Thursday, June 15, 2017

Concert #2

Saturday morning was rough....we were up too late and might have had a few too many adult beverages....but we powered thru and picked up the girls about 10:30 and headed home. Steve had energy when we got home so he unpacked the car and I head to take a nap!!! I slept from 11- 2 pm and that is completely what I needed! He had taken the girls downstairs so that it was quiet for me upstairs. Then I gave him a chance to take a nap. The girls and I hung out in the basement playing games and such until about 3:30 when we needed to get ready for the night. Brittany came over about 5 pm to watch the girls and Steve and I headed to Gilroy's for dinner.
We headed over to the concert...the seats weren't like Metallica but they were still good!

Overall, I love Tim and Faith and I knew this was going to be a more slow going concert. However, I feel like they missed the mark with this concert. Faith sang way more than Tim did and Tim had SO many songs that we wanted to hear and didn't. It was good, but I wouldn't go again....unless it was just a Tim McGraw concert and not all the lovely-dovey blah blah stuff. :)

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