Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Weekend update

We actually didn't have much planned this weekend! I got up and worked Saturday morning (11 hours of OT last week! Go me!) and came home to watch the Iowa game with Steve and Jordan (while the girls played).....Good game Hawks! I didn't make it past half time. My throat starting hurting that morning and I was so tired that I went and layed down about 4...and didn't get up until about 5:30! HA!
We had planned on going to the campground to visit my friend Katie! We love going to see them when they are camping near us and it has been WAY TOO long since we've seen them! They have a boy Jace who is 7 and a girl TJ who is 5. The girls did pretty good playing in the camper and keeping busy without us too much, so that we could converse and relax! And it was the perfect night!

Sunday I was feeling like crap so Steve let me sleep in for a while. He eventually started out on the shed, pulling up the sod to get ready to pour the patio! I tried to maintain the household while feeling like poo and having two girls who don't like to listen. They almost killed each other a couple times, but eh, they are still alive so we managed!

They were just annoying each other and begging for attention so we decided to head to my parents a little early for my daddy's birthday dinner! We had way too much food but the weather was perfect for us to sit outside, the kids to play and us to hang out! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Piper update: she went to bed pretty good on Friday night (8:45), Saturday night (we didn't get home until 10) and Sunday night (8:45)...Then last night.....I picked up Piper a little late from daycare at 5:30 instead of 5.....and she actually ran to me and gave me a hug....she NEVER does this for me! She seemed tired and whiny and I was still not feeling good so I was sleeping by 9:30 and Piper was up until 10....and then woke up screaming, hating the world at 4:45. She didn't want either of us, she wanted to kick and scream and cry. Awesome. So she came and layed in bed with me and Steve went to the couch...she finally fell back asleep about 5:30, when my alarm went off! Fun! I don't know what to do with her!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Some of my favorite things.....(besides the obvious)

- good hair days!
- Frontera guacamole, so good.
- JIF peanut butter (on bread, waffles, bagels, crackers, m&m's, ice cream, Doritos, spoon)
- donuts....man I love donuts
- carbs....there can never be enough carbs!
- why are these all about food? Let me refocus.
- reading with Presley
- full belly little kid laughs
- new clothes, there is something about the first time you wear something!
- the smell of campfires! Though I don't love the smell on my hair afterwards!
- bonuses at work, I'm going to enjoy the bonuses I've rec'd this year b/c I have a feeling they won't continue into 2016. I work hard for it and it's nice to have a little extra incentive!
- listening to the girls sing! We love music so hearing them sing and enjoy music is so awesome.
- when people try to real quick get around my car in traffic and then the car in front of them slows down and turns! Love it!
- Strawberry Cheesecake Yoplait Greek yogurt.....it's like dessert! Obsessed with it!
- music! Good songs, good lyrics, good voices. Alot of times it will bring me to tears!


- I love the people that pull up to daycare and there are no close parking spots, so they will sit there and wait and wait and wait, instead of parking in the 'farther' away spots and walking the 30 ft. Really? Are we that lazy?
- There are 4 close parking spots at daycare and the people that park on the end to make a 5th spot, drive me crazy....you know, parking right in front of the ramp for wheelchairs....you know, when one of the teachers wheels her child in every morning!
- Presley told me I was fat the other day....hmmm....I could be wrong but I think she is mistaken.
- I emailed P's teacher to see how she was doing in school and noted some of the things I've noticed and the teacher responded with some very nice feedback! Sounds like she is doing good and we both agreed that the main thing she needs to work on is SLOWING DOWN! Presley thinks everything is a competition, she has always been this way. If they have to cut things out, write things down...she wants to be first and things can get SO sloppy...so we need to remind her to be neat and take her time and remind her that it DOES NOT matter if she is done first!
- We cut Piper's naps back to only an hour at daycare this week. Monday she was up until 10 and throughout the week it has been about 9-9:15, so a slight improvement. Today I picked her up from daycare and she was so sad sitting on the wall b/c she had hit her friend! I got her blankets to take home and she lost it!......b/c she didn't want to take 2 blankets home, only one! (no joke) Seriously, like little baby crying! Not screaming and whining like normal, I felt so bad! She was so sad and so tired. Everything all night was a meltdown! She was tired and asleep by 8:45! This rarely happens with her!
- My parents and aunt and uncles were able to go to the Green Bay Packer game last Sunday night! They went as a trip and tribute for my grandpa who died last November. The Packers were his life (with beer and the stock market close behind)! So they all met to celebrate his life (with his ashes that are randomly spread around Green Bay now!) and enjoyed the awesome game and win! I was so excited for them all to be there, together for that reason and the win was the cherry on top!

Catch up

I'm still a week behind, I don't like it! I might just have to buy a new computer so I don't have to deal with the issues anymore! And I'm too busy at work to take advantage of that time! :)

Last weekend we hung out at home on Friday since we had been gone from the girls. Saturday we decided to go out to lunch at On The Border, which we hadn't really been to before and then we fed the ducks at the pond! (b/c I had old bread and actually remembered to take it with us!) It was very nice and the weather was perfect! I did get some cute pics but that is a struggle I don't want to deal with right now!
We had the neighbors and Holly, Jerry and Mary over for dinner and to watch the Iowa game. WOW, what a good game! It's nice when we have people over with kids who help keep our kids occupied so we can actually watch the game!

Sunday I got up and went to work and then we hung out. The girls played outside with the neighbors, Steve worked on getting the electrical done on the shed! Then I took Piper to watch Mary's softball game. It was a good game and they won! I wish Presley would get into something but then when I hear about practices and all the games, I remember why we don't push it with her! :)

Monday was my late night, so I actually got up early and went for a walk at 6:30 in the morning! WHAT??? Believe me, this will probably never happen again! :) I got back about 7, Steve and Presley left for work/school. I jumped in the shower and then woke up Piper and we got ready and headed off to daycare/work for the day! Productive morning!

Tuesday was our 8 year wedding anniversary! Steve said it feels like 100 years! HA! Steve actually had to work from 4-10 so it was me and the girls for the night! Happy anniversary to us!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


We decided that Wednesday would be our free day, no schedule, no plans, no kids, no nothing. We could do all the touristy things we wanted! We actually slept in until 11, which we never do anymore and walked to find lunch. Frontera was recommended to us and it was freaking fabulous! I would definitely go back again, chill and the patio and spend way too much money on drinks and food!
Then we walked to Navy Pier. Great view of the city and so much to do there, must more than what I was expecting!
We decided to do an 'extreme thrill boat ride'! We thought about doing some sort of boat ride and this one was leaving in 10 minutes instead of us waiting for another hour. It was really cool and fun, they go really fast and do 180 and 360 turns in the boat and people were soaked (we sat in a less 'wet' area since I had my good camera with us). We got some great views of the whole city too!
After the ride we hung out at the end of the pier, enjoyed a cold, adult beverage and the absolutely most perfect weather! So calming and relaxing and nice!  Then we Uber'd it to Millenium Park (2 minute wait and cost $6.00).
We saw the famous bean!
We found another patio and hung out, called my mom to see how the girls were doing and decided on where we wanted to go from there. It was 4:30 and we made dinner reservations at 7:30. My dad had recommended the viewing deck from the Willis Tower (previously the Hancock building) which is the 2nd tallest building in the US (behind the new World Trade center building).
From the 103 floor....a very long way up! Much higher than anything we have been on in Vegas, which is absolutely mind-blowing to me!

Us looking across to the other viewing deck.

After that we walked back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. We went to Fogo de Chao, which had been recommended to me from another friend. It's basically an all you can eat meat buffet, it's awesome and good and fun. It was really, really good (and really, really expensive). Once again we stuffed ourselves and can't eat nearly as much as we wanted but it was worth it! Then we found another patio and spent the night hanging out, talking, drinking until it was time to turn in!
We had a great time, the weather was perfect and it was just very NICE! We got home about 3 and picked up the girls about 4. They were happy to see us, but mostly just daddy! :) and the night went on as normal. Fighting, whining and Piper staying up too late! Home sweet home! :)

Chicago (a week later)

Sorry for the delay, as always, so many computer problems! SO ANNOYING!!!
So last Monday we both put in a half day at work, went home packed for us and the girls and then had about 3 hours to spare. We found a patio and got a late lunch with a couple drinks to start our vacation. Then we dropped the girls stuff off at my parents house and my dad took us to the airport! We got into Chicago, took the train and found our hotel and then found some dinner....which was actually hard to do at 9:30-10 on a Monday night, we went to the restaurant across the street, Sweetwater. It was really good food and a great place to watch football! We shut our restaurant down at 11 (we were watching Monday night football, didn't even occur to us that places wouldn't be open), then we shut down our hotel bar at 11:30!
We got up and found a great breakfast at Wildberry. I had the cinnamon roll pancakes, SO good! Highly recommend this place!
We went back to the hotel and got ready to rock and met up with our friend Kruse, who happened to be in Chicago going to the same concert as us!
We took the train to Wrigleyville!
And surprisingly at 11 am on a Tuesday, it is not easy to find a place open in Wrigleyville when there is not a baseball game going on! We walked until we found this perfect little Irish bar with a patio and we hung out for drinking, chatting for hours! Once it got closer to concert time we headed closer to the field and it was so fun! We met up with a couple of Kruse's friends and enjoyed the chaos of the AC/DC pre-show fun!
Then we headed into Wrigley field for the concert! Our seats were far away, as we knew they would be but it was a great show, perfect weather and alot of fun! So glad I got to experience that with Steve since they are his favorite!
After the concert the crowd was crazy and there was no way we were getting in the bar and no way we were waiting for the train to go back towards the hotel. So we Uber'd it! We are HUGE Uber fans! (check it out! do it! love it!) It was $18 and totally worth it! We headed back to the hotel and got food at the Jamaican restaurant there! Very good, very spicy and we waste so much food b/c neither one of us can eat that much! Oh well, it's vacation, right?

Friday, September 18, 2015


Downloading pictures if half my blogging battle these days! I don't like to bog down FB with all my pictures and I know most of the people on there don't REALLY care and those that do, can read about us here!
Another week has gone by and it has been a busy one. A week ago Steve told Presley it was the perfect night for a fire pit and it was. We spent some time down at the neighbors house and then got the firepit out for a bit, we even had Sarah and Collins from down the street stop by and hang out for a while too. Perfect fall night for sure!
Last Saturday was the Iowa/Iowa State football game, we got invited to go over to Hoots and Baslers house to watch the game (Steve's old roommate and his wife). It was nice! We haven't hung out with them in FOREVER and the kids played good too! The Hawkeyes won so that was a bonus! Piper has been TERRIBLE at going to bed at night, worse than she was 2 months ago....it is after 9:30 every night if she takes a nap at daycare! Usually during the weekends if she sleeps in, she doesn't nap (occasionally if we are at home and doing nothing, we'll have quiet time for a while). Really I think she is ready to give up naps but I just can't do that yet, not when she isn't even 3 yet!.....Presley didn't give naps up completely until she was 4 years old.

Sunday we started our Packer football watching! Steve worked on the shed for awhile (the shed is technically done, now he is getting the electrical done and then needs to get ready to pour the patio!) and then joined us at mom's to watch the Packers win over the Bears! Again, the kids played good, we ate too much and just hung out. Good Packer Sunday! Then we went home and got ready for our week ahead.

Six months ago Steve heard that AC/DC was playing around the US, and insisted that we go! So I was happy that we got tickets at close as we could in Chicago! And finally the concert was here! My parents had agreed to pick up the girls Monday after school and watch then thru Thursday, when we would pick them up from school! So Sunday, we got everything packed and organized and house cleaned and ready for us to leave on Monday afternoon!

Friday, September 11, 2015


So Presley did gymnastics for about a year when she was 3, then we took her out b/c we moved into our apartment, she started daycare at Generation and I was prego with Piper....so we just had a lot of stuff going on and she wasn't THAT into it anyway.
Finally in May we decided to try a new place, one that would challenge her and keep her occupied for the whole hour. She is doing great! She has moved up a class and has learned SO much 5 months. She works hard outside of class too. She does gymnastics at home ALL the time. Cartwheels and recently she has been trying and actually occasionally doing one-handed cartwheels. We love that SHE loves it, tries hard at it and seems to enjoy and be good at it!
We found out that her teacher got to choose the Athlete of the Month and she chose Presley! She got her certificate and gets to have a board with her name, information and picture posted!
Steve Goodrich's photo.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Friday we kinda decided last minute to see if some friends/neighbors wanted to come over Sunday night to hang out for dinner. The neighbors (whose house I invaded until 1 am last weekend) and Sam, Scott and Boston were able to come over. It went really good! So much food and drinks and SO many laughs!
We get along really well with Sarah and Kyle and their kids Collins and Carver did great with our kids and Boston, they were over until the storms rolled in after 10 pm. Everyone seemed to have a good time and hopefully we can all do it again sometime! (if we can get Scott to leave the Fireball at home!:)
Carver just turned 2 in June, so he is a little younger than Piper but he's about the same size and too cute!
Jessica Goodrich's photo.

Monday we all slept in! I think Steve and I were stirring about 9-9:30, and the girls hadn't got up yet. They might have been playing in their rooms for a while but it was quiet so we were happy! We really just hung out. Cleaned up from having people over, Steve worked on the shed, the girls played outside off and on. I did get Piper to lay down for quiet time for about an hour...I think all 4 of us enjoy Piper's quiet time! And really we just layed low and got ready for the week ahead!

The shed is complete minus some painting touch ups! The inspection was completed last week, so now we can get the electrical done and the patio poured! We ordered patio furniture, which should be here next week...even though we might not use it this year! HA!


- Out of the last 10 days I have worked out (walking mostly) ALL of them (I'm totally counting walking around at the football game sweating our asses off as 'working out')..........not sure if I've EVER done that! Feeling good, proud of myself...now I have to keep it up! If I can be good at least 5 days a week, that would make me happy!
- I bought new work out clothes, like good ones...not the mesh shorts and 15 year old sports bra that I've been using. I love them! They suck everything in, no wonder some women wear them all the time! This whole time I thought all these women were actually working out!
- Since I've actually been working out and sweating (that happens when it is 90 degrees outside) I've had to actually do laundry almost every night....you know what? I might NOT have to laundry this weekend! GASP!
- Piper is SO funny! If we tell her she is funny (or cute) she'll say "No! I not cute, I bossy!"
- Presley is SO smart! She is also the one that causes the fights with Piper! So annoying, so exhausting!
- I had two more moles removed from my back, I never heard back on the results so I'm going with 'no news is good news'!


We've been wanting to take Presley to a Hawkeye football game and had the opportunity on Saturday, we knew it was going to be hot but it was the early game and we knew that if we didn't just do it the season would be over before we knew it. So Friday night my parents came and got Piper to watch her overnight since we knew we'd be leaving early Saturday morning. We left at 6 and headed out, Presley has never got up and out of bed so quickly!
There was hardly any traffic, we decided to take the train in since none of us have ever taken it before and we thought Presley might think it's kinda cool....and we got to the train about 10 minutes before the first one left at 8 and were at Todd and Cari's RV at 8:15....it was awesome! Convenient, quick and nice.
Jessica Goodrich's photo.
Todd and Cari have awesome seats so it was fun to get that close to the field! Presley I don't think was THAT impressed but she did good, she never complained about the heat!
About halftime I took her back to the RV, she was bored of football and it was hot! So we hung out in the RV (aircondition) until the rest of the crew got back. Hawkeye win!
Jessica Goodrich's photo.
The last train leaves 90 minutes after the end of the game, so we waited for the crowds to leave and then took one of the last trains back to the car. 

Of course, Presley slept most of the way home. We dropped Steve off at the store and then Presley and I picked up Piper and we all headed back to pick up Steve and our groceries! :) The day and the heat wore me out! I was exhausted! Presley and I hung out in bed and watched a movie (with me sleeping thru most of it). Overall it was a successful trip and day. Presley told Piper about the game, she said "You literally sit there and watch people play football for like 30 minutes!". So we need to work on making Presley more of a football fan obviously! :)


Tuesday, September 1, 2015


This was from a couple months ago, but I never posted it. Trying to remember to blog all their funnies so I have them to look back on!

Me : Piper, we are going to the farmers market tonight!
Piper :  I scared of animals!
Me : You are scared of animals? There are no animals there!
Piper : I don't like farms!
*** she now knows there are no animals and the farm is not the farmers market!

Me : Piper look for deer!
Piper : I want deer on my side (b/c if they are on Presley's side of the car, then it isn't fair....I'm not kidding these are actual issues with my children)
Me : Well keep you eyes open!
Piper : Mommy, mommy! (calling from the back seat) and I look back at her....
Piper : See I keep my eyes open! (as she is using her hands to physically keep her eyes open!)


Sunday Steve let me sleep in until 9:30! Yes, I needed it! We hung out, the girls played, I did some cleaning, laundry (despite my headache), Steve worked on the shed and then about 12:30 we headed to Boston's 5th birthday party! The weather was perfect and Samantha is so crafty and good about using Pinterest!
For once my girls were outnumbered by the boys at the party! This rarely happens to us! Eventually they got a little comfortable and 'watched' the boys, but they never did play with them.

That night we did more of the same, played, cleaned, shed....ordered pizza for dinner. Then Steve took the girls to the neighbors to go play and I walked 2.6 miles! I figure walking/running is a good way for me to relieve my anxiety and stress so I'm really trying to get better about fitting this into my schedule! I love when the weather is nice b/c the neighborhood is filled with people playing and walking, of course then we do too much talking and the girls get to stay outside too late. Oh well.

I have done good with my walking the last 2 days, bringing my stuff to work and doing it over my lunch hour. I don't like the hassle of changing and showering and all that, but it really is the only time I'm going to do it. Yesterday I did 1.8 miles and today another 2 miles...most of this is power walking with a little running....and my butt muscles hurt so bad! Pathetic!!!


Do you ever have those days where things just aren't right? Where you feel like you need to stay in bed and cry for a while to get thru the annoyances/irritations/children? This was Saturday. Steve had a golf tournament so it was me and the girls, we've had a lot of time together this summer with the shed building and they have been pretty good so I had no expectations.

Piper was up at 7....too early. Presley got up at 8 and within 30 seconds they were fighting. I warned them, they would both spend time in their rooms if they were already going to fight! At 8:30 we were getting breakfast, Presley was whining b/c she didn't like waffles and cereal and toast 'were stupid!'...well fine don't eat. She decided on 'stupid' cereal and then proceeded to pound her fork onto the table knowing it was going to bother me. I got Piper cereal, told Presley to stop....she continued. Piper spilled the cereal all over the floor...the fork pounding on the table and I freaked out. Screamed at them and as I was crying I told Presley I was going to my room to calm down....at 8:30, I had to give myself a time out. I hate when I can't control myself in these situations....but it happens.

I stayed in there for about 10 minutes and in the meantime, they had cleaned up the cereal and P had poured milk into Piper's bowl for her and all was good in the house.

So silly me had decided that we would try to run to the mall to find jeans for me and then to Nobbies to look at birthday stuff for Piper. We went to Von Maur, we were there 10-15 minutes. I literally just picked 6 pairs of jeans in my size, not looking at the price b/c they were running around the racks, laughing, screaming...don't get me wrong, they were happy, not fighting....just loud, in a quiet store. Then I had to chase Piper down, then we are in the dressing room and they are singing and talking about my underwear...I just had to laugh and hope no one was listening! HA!
I bought two pairs of jeans even though I didn't think either would work, tried them on for Steve that night and he agreed that he didn't like either of them. And they were expensive jeans, so I'll stick to my $45-$75 jeans instead.

Then we went to Nobbies. They did fairly good here, the main problem is getting Piper to NOT run off. We found our birthday stuff and their halloween costumes (Presley has known she wants to be a cat for this Halloween since last November, so $3.99 for ears and a tail, DONE!). As we were checking out, Piper was singing Happy Birthday to herself as loud as she could......yes, it was cute. There is just NO indoor voice for that girl!

We got home, did lunch....which they didn't want anything we had to eat...fine! Don't eat then. I put Piper down for a nap about 12:15......and for 2 hours I tried to get her to sleep. She wasn't having it, normally she knows she is tired and will go down for naps no problem. Then of course, Presley was bored and hungry and every time I told her to be quiet b/c her sister was trying to sleep....she would be just a little louder! (breathe, Jessica...in and out....calm down)

Once we figured out Piper was not going to nap, I decided to take them outside in hopes to keep them entertained and wear them out....And all they did was fight over the jeep. Who was going to drive, whose turn it was, whose turn was longer, which direction we were going walk....neverending.
I warned Steve the minute he got home I was leaving and I did just that. He got home about 4, I put my sunglasses on and went for a mile walk, then I went to Target and then I enjoyed some cheese dip and margaritas by myself. I got home about 7:30 and helped put Piper to bed and then at 9:30 went to the neighbors house to drink some wine and unwind. It was nice and it was exactly what I needed. Steve didn't say anything. He was very understanding and supportive in my freak out and calm down periods, which is definitely what I need from him during those times!


Sitting at work blogging b/c I have very little to do.....and our computer at home is so slow I just can't deal with it.
The first week of school went pretty good actually! Dropoffs were good for both of them, Presley seems to really like getting back into the swing and schedule of things. She got a certificate for her summer reading minutes so she was excited about that and still remembers all her kindergarten 'sight words'. So I think that girl is ready to learn some more stuff!

I was able to take Presley to gymnastics on Wednesday since I don't hardly ever get to take or watch her. She just LOVES it! She will not walk into our family room, she does a cartwheel every time. They were working on handstands and the minute we got home she wanted me to help her and in 3 days she was already doing so much better than she was in class.

Thursday I had my monthly work outing, trying to savour the last of the patio days we might have! :)

Friday we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, if we go right after work we can get in before it gets too busy! That night Presley and I had some popcorn, laid in bed and watched High School Musical...she loves those teeny-bopper movies!