Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Girls Day

Presley's first day of summer and there usually isn't any daycare option, so for the last couple years I have been making it a girls day for us! We slept in and slowly made our way out of the house to have brunch on the patio at Mullets. The weather was perfect, the girls were good and they ate a majority of their food! #winning!
After that we headed to the zoo, I thought for sure it would be busy but just like Adventureland, it wasn't! So it was perfect!

Piper has been talking about riding a horse b/c someone in her class takes horseback riding lessons, she has always been scared so I told her that she could ride a camel at the zoo! Both Presley and Piper were totally pumped and psyched themselves up to ride a camel, I bought 2 tickets for them to ride together and they both chickened out! So I knew, I was going to have to ride this damn thing. I convinced Presley to ride with me, she was nervous, she was scared but she overcame that and rode on the camel with me (which literally takes like 60 seconds total). (Photo credit to Piper!)
Once we were done, Piper said she would ride with me! Seriously? I couldn't say no, so I bought two more tickets to ride Holly, the camel! (Photo credit to Presley)
Piper had been talking about getting her face painted since she did it last year when we went to the zoo! Presley again, too cool or too old to do it this year....whatever, saved me $5! :)
I couldn't convince them to feed the giraffes but they did like the 6 month old baby giraffe!
My monkey!

Piper is too short to ride the merry go round by herself, so I had to ride also (I hate rides that go in circles, but I took this merry go round and showed it who was boss!)
We stopped for ice cream on the way home and got home about 2:30...and got reorganized, chilled out for bit and then headed to swim lessons!  We are trying a new private place for lessons that was recommended by our friend Sarah. Both girls have their very own teacher and I was worried about Piper would do b/c they make you go under water and she HATES it and refused to do it!

First of all, on our way there the girls were arguing over who would get a boy teacher b/c neither of them wanted a boy! Well Presley got the boy...and she was fine with it. Presley has been kicking ass in swimming since a year ago she would've drown and didn't know how to swim at all! She is doing SO good and learning so much already! I can say that she can officially swim!

Piper got in the pool but then started crying for me. They put her underwater, mouth wide open, in the middle of crying....and that made her freak out more. They did it again. I was hiding behind another dad there b/c I didn't want to see her and I didn't want her to see me! She was calling for me, telling them she had to tell me something...they didn't buy it of course and warned her that if she didn't stop crying they would go under water again. She stopped. But she complained to her teacher for the next 20 minutes about it! So overall I'm happy with the lessons there!

After swim lessons we met Steve at El Mariachi (two nights in a row for me, don't judge, it was his idea), we got a table outside and just enjoyed the last of girls day!

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