Monday, June 26, 2017


Friday morning at 5:30 my phone started blowing up with text messages from my manager at work and my coworker Amy...our building was flooded and they weren't letting any one in. Thankfully I had my laptop at home so I was able to work Friday at home while many others were left NOT able to work or got shifted into a training room to work that afternoon. Pain in the ass! Now you might think that NOT working would have been the better option but we have been working so must overtime that having to put Miscellaneous pay on your paystub, basically ruins all the overtime pay, like a holiday or PTO would do, so I didn't mind working!)
I kept Presley home with me b/c she is mostly self-sufficient so I can still work with her here. (Piper is a different story!) She slept in until 9 and then hung out on the ipad and playing...and then she found neighbors to play with and I didn't see much of her!
I worked until 4 and then we were able to get our stuff packed up to head to my brother in law's lake house on Lake Panorama.
The kids love it there, Presley plays with cousin Ava and Piper roams around doing a little of everything. The park is right next door to their house, they put in a great beach/patio area next to the water and the golf cart....every kids favorite thing to do! :)
 Oh child, that smile!!!
 Such a poser!
We hung out on the beach almost all night, had a fire going, the kids's nice and relaxing! The girls went to bed way too late but at least we slept in Saturday morning.

Busy bees

Last week was a busy week....where we are trying to find time to work, go to the store, plan for the weekend and still actually have a summer fun life with the kids.

Monday they had dentists appts.....they have never done well when I have taken them so this has become Steve's new job, which I'm sure the thoroughly enjoys! :) But they did good, Presley's teeth are growing in good and she has one more loose one, which she is already not happy about (she is so behind on losing teeth, she has only lost 4!)

Tuesday I made wine with Sarah at Vines to Wines. It was fun and such an interesting experience! I definitely want to go back and do it again! We go back in August to bottle up our wine and then for this specific wine that we made he said that it is best after 21 months! I have to wait 21 months before I can drink this wine that we made! UGH!
After we made wine we hit up a couple places on Ingersoll to chat and have a couple drinks and then we made our way back to Johnston and stopped at the Boat House for one last beer. Sarah is a bad influence and kept me out until 11:30! YAWNNNN.......

Since Steve took the girls on Monday and had them Tuesday night I decided I would take them to gymnastics on Wednesday night! I just LOVE watching them! Presley's teacher told me she wanted to challenge her by putting her in this class and I agree, if Presley had a little more self confidence in herself she could do awesome!
Piper is the only one in her class who has been going to Sapphire for over a year so she looks like she is advanced, but she'll be in this class until she is 6!

Thursday night we went to Latitude 41 to watch Baird play. The weather was perfect, the kids fed the fish our old bread and my uncle Danny and aunt Debbie came with my dad to hang out for a bit. They are traveling around the Midwest in their RV for a couple months and were in DSM for the weekend so I happy that we were able to see them and chat!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fathers Day

We had a busy fun filled weekend. Friday night after work we made slime...Presley has been begging to make slime, now we have done it, she is over it and we'll probably throw it away by this weekend.
Wearing the shark hats she made at KTC for the beach themed day.
Then we headed to Johnston Green Days to walk around and listen to music. The car show was going on and Piper would walk up to the ones that she liked, smile real big and tell me to take her picture. It was so funny!

We decided to NOT do the carnival rides this year...we have season passes to Adventureland so this was just not needed. We hung out and listened to live music, the girls did a little dancing and then we headed home.
Saturday morning I got up and worked and had to wake Piper and Steve up at 9 am so that we could get ready and be at the parade by 10! :) The Green Days parade is awesome! It is long enough, the kids get SO much candy and the best's not busy and we don't have to fight a trillion other kids like we would for the Urbandale 4th of July parade!
My beautiful girl!
After the parade we went to 1908 and had a 'father's day' brunch on the patio there. The weather was perfect, the girls were good, it was just nice. We headed home for a couple hours to get some stuff done and just to hang out. Then we decided to head to Fongs Fest in Ankeny, we got there at a weird time wasn't busy, there really wasn't much going on and the kids were NOT impressed. We knew Damon Dotson was playing at 5 but it was only 4 so we had an hour to kill!.....and we found a brewery and I don't even remember the name! HA! Luckily I had packed some snacks and stuff to keep them entertained and they really like the Pac Man game they had in there!

Daddy and his daughters! Love!
We got some drinks and slices of pizza and hung out until the music started and then we stayed for about an hour. We had some time out by the shed, watching Beauty and the Beast, eating popcorn, playing with neighbors and watching Piper since the Moana song to us. Seriously freaking adorable!
Fathers day I got up in the morning and worked again and the family slept until 9:30-10! I'm jealous!
We decided to hit up the weiner dog races at Prairie was so busy! The traffic was unreal! The weather was perfect and once we got inside it wasn't too bad. My whole family was there, so the kids played and occasionally watched the horse races and weiner dog races on the big screen since it was so busy you couldn't see anything otherwise!

This picture was taken on Father's Day 4 years ago.......
and again this year!
Then we got one with the other grandchildren (minus Jordan)!
Me and my baby!
We were there for a couple hours and then headed to Sam's house in Bondurant to eat and hang out and swim in their pool! Presley had a blast and Piper trusted Pa enough to help her in the pool since she couldn't touch. It was great!
About 5 we headed out to Earlham to their music in the park night! We grabbed McD's for the kids to eat on the way there and when we got there the girls just played! It is like a little mini-Goodrich reunion going to Earlham, so we hung out with lots of family and enjoyed the awesome weather and music. We got home late but overall it was a great fathers day!
Thank you Steve for everything you do for our baby girls! They love you so much and they have you tied around their little it should be! :)

Monday, June 19, 2017


Ugh, so busy and so behind....with no end in sight of when I will be able to catch up. Last night was the first time I have been to bed before 11 in over a week. I got up early both Saturday and Sunday to work before everyone else woke up, I've been working for a couple hours at night once the girls are in bed.
My bathrooms are a mess.
My house is SO dusty
My head is spinning
My Kindle is now a stranger to me

Now I will be positive.....
I was able to actually wash some of our sheets this weekend.
I was able to updated our family calendar too.
I have a husband who is willing to help with most things
Being thankful for a job while I still have one.

I will catch up on here when I can, hopefully sooner rather than later!


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Concert #3

Sunday Funday.....literally! My sister Holly picked me up about 1:30 and we headed to Omaha for the New Kids on the Block concert....this is me! This is my childhood! This is every Jordan Knight poster I had on my wall for 5-8 years growing up! This is every 35-45 year old woman who just LOVED NKOTB!
We got checked into our hotel and took the hotel shuttle service to the Old Mattress Factory to eat and drink before the show. We got there before it started to get busy! We even got to meet up with a daycare mom. Jill and our friend Lyndsi! :)
Me and Lyndsi...and my hair! Goodness, could it get bigger?....yes.
Bathroom line selfies with my sis!
Then we headed over to the arena...and I will admit, I have never seen so many women happy and nice to each other!
Paula Abula cancelled due to an injury...whatever, suck it up woman!
But Boys II Men sounded amazing!!!

In between acts....practicing our selfies! The lady behind us does NOT looked impressed!
So, I must apologized for my excessive photos....mostly of Jordan...b/c he is my boyfriend, even though he AND Steve don't know it! (and you are only getting a teeny tiny fraction of the pictures that I took!)

They came out into the audience....literally 5 rows in front of me. I could've died! I could've cried! and I might have, I don't remember b/c I was in another world for these minutes!
Jordan Knight

Jonathan Knight

Donnie Wahlberg

Danny Wood and Joey McIntyre
and I think he was totally looking right at me for this picture! :)
They went back in time and did a tribute of every album and sang snip-bits of EVERY artist should do on tour (hint hint Tim McGraw!)

They know how to make the girls scream.....lifting up their shirts, showing their abs, doing hip thrusts....we all enjoyed it!
After the show we went to the nearby sports bar and had some snacks, met some new friends and then headed back to the hotel about midnight!
We actually slept in until about 9 (thank you hotel for black out blinds and Omaha for being cloudy and rainy that morning!), then we met a friend of Holly's for brunch at Cracker Barrel (which by the way has a pretty awesome menu!). We got home about 1:30 and I unpacked, cleaned, organized and then picked up the girls from daycare early b/c I was feeling guilty for leaving them 3 nights in a row!
Overall it was a GREAT weekend and one I will not soon forget! We have a couple more concerts coming up in the next 2 months and then I think we are taking a break!.....For now! :)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Concert #2

Saturday morning was rough....we were up too late and might have had a few too many adult beverages....but we powered thru and picked up the girls about 10:30 and headed home. Steve had energy when we got home so he unpacked the car and I head to take a nap!!! I slept from 11- 2 pm and that is completely what I needed! He had taken the girls downstairs so that it was quiet for me upstairs. Then I gave him a chance to take a nap. The girls and I hung out in the basement playing games and such until about 3:30 when we needed to get ready for the night. Brittany came over about 5 pm to watch the girls and Steve and I headed to Gilroy's for dinner.
We headed over to the concert...the seats weren't like Metallica but they were still good!

Overall, I love Tim and Faith and I knew this was going to be a more slow going concert. However, I feel like they missed the mark with this concert. Faith sang way more than Tim did and Tim had SO many songs that we wanted to hear and didn't. It was good, but I wouldn't go again....unless it was just a Tim McGraw concert and not all the lovely-dovey blah blah stuff. :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Concert #1

Over the last 6 months I have bought tickets to 3 concerts that all fell on the same weekend. So I was prepared to be tired and have fun and not feel too old! :) Metallica was this years concert for The Native Fund, and of course, we have to support the cause. Neither of us are real Metallica fans but I knew they were a VERY popular band and that it would be a good show and a concert that I will never experience again. Since they announced this concert Steve and I started listening to Volbeat (one of the openers) and I really like them!! So many of our friends were going, we had the hotel room booked, the day off work and the tailgating situation ready!
We slept in Friday morning, packed up the car and kids and dropped them off at my parents for the night! We ran to Walmart in Altoona for a couple things and then had an early lunch at Spectators, we really like it there, good food and cool atmosphere! Then we headed on the drive to Newton, we got checked into the hotel about 1 and then headed to tailgate when the gates opened at 2. 
Slowly but surely our friends started joining us, the weather was hot but the breeze made it not too bad! So many friends that we hadn't seen in so long, it was a good time just socializing and such for a couple hours before the concert started at 6.

Brock had this shirt made for our friend Kyle who helped make this concert happen.
No Steve, your muscles are NOT as big as Brocks!

VOLBEAT! Our clubs seats were nice and we knew so many people sitting around us!

Then we happened to know someone with a box seat and got tickets to join them up beer too! This was during Avenged Seven Fold? (who we don't really know)

Ashton and Dallas spoke on stage for a couple minutes about The Native Fund.

When Metallica started we stumbled upon some VIP front row tickets (it helps to know people!) So Steve and I were literally right in front of Metallica! (Note, this was NOT the general admission area where people were pushing and shoving and crowd surfing!)

It was a great show and everything worked out perfectly for us....except the 45 minute drive around Newton to get back to our hotel. We went to bed way too late but it was worth it!