Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy Easter weekend

Saturday we went to mom's house to decorate Easter eggs. Presley did a pretty good job and only dropped one egg! :)
She is basically a professional egg decorater if anyone needs help!
That night we went to watch April's girls, Georgia and Sophia in their dance recital! Presley was very interested in watching all the dances and even did some dancing in the aisle herself. Between every dance the lights would go down and it would be dark....and every time Presley would look at us and say 'I can't see!'. Almost like she thought the rest of us could see but she couldn't! Ha!

The Easter bunny was nice enough to come visit this Sunday since we'll be gone next Sunday! Presley found the eggs...and in true Presley fashion, lined them all up! Her basket included some good stuff including an Iowa Hawkeye shirt and an Easter book.

We had our Easter brunch at mom's house, as always we had WAY too much food and all ate WAY too much. We didn't have a four-square ball, so we weren't able to get our normal Easter four-square game in this year!

Stud muffin Boston, looking cute, showing off his guns.
Presley was loving the camera this afternoon. She'd say cheese, you'd take the picture and she would say 'one more time!'....over and over again! The CHEESES wouldn't stop, it was too cute and funny!
So we all cheesed to get a good family picture!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colder weather is in sight.

Last night for Steve's actual birthday, he wanted Perkins. Wow. Not quite what I would choose for my birthday dinner, but whatever makes him happy! Tonight we went to dinner at Champps for our nephew Jake's 18th birthday. We had some time to kill so we walked around the Jordan Creek pond and took some pictures. P and Daddy were jumping....I was quick enough to get Presley with both feet OFF the ground!
LOVE the smile and the crazy, wind-blown, curly hair!

Outdoor fun!!

Saturday night we went out for Steve's birthday dinner at Jethros with a bunch of his friends. We had our first non-family member babysitter (even though I feel like she could be my little sister), Andrea watched P for us for a couple hours so I could join them for dinner. It went good! I'm sure they had their rough moments but I'm sure they had a lot of fun too! We'll be 'hiring' her again soon...if she is willing! :) With the nice weekend weather we had a lot of time outside. Presley has helped herself to the neighbors new playset and Bella was willing to share after a little convincing. Bella is about 3 months younger than P, they've never really had an interest in each other until now, so this summer should be filled of play dates with them! Here are some of our outdoor pics from this weekend.

Such determination.

I took Presley to the closest park on Sunday afternoon...and she would NOT leave. She threw a fit - kicking, hitting, screaming. I had the stroller so I wasn't able to carry her (fighting me) and push the stroller home. I tried walking away in hopes she would follow....nope, she sat there. Screaming and crying. I had to call Steve to walk up and meet us and help me get her home! Of course the minute she saw Steve...she got all sweet and sappy and pouty, wanting 'daddy!'. BLAH!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Ramblings

  • We are moving along on the basement! (pictures to come!) I need to finish painting the walls Banana Cream, then we can get carpet and put up the trim! Steve now wants to move on to his next home improvement project...the kitchen. But he wants to make the kitchen cabinets himself. If he wants to put his time and energy into that project, he can go right ahead! It is the one room in our house that actually really needs to be updated....but who cares if some of the cabinets are so warped the doors don't shut anymore...or the paint has worn off around the handles?! :)

  • In about one month my sister Samantha will be shaving her head for Cystic Fibrosis! Have you donated yet?

  • Yesterday was Steve's birthday! Happy birthday to my wonderful, fantastic husband! His surprise birthday present......we are going to Vegas next weekend! Yeehaw! I booked the trip back in February and just told him last week, just the two of us for 3 days! Of course, I didn't realize it was Easter weekend when I booked we are doing Easter this weekend instead! Oops!

  • Presley is really beginning to talk now. Just this morning I went in to wake her up...and she lays there, looks at me and says 'good morning!'...just like I always say to her every morning! She just seems like a little kid now....not so much a toddler! :( She'll sing Barney, over and over again....and every time she has to give everyone a hug and kiss! Another common phrase out of her mouth 'I don't want to'. Fun.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pausing for a commercial break

Sorry I've kinda been missing in action here lately! I guess I haven't had too much to say or I'm just not feeling creative. I'll be back soon, hopefully with something interesting to say!