Saturday, June 17, 2017

Concert #3

Sunday Funday.....literally! My sister Holly picked me up about 1:30 and we headed to Omaha for the New Kids on the Block concert....this is me! This is my childhood! This is every Jordan Knight poster I had on my wall for 5-8 years growing up! This is every 35-45 year old woman who just LOVED NKOTB!
We got checked into our hotel and took the hotel shuttle service to the Old Mattress Factory to eat and drink before the show. We got there before it started to get busy! We even got to meet up with a daycare mom. Jill and our friend Lyndsi! :)
Me and Lyndsi...and my hair! Goodness, could it get bigger?....yes.
Bathroom line selfies with my sis!
Then we headed over to the arena...and I will admit, I have never seen so many women happy and nice to each other!
Paula Abula cancelled due to an injury...whatever, suck it up woman!
But Boys II Men sounded amazing!!!

In between acts....practicing our selfies! The lady behind us does NOT looked impressed!
So, I must apologized for my excessive photos....mostly of Jordan...b/c he is my boyfriend, even though he AND Steve don't know it! (and you are only getting a teeny tiny fraction of the pictures that I took!)

They came out into the audience....literally 5 rows in front of me. I could've died! I could've cried! and I might have, I don't remember b/c I was in another world for these minutes!
Jordan Knight

Jonathan Knight

Donnie Wahlberg

Danny Wood and Joey McIntyre
and I think he was totally looking right at me for this picture! :)
They went back in time and did a tribute of every album and sang snip-bits of EVERY artist should do on tour (hint hint Tim McGraw!)

They know how to make the girls scream.....lifting up their shirts, showing their abs, doing hip thrusts....we all enjoyed it!
After the show we went to the nearby sports bar and had some snacks, met some new friends and then headed back to the hotel about midnight!
We actually slept in until about 9 (thank you hotel for black out blinds and Omaha for being cloudy and rainy that morning!), then we met a friend of Holly's for brunch at Cracker Barrel (which by the way has a pretty awesome menu!). We got home about 1:30 and I unpacked, cleaned, organized and then picked up the girls from daycare early b/c I was feeling guilty for leaving them 3 nights in a row!
Overall it was a GREAT weekend and one I will not soon forget! We have a couple more concerts coming up in the next 2 months and then I think we are taking a break!.....For now! :)

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