, so Steve picked her up early from school and she did great! The dentist said she has healthy teeth and perfect spacing! After that she had gymnastics, so she was plenty tired by Monday night. I picked up Piper and headed to dinner, she was actually really good for me (which I was convinced she was going to be terrible so I was very leary to take her anywhere!).
Tuesday Steve decided to start working on tearing the yard apart for where he is going to put the shed. He got the sod all dug out and now he has to try to get it leveled out before doing concrete!
Wednesday was my late night, so I went to the grocery store before work at 7:30 in the morning (since we hadn't gone all weekend and really needed to go!) and was at work by 8:30! I got home about 6:30 and ate, cleaned and helped to get the girls to bed.
Thursday night we had a normal night....all of us home!
Friday night I left work a little early and met Steve and our neighbor Ivan at El Mariachi for a bit, I picked up the girls while Steve stayed out and then headed to Susie's to pick up our shirts for the walk the next morning. My parents were there and took Presley to Mary's softball game with them, so Piper and I came home (it is so much easier with one kid at home! ha!). By the time Steve and Presley got home and we got the girls settled down for bed it was after 9 for both of them! Not good when we knew we had to be up and out of the house by 8:30.
So Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Cystic Fibrosis walk! I was so happy she had kids tshirts this year and both of them wore them with no fighting! The walk itself is a little long (for the girls to be good for that long) so we hang out at the playground and wait for them to get back. We enjoyed a little lunch, the silent auction (I lost in my bidding war for the Hawkeye bean bag game), some dancing and just talking, all for Cystic Fibrosis!
The whole team! So many great teams raising money for a great cause!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend update

Ahhhh.... my weekend! What can I say? Steve took the girls to Lake Panorama for the weekend to help his brother rebuild his front deck, I had other plans! :)
Friday night I got off work and headed to the mall and then met up with my friend Colleen for dinner. Like I said in my previous post, I love friends that don't hold a grudge when it takes a long time for us to meet up and have dinner. I know we are both busy and life just gets away from us, so we met up at Rock Bottom which seems to be our norm every 6 months.
Then I got home did some minor picking up of the house and packing for my Saturday. Then Saturday I got up and headed to Clear Lake for my friend Sarah's bachlorette party! I got there about noon and we headed out to do some bar hoping since it was still a little chilly for a boat ride! It was SO fun....small group, super fun, so funny, great weather, in bed by midnight and NOT hungover! Our van driver got a bar to open up for us (they weren't even open for the season yet, and we got a tour of the Surf amazing! I have pics once I have the energy to download them!) I'm so happy I was able to make it up there to celebrate with her, we've been friends for 5 years now and been thru so many things together! Can't wait for her wedding this coming weekend!

So Steve said Presley was great over the weekend, playing and talking and being happy....Piper on the otherhand....a nightmare. She is so needy, whining, wouldn't go to sleep...she is now into the terrible twos!

I got home about noon on Sunday, Mother's Day. I did call my mom on the way home to wish her a happy mothers day and talk to her, I didn't however, get on FB to tell the world how I have the best mother.....we all know that I do, why do I need to remind everyone??? :)
All of us were TIRED. Piper and Steve napped, we tried to convince Presley to such luck. She watched part of a movie and then wanted me to play Barbies or a game with her... I was cleaning and doing laundry (on Mother's Day, I'm not sure why). I just couldn't say no to we played 4 games of Uno.....I won 3 of them. She was not happy but I told her that it was mothers' days so she had to let me win! ;)

I had won tickets to Sesame Street Live so we decided to try to go to the 4:30 show and see what happens. Piper had never been to something like this, mainly b/c she can't sit still and tickets were $22 a piece?! Are you kidding me? Most of the parents at this thing have kids that will NEVER remember any of it!! But ANNYYYYYWAYYY.......we went knowing it could be terrible.
They did great for the first half hour. Presley enjoyed it (I thought she might be too old, but she seemed to be in the minority of kids that actually understood what was going on!), Piper did some dancing and wasn't scared like we thought she might be. So we made it thru the first half....then it all went downhill......Piper wanted to go up and down the stairs, Presley wouldn't sit still b/c Piper wasn't, so we left.
We decided (for some unknown ri-di-cu-lous reason) to try dinner at Buzzard Billy's....first of all the waiter took FOREVER to bring us our drinks, which was probably a good thing b/c Piper was so terrible that we left before we even got them. She took off her shoes and threw them....she was mad at Presley for something and decided that she would throw everything off our table, crayons, menu's, it didn't matter....we literally had to take her off the table and out of the restaurant crying. It was awesome embarrassing, so we came home and had PB&J instead!

I knew we were all tired, so we tried to get everything ready for the weekend and get to bed early but it ended up being like every other night. Presley was asleep by 8:30 and Piper we tried to get to bed before 8 and it was almost 10 before she fell asleep! (we now have her Pack-n-Play set up in her room for bedtime, we are trying anything to get her to sleep within 2 hours! That is where she is right now, so fingers crossed!)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Almost Friday!

So Sunday we knew that Piper wasn't feeling the best...cough and runny nose and as a parent you can just tell. Sunday night she wouldn't sleep and Steve and I took turns getting about 4-5 hours of sleep each....and after our weekend, we really needed much more than that!
She moaned and cried all night, for no apparent reason and when I asked what hurt, she just kept telling me her legs hurt and then she would have me kiss them. Awesome.

So Monday morning I got Presley up and dropped her off. Steve stayed home with Piper since he didn't have much to do at work. Then the poor guy took her to the walk-in clinic and waiting for 2 hours to see a doctor! I guess she was good for the most part...until she got mad and started dumping over the bucket of crayons and tipping over the kid chairs (yeah, she is fun).
But the result....ear infection. So at least there was something wrong with her and the trip wasn't for nothing!
I took Presley to gymnastics, the first time that I've seen her at this new place. It is a great place! She does really good and seems to fit right in with her class. The girls seem much older than her but appear to be the clumsier girls who haven't quite advanced to the next class! HA!
I am amazed at the amount of parents who sit there and get on their phones or laptops during the class. I can't take my eyes off of Presley and want to see everything she does...or course maybe this will fade after years of watching her do this?!

Tuesday was Cinco De of course we had dinner at El Mariachi! I guess you can say we are regulars! HA!
Wednesday I pick up the girls and came home while Steve had some time out. Piper has been such a test for us lately! She is SO naughty about everything. If she doesn't like something or gets mad, she just look for the closest table of things to throw and goes after it! Then we yell and she thinks it's funny. I think the terrible two's have taken over my sweet, funny, fiesty baby!

Tonight my friend Andrea was in town from Waterloo so I met her and some girls (including Presley and Boston) at El Rodeo for dinner. I love friends that you can NOT see for 6-12 months and then get together and it's like nothing has changed! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wedding : Part 4

Sunday we were all exhausted. I was up early b/c I couldn't sleep (I'm getting old, my brain doesn't stop thinking about things). My mom had planned for everyone to come over to her house for some more time together. The weather was PERFECT! We were able to sit outside and hang out, the kids played, we ate, drank, talked and laughed.
Tired daddy and Piper
Tired Sam and Boston.
Piper took a nap, Presley played so good with Boston and Mary and Steve and I took my dad's little convertible out for a ride in the sun! mom and her siblings trying to get a picture of the 6 of them....they were like little kids trying to get them to behave and look at the camera!
Their friend Jeanie wanted to be included in the family too! least she behaved!
Then Presley got ahold of the camera.....she had us make different faces and this is only a FEW of the pictures she took, she did pretty good actually!
Daddy being silly
Happy daddy
Grandma being happy
Mommy being happy
Mommy being silly
 Rock on!
Piper reading to Mickey, it is SO cute to watch her hold the book like a teacher!
It was almost the perfect Sunday! Now we just need to figure out how to get Piper to bed before 9 b/c these days it takes us over an hour to get her in bed and sleeping. Sunday night was even worse, she was coughing all day, had a snotty nose and ending up sleeping in bed with me b/c she would just whine and cry and you could tell she just didn't feel good....the busy weekend must have had too big of an impact on her. Boo.

Wedding: Part 3

More dancing, after alot of alcohol Samantha got out there and tried to keep up with T's moves! She didn't do too bad!
Scott after a couple drinks, on Sam's BFF Nancy. So funny!
Sam and her girls from Grandview!
So true.
We had again arranged for Carlyn to drive out to Copper Creek about 8 pm and load up the 3 girls in her car to take them home and put them to bed while we stayed out and enjoyed the rest of the reception (yes, she is an amazing babysitter and we love her and want her to NOT go to college and just move in with us and be our nanny....she isn't falling for it). Boston on the otherhand, was exhausted. I think it had been a very tiring day for him and probably a lot of personal stress for a 4 year old to deal with. He broke down crying near the end of the night...of course, I think that is Scott on the far side passed out on Sam also.
The dancing continued!
I love this picture of Sam with the boys! Such a cute pic of all of them!

Wedding : Part 2

The weather was a little chilly and rainy for most of the day but by the time the ceremony started the sun started to shine! Presley, Piper, Mary and Boston were the flower girls and ring bearer, we weren't sure any of them would walk down the aisle. Mary was 0-3 as a flower girl, Presley doesn't usually like to be looked at by people, Piper is unpredictable and Boston, you never know about either. One minute before the ceremony Presley had a breakdown and was crying b/c she was mad at Mary about something......I figured we'd be down one flower girl. But ALL 4 of them made it down the aisle, we were SO proud of them!
The ceremony was really good! Really funny and entertaining, not sure it was meant to be that way but there was alot of laughter about many things and it was nice!
This is where Piper wanted her diaper changed....right in front of the head table, right during the time everyone was eating. Awesome.
Finally after eating, cleaning up Boston's puke underneath his table and getting all the kids into comfy clothes, we did the toasts (and both of Scott's kids was a shocker b/c we rarely hear them speak!) and then Sam and Scott did their dance. They had arranged and practiced a nice little dance, it was cute!
Miss Harper
Sam with Scott's son Alex
Nancy being naughty during the dollar dance, though I doubt she was the only one who put $$ in Sam's cleavage!
Sam with Scott's son Ryan
Piper and Harper having fun in the bubbles!
My cousins Luke and Matt (who drove almost 6 hours and almost 8 hours to be there!) have a choreographed dance to the Party Rockers song, it is awesome to see these two tall, skinny white boys dancing out to this song. They were also joined by T their Taiwan exchange student, who was amazing on the dance floor too! It was a lot of fun to watch!
Mary and Jerry jamming out to one of their favorites! It was SO cute to see them up there together!

Wedding : Part 1

So I took Friday off of work to get some stuff done, do some cleaning before my cousin showed up and just prepare for the wedding weekend! I even stopped by some garage sales and found a patio to enjoy some quiet time. I went home and took a short nap.....well it was supposed to be short and then my alarm didn't go I woke up at 5:00 and had to pick up both girls and be in Pleasant Hill by 5:30....yeah we were 20 minutes late! OOPS!
Anyway the rehearsal went good, we ran thru it a couple times and then headed back to mom and dad's to meet with everyone including our out of state family for pizza, snacks, drinks and talking! We had arranged for Carlyn to watch the girls that night. So we took Presley, Piper and my cousin's 2.5 yr old Harper back to my house for Carlyn to basically calm them down and get them to bed so that we could go out for a while longer and hang out with the family!
Most of us went to 1908 Draught House for some more drinks and talking. We don't get to see the family from Wisconsin, Texas and Colorado very often so it was nice to have this extra time!

Saturday morning I got up and headed out for my bridesmaid duties, starting by getting our hair done!
So pretty
Then we ate a little lunch and headed to Copper Creek to start decorating!
or eating the chocolate!
Sam and Shaggy!
Sam yelling at Scott b/c he had his Harley boots on instead of his dress shoes....he did it on purpose to get a rise out of her, and it worked!
One flower girl ready!
Second flower girl, cheesing!