Thursday, April 29, 2010

Damn. And the hits just keep on coming.

I completely jinxed myself! Last night Presley was up a lot! Crying and she would only sleep laying on us. It was a long night but we've been pretty lucky with her sleeping, so we shouldn't complain. We knew something wasn't right since she didn't eat that much yesterday and then not sleeping, so Steve stayed home with her today. It was a long unhappy day for both of them. So I made her a doctors appt for this afternoon.....always listen to a mother's instinct! Double ear infection! It really came on out of no where, but I'm glad we didn't wait until tomorrow! Four ear infections in 15 months, not too bad!

Then yesterday we got a call that they were taking Steve's brother Matt to the hospital! He had pneumonia for almost a week and the doctor said it was too severe and that he needed to get to the hospital ASAP! His oxygen level was 7%....the doctor said it should never be below 90%. It was sad to hear the worry and concern in Steve's voice when he was telling me this. Men never seem to really worry, so it was heartbreaking to think about. Matt is doing better from what I know but has to remain the hospital for a couple days.

Also my friend Shannon had "Betty" (yes, she named her lump, 'Betty the breast bump'!) her lump removed last week and found out the results are good! Yeah!

So hopefully this weekend will be a good turning point for everyone and their health!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting old and falling apart.

So there are some health issues running around the Goodrich household....and not with Presley.
Let's see.....where should I start???
Five years ago Steve and I made a deal, he would go to the dentist and I would go to the dermatologist to have my moles did that end up you ask? Well, Steve had a root canal and I had to go back to have abnormal cells removed and stitches in my leg. Good idea, gone bad.

Fast forward to this year.....I had my regular annual exam, and the doctor found a lovely lump on my left breast. Fun for me, on to have a mammogram. That wasn't nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be and it came back fine and dandy. My boobs are healthy, at least for another year.
Then I went to the dermatologist and like normal had 2 moles removed! (that would make 8 total moles removed in the last 5 years), just got the call today that the one on my back came back abnormal! Geez! This body has not seen the sun in years, what else do I have to do?? So I get to go back and have more cells removed and more stitches put in. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve, Steve, Steve.....that dentist appointment 5 years ago had been haunting us. We knew there was more work to be done in that mouth. We didn't realize it was as bad as it was. So yesterday he had the first of 5 appointments. 3 hours later, the poor guy had a bloody mouth and a prescription for Vicatin. Only eating soft foods and no carbonated drinks is hard for him, but together we are managing to get thru our ailments.

In addition to us, my sister Holly has had severe neck pain for weeks! The regular doctor gave her muscle relaxers and a pain killer, that didn't work. She went to the chiropractor, that didn't work. She finally had a MRI done...which led to the herniated disk and she had to see the neurosurgeon. That genius told her she had a weak neck. That women have weaker necks then men and she should try physical therapy to make her neck muscles stronger! Brilliant!...but maybe it will work?!

Wish us all luck to a healthier 2010!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I got nothing.

I got nothing but pictures for ya'll.

Smile! She just makes us smile!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring - pros and cons

I love nice weather because :
1) since we are outside from 5-7pm every night(with the exception of a 1/2 hour for dinner) we rarely have to pick up any toys inside the house!
2) we get a little exercise with all the walks we go on, or by following Presley around the yard and up and down the driveway.
3) grilling out and drinking a beer on the deck!
4) summer clothes and shoes are just cuter.....for me and Presley!

yet, there are a couple reasons why all this nice weather is inconvenient too :
1) Presley needs a bath every night, that doesn't mean she gets one....but she needs one.
2) Sunscreen. Our baby already had a tan line on her arms! :( Bad mommy! I'm just going to put it on her every morning when we get her dressed.
3) Because the weather is so nice, it's hard to get anything done inside!
4) Presley's 7:30 bedtime, puts a damper on things we like to do in the summer (Valley Junction farmers market, Friday Fest, Prairie Meadows races), she might have to get used to a later bedtime.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Random thoughts

- We walked by a house that had a sign in the yard for in-home daycare, the paint was chipping off their house in places and they still had Christmas lights up. Call me judgmental, but I wouldn't send my kid there just from looking at the outside of the house! I can't imagine what the inside looks like.
- Presley has a lot of her own books, but for some reason she loves going into our room and getting my books from the nightstand. It just doesn't seem appropriate to watch her flip thru books about true crime murders and baby killers.
- We had gnocchi tonight for the first time for dinner. It's pretty good for a potato-y, pasta-y kinda meal. Presley wouldn't eat it, she decided to toss most of it on the floor.
- How do you get a 15 month old to stop throwing food off of her tray? She likes to watch the dog eat it off the floor at my mom's house, but we don't have a dog! Maybe she enjoys watching us bend down to pick up every little pea or piece of gnocchi.....maybe she thinks we are her little dogs, picking up after her?!
- Holly has a meeting with a neurologist on Wednesday for a herniated (is that really how you spell that?) disc. Hope everything goes ok and she can get back to her high-energy, fun-loving self!
- I never see movies in the theater...maybe twice a year. But I just saw the preview for Sex in the City 2....going to have to see it mainly b/c she meets up with Aiden again! I love Aiden! and I think the new Twilight movie comes out the next week! Girls weekend at the movie theater! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do we have a winner?

We packed a lunch and headed up to Saylorville to have a picnic and enjoy the wonderful weather! Steve took this picture without me even realizing it. We don't have enough pictures together, so I love it!
Steve always gets wings from the deli at Walmart, he loves them! Presley wanted to have her chance with a chicken wing.......
We are thinking of entering her into a wing eating contest! I think we could have a winner here!

(................ok she really didn't eat the wing...but it makes for a better post and the pictures just worked out that way!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Playing dress up!

She was trying to dress herself....too bad she was using my clothes. Either way it was cute!

Steve has been waiting for this day for years....the AC/DC concert is finally here! Steve and Brock were so excited, they were like little boys getting ready for the best day of their lives! They went downtown at noon to tailgate and drink and have a good time...and I'm sure they are!
Presley and I met my mom and Holly for lunch and then she took a great, long 3 hour nap! I got some laundry done and read my book on the deck! Then we (I) got some Dairy Queen and went to the park! She mostly watched the other kids play with a huge smile on her face. She was just entertained watching them run around and climb on the equipment, she ran around...mostly following the other kids but we had a good time!
I'm guessing Steve will be slightly hung over tomorrow, so maybe Presley and I will get another mommy/daughter day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring time!

Every night we try to enjoy some time outside. Presley and I will go for a walk while daddy makes dinner, then we all eat and then we all try to go on a walk together! It is so nice to spend this time together as a family but the time seems to fly by too fast every night!

In this picture she either looks like she is trying to stick out her belly, or pee like a boy! haha!
........ the wind blowing thru her (long, flowing) hair! :)

She is such a character these days! She is a busy, busy bee...and never slows down, she isn't very nice to other kids but is becoming more accepting of other female adults! She loves her mommy, worships her daddy, and can't live without her Grandma Becky! Kids are amazing little creatures and we love watching her learn and grow!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Steve and April!!

So Friday night I met some girls out for our friend April's birthday! We went out for sushi and martini's and had a ball! Steve was nice enough to get up with Presley Saturday morning, even though I only slept in until about 8:30....but hey, I'll take it!

Since the weather was nice on Saturday, we kinda decided last minute to see if anyone wanted to come over grill out and have some beers with us....turned out about 15 people did! Mostly family, but it was fun and a good excuse to get together and enjoy the nice weather. We grilled up some hotdogs, started up the fire pit and drank. (I drank a little too much!)

Presley decided she was going to wake up right about the time we were going to bed! UGH!!!
I spent 1/2 hour rocking her to sleep (which we rarely have to do)! Sunday morning Steve was even a nicer husband and got up with her again! :)
I got up about 9:30 and he was making me breakfast in bed! So Presley and I laid on the couch, watched some Baby MacDonald while he finished up breakfast.....due to my over-consumption of liquor, I could hardly eat any of it! I felt soooo bad!! So I went back to bed. After we all took afternoon naps, we ALL were much happier and could enjoy the day a little more!

Monday Samantha found out that she is having a boy! She wanted a boy, mostly b/c she knows that girls are not nice to their mothers (my poor mom!). This whole boy thing is going to be a little different for our family, having us 3 girls and then Presley!
It was also Steve's birthday! Happy birthday to my wonderful husband! We met at Bonefish Grill for dinner (while my mom watched Presley for us!), which was fantastic and oh-so filling! We highly recommend it if you like seafood!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I don't normally think I'm a sucker for marketing schemes. You know spend $50 get $5 off, save 10% when you open a new credit card, that kinda stuff.
Steve on the other hand, always thinks that if we are getting a good deal that we should buy it! He always says "we can't afford, NOT to buy it!"..............whatever that means!
But I will say there are 2 recent marketing campaigns that have really caught my attention. The first is for the Census! I hear the commercials on the radio and TV, so I was excited to get the Census and fill it out! Steve thought I was a little too excited about it, but for some reason I just feel that it is this cool, uniformed thing that all Americans are doing and filling out. Maybe I'm weird.
The second is "Great Faces, Great Places....South Dakota"! I always have the song in my head and it makes me want to take a trip to South Dakota, they make it look so nice. I'm sure it is probably boring, but the commercials almost convince me otherwise!

In college I took a marketing class and we had a discussion around name brand items versus generic, and if there was really a difference. We never grew up thinking name brands were all that special, but there are a couple items that our family will always favor. JIF peanut butter, Crest toothpaste and Tide detergent, just to name a few. I will admit Crest and Tide are pretty much the same as the other brands, but you'll never get me away from JIF!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So Scout is about 6 pounds and loves to chase the 4-square ball.........while we are playing.

The ball is bigger than her! It is so funny to see how vicious she is....or tries to be!

Happy Easter!!

We went to my parents on Saturday afternoon and dyed eggs.....and I have no pictures from that! It's fun for us, even as adults and maybe next year Presley will be able to participate and care!
She sleeps so good these days (knock on wood!) so on the weekends she usually only gets one nap and by Saturday night she was TIRED, she walked to her crib at 6:30 pm. I asked if she wanted a bath (which she usually gets super excited about!) and she still grabbed for the blanket in her crib! So she went to bed.....and then slept until almost 7:3o Sunday morning! LOVE IT!

She did find her eggs and basket with a little help from us.

Look at our baby last Easter! Boy, how time flies!!!
And here she was today! Still adorable as ever! (with a little more hair!)

Grandma was nice enough to teach Presley where her tongue is. Attractive huh? :)
After a wonderful brunch (Oh so full!) we played a little family 4-square and then Steve and I took Presley out to Saylorville to spend some time outside and enjoy the fairly nice weather!

We hope you all had a great Easter like we did! Now back to the grind of the work week!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nice people!

I like nice people, I'm not always one of them but I like polite, sincerely nice people!
I heard a story from a co-worker this week about her sister (we'll call her Pamela) who is a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids, so they don't have a lot of money. Pamela was getting the oil changed in her car and the mechanic came out and told her that her car was unsafe to drive due to the extremely bald tires and worn out brakes! Pamela simply stated that they didn't have the money to fix it all right now so she would drive home and park it until they came up with the money. On her way home, the mechanic called and said someone had volunteered to pay for her repairs!!!
Pamela went back and sure enough, some little old man had heard her say she couldn't afford to fix her car so he wanted to pay for it!
I love nice people! It makes me want to be nice!

Oh Eighty degrees, how I've missed you!

So in the last 3 days Presley has managed to fall and scrape her nose and then biffed it hard and slammed her cheek into the cement! See the nice bruise on her cheek (under all the mess)....we have a long summer ahead of us if she doesn't learn to slow down and stop tripping over her own feet!
A Daddy's dream.....his little girl reading his Northern Tools magazine!