Sunday, September 28, 2014


- I got a red light traffic ticket. I've had one speeding ticket in my life and now this. I knew the minute I saw the Polk County Traffic Unit envelope in the mail that it was for me. Oh well, lesson learned.

- Piper has had 4 incident reports at Generation in the last 6 weeks. All b/c of her own clumsiness! Running and falling, tripping...I have a feeling there will be many more of these with this girl!

- Generation had started putting Piper on the potty in the hopes of starting potty training. She isn't 2 yet, I'm in NO hurry to start this but if they are willing to go for it I completely support them......And so far, she has never gone on the potty! HA! They literally have put her on there up to 6 times a day and never one has she gone for them. Just a sign that she is not ready. I am just not looking forward to having two girls that have to go to the bathroom in EVERY public place we go to.

- Presley's teacher sends out emails at the end of every week with an update on what they did that week and what they will be working towards the next week. It's always odd to me the things that are in the email, like that she said 'most kids have learned to recognize their names, others are still learning.' And 'next week we will start to write our numbers'.....really? These are things Presley has been doing, these are things that all the kids at Generation have already learned! But then I do realize that they have to start at the beginning. This is kindergarten, they have to figure out what kids know and don't know. They can't skip learning how to write numbers! literally have to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start!)

- My job is slow. We have enough work to get thru the day, but the 'slow' season is in the upcoming months, just makes me worry! I know next year there are going to be changes with my department, I just have to hope that they don't shut down our site. So while Steve thinks we are saving to build his dream shed, I'm thinking we are saving in case there are some job changes for me in the next year. UGH!

Sunday Funday?!

This morning we got to sleep in again! It's so nice and a pleasant surprise to roll over in the morning and see that it is almost 9 am! We all got up and ready for the day. We headed out to my Uncle Leslie's retirement party. My Aunt Ann and cousins did a great job for this party! There was an amazing turn out of family and friends and I got to meet many of my dad's real brothers and his sister!
Then we headed to my parents for the Packer game! Finally a good game to watch with a winning outcome! Miss Piper did not nap, we tried. She talked, cried and just didn't want to be left out of the fun. We left with a cranky Piper, I ran into Target on the way home and then we spent the evening playing, cleaning, laundry and getting ready for the week ahead!

Tonight Piper was sleeping before 8, Presley (after her normal freak out about going to bed) was in bed asleep about 8:30. Steve was tired and went to bed to watch football and I had got most of the laundry put away, the house was already clean so I actually dusted off the treadmill and walked for half hour!
I always like Sunday nights when things are clean and organized and picked up! I feel a sense of control in the middle of our every day chaos!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


These are pics from a couple weeks ago of the Moellercoaster! My dad put this together, it originally was just off the picnic table, then it moved from the playset, over the picnic it starts on top of the playset! The kids and adults love it!
With the awesome fall weather, we have been trying to enjoy some time outside!
Man, I love this smile!
The week started out with Steve not feeling good, then Wednesday morning Presley woke up coughing and sounding terrible! It sounded like she had a hard time breathing, she could barely talk...ugh. And once again we called Grandma for emergency back up daycare! I dropped off Piper at Generation and then Presley off at mom's. Of course by then, the coughing at decreased and she could talk just fine. Oh well, a day with grandma would make everything better, right? :)
Thursday we decided to take the kids to the Johnston homecoming parade! We weren't expecting much, we even told Presley that we weren't sure there would be candy and that this was just for fun. Holy parade! For a highschool homecoming parade I was impressed (of course, I haven't been to one for 17 years either, but who's counting?)....45 minutes later, after fighting 3000 other kids for candy we had a nice stash! The kids were pretty good, Piper was scared but sat back and opened up sucker after sucker, tootsie roll after tootsie roll, taking one taste of each one of them. Presley actually saw some kids she knew from school and the school principal, it's fun to see her become a part of the 'school community'! It was fun and I can see us doing this in the future!
The girls have been awesome about going to bed this week, 3 nights in a row both have been asleep by 8:30! These girls LOVE to sleep. Twice this week when I went to wake Piper up in the morning and got her out of her crib, she cries and screams and actually tries to climb back INTO her crib, saying 'night, night!' So the weekends we always look forward to everyone sleeping in!
Last night Steve went to the neighbors about 10 to drink and talk with the guys and I went to bed! Saturday morning about 8:35 Piper got up and Presley got up about 9! I was brave and decided to take the girls to Mary's softball game at 10:30 while Steve stayed home to get some things done. Due to the rain that night the game was postponed for 2 hours, so we went with Grandma, Grandpa, Sam and  Boston to eat lunch at The Sports Page in Ankeny for lunch. Guess what? The girls were actually pretty good! We got done with lunch and headed back to see the game! We were able to stay for about half of it before Presley was complaining that she was hot and we needed to get Piper home for a nap anyway.
We got Piper down for a nap and then Presley and I went and got ice cream. Just her and me, it was nice to enjoy a special treat on a perfect Saturday afternoon with my baby girl!
Tonight we have been chilling out, playing in the basement. It's nice to have a weekend with minimal plans!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Saturday night we had Carlyn come over to babysit the girls so that we could go out for our 7 year anniversary! We started the night by going to Hobby Lobby to look at decorations for Piper's second birthday party and then we went to Lowes to look at ceiling fans.....typical anniversary date stuff!

Then we had dinner reservations on the patio at the Johnny's in Altoona! AMAZING patio! Go there fast, before the weather gets too cold! You have some time b/c they do have outdoor heaters near every table! The weather was perfect, the food was delicious. Great dinner with my hubby!

Then we headed to the World Food Festival, mainly to watch The Nadas we used to do, back in the day! They were awesome as always and we saw alot of people that we know!
After that, we went to Beaverdale Fall Fest since it was on the way home...again, we saw a ton of people that we know, walked around and just enjoyed the night!

Then about 4 am....I woke up puking. Not cool! I haven't thrown up in close to 9 years! Not from being sick, not from drinking too much, not from morning sickness. Did I really drink that much? I didn't think so but I was a mess. So poor Steve got the girls up, ready and took them to my parents house for my dad's birthday party and our Sunday Packer party while I stayed at home and puked and slept. Fun times!

Finally, about 7 pm things were looking better for me, about 9 I sliced up an apple and it was the BEST thing ever! The juice, the apple ever!
Of course, about 9 is when Steve started to NOT feel good. Now he has spent today throwing up, so sucks that we were sick however I was relieved to find out that I hadn't been hungover! HA!

Either way, thank you Stephen for being an amazing are creative, handy, can cook, you clean bathrooms, are sarcastic and are the best daddy to our girls! I love watching them complete admire and love their daddy! Love you and thank you!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I got nothing

I can't even think of a nice title to this post. My creativity is missing, as usual.

Tuesday was my late night and then I was able to meet my girls Lisa and Lyndsi for some margaritas and cheese dip! I love myself some girl talk with these two ladies! Thanks girls!

So Piper has had a cold/cough for about two weeks, but to me....this is exactly what it is. A cold and cough, she'll get over it. Of course, Generation has strep and broncitis going around but I just assume this is NOT in Piper's room and she'll be fine! Then Tuesday night, she started throwing up. From 1:45 to 3:30 we dealt with her puking. Which is crazy for us since Presley didn't throw up until she was 4 years old, poor Piper was crying, puking, shaking b/c she was so scared. UGH. So I did laundry at 2 in the morning, Piper slept with Steve in our bed and I took her to the walk in clinic when they opened at 8. And you know what? There was nothing wrong with her. No ear infection, no strep, lungs look good. Well crap but good, I guess!
My mom was nice enough to watch Piper for the day, and she is able to take much longer naps at Grandmas house!

Last night we decided to get the fire pit out again, trying to enjoy this fall weather while we still can! Neighbor Matt brought his 3 year old, Brynn down to play and have marshmellows and then neighbor Todd was able to come over too to enjoy a beer too!

Today we got up and went to the mall, all of us. For the most part they were ok, we were there for almost an hour before Piper had a screaming fit b/c we wouldn't open the goldfish before we paid for them and then Presley had a meltdown in the car and both kids screamed and cried most of the day home. Oh the fun.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


So we tried to take some pictures ourselves. Hoping it would be less stressful and faster than having someone do it for us since we can have less than cooperative children.
It was a bit windy but we got some cutes ones but I would like to try to get some more in a couple weeks too.

Little of this and that

So Wednesday me, Holly, mom and Presley went with Sam to do some wedding dress shopping. This was NOT the winner even though she looked great in it! And no, I cannot post the winner but she did find one and she looks amazing in it!
So kindergarten comes with a whole new set of rules and behavior expectations. We got this in her backpack on Thursday! I was very proud of her (b/c this is something we see so little of at home!)
They also earn 'punches'. They start each day with 4 sticks and for every stick they have left at the end of the day they get a 'punch'. Once they get 20, they get a reward of some sort. They can earn extra punches by being extra good or helpful...and I would say that at least twice a week she ends up with 5 punches! I was shocked to hear that she only got 3 punches on Thursday, I thought for sure she would NEVER have one taken away! :) But she got it for talking to some other kids in the 'center' next to her....I was happy that she was talking! :)
Miss Presley LOVES art, she loves coloring, drawing, sidewalk chalk, scissors, glue, anything artsy.....and I am not creative at all! This was one of her drawings yesterday, I think it's pretty good for 5 1/2 years old!
Yesterday Holly, Sam and I went to a baby shower for our friend April. We haven't seen her since Holly's wedding in April! The shower was alot of fun and her friend Heather is quite the planner and hostess! There was alcohol at a baby shower, can't get much better than that, right?? HA!
I did bring home two cookies for the girls. Shaggy, dirty Piper loved it!
I'm not sure they can get any closer to the computer!
We decided it was about time to get the firepit out! So once Piper went to bed, (she misses out on all the fun these days!) we enjoyed the awesome fall night next to the firepit that hasn't been used in close to 3 years! Two of our neighbors came over to hang out, talk and have some beers. It was nice, Presley went to bed about 9:30 and Steve and I were up until 12:30! Crazy us, huh? (Thank you girls for sleeping until 8:30 this morning!)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I surrender.

It's funny how the minute I feel like my children are out of control I read this blog..... from my friend Janelle and I think "Thank God I'm not the only one that feels overwhelmed!"
Though unlike Janelle, I go to work to unwind these days. It's quiet, we aren't that busy, I can sit in my cubicle and not hear whining, crying and screaming! And unlike Janelle most nights both Steve and I are home so we aren't alone in the chaos.

I'm beginning to think there is something in the air at our house b/c we walk in the door and two little devils emerge in my beautiful children (I'm obviously not one to sugar coat things). Piper and I got home about 5:30. From 5:30-7 I bet she cried for at least an hour, mostly hanging on the fridge whining about something, then screaming b/c we won't let her color on the table or countertops, then crying b/c she can't have fruit snacks......right after she already had dinner and fruit snacks. So we tried to put her to bed early, thinking maybe she was tired since she only gets a 2 hour nap at daycare and is up from that at 2:30 every day. So about 7:15 we tried to lay her was 9 before she was asleep. We layed with her in our bed, put her in the crib.....screaming, crying, I don't know but I'm SO tired of this terrible bedtime routine. I give up! I'm waving the white flag and surrendering to the chaos. Where can I get good meds?

Presley was actually pretty good tonight, but she is usually another factor in the madness. "Piper do you want a popsicle?" Five minutes before dinner. No! We have been putting Piper in her room for 'time outs' (we can no longer put her in the crib b/c she has fallen out twice in the last 2 weeks), and Presley will tap on the door and tease her! Really???

Even at daycare Piper has been 'acting' shy at dropoff and cries when I leave. After one month of being there she has had an incident report b/c she fell on the playground and scraped her knee (not surprising since she runs everywhere!), last week they said that she didn't listen well, yesterday they said she had 'selective hearing' and today her daily sheet said she kept getting mad at them every time they zipped up her coat! I can already tell she is NOT going to be the perfect student that Presley has been so far! HA!

However, they do says that she reads all the time. Her daily sheet said 'she was on a reading rampage!" and her main teacher Heather seems impressed by how much she talks! Which is weird since she was a late talker, at least we thought she was?!

I'm hoping Piper's attitude is b/c of the cold she has and will disappear quickly!  I think Steve has realized that my patience is limited these days. He (and Presley) bought me Junior Mints and flowers at the store the other day and then P made me a card that said I love you on it! So sweet and totally unexpected! He never does that!

Thank you Stephen!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Last year we got the chance to join the neighborhood and other friends to take a limo bus down to Kansas City for a Chiefs game and luckily were invited this year again too! Since the bus leaves at 5 am, we took the kids to mom and dad's on Saturday night about 7 so they could just sleep there for the night. Steve and I took some time and enjoyed the nice night without them!
We got down there about 9 for some tailgating!
The crew!
We made the effort to be fans for a day. Our shirts have now been worn back in the closet until next year!
We didn't go to the actual game last year, but thought we should go this year. We bought the extra tickets the neighbors Jim and Sandy had, so we sat by them. The weather was so perfect!
KC did not play that good, Steve and I might have been the only people who really didn't care.
The fans were dedicated. I told Steve that I just couldn't buy into the fact that there were actually this many Chiefs fans! HA!
The drive home was long, but it was alot of fun! So many laughs and good times! We met some new friends, Steve and Thoa (said Twa) basically spent all day making fun of each other. Steve couldn't remember his name and started calling him Meow. So we called him Meow Meow all day long. He called me Brittany and then later started calling me Ashley, so it was our ongoing joke.
We got home about 8:30 (very long day) and my mom had the kids at our house, so we could just put them to bed om their own beds!
They got to go to the zoo! Lucky kids!
I actually had today off from work! Figured I would be tired and it gave me a chance to get some things done around the house that really needed to get done! I switched out Pipers clothes, got rid of all the 18 month stuff and brought out more 2T stuff, vaccumed, dusted, cleaned floors, dusted blinds, did 5 loads of laundry, picked up the basement and got caught up on a couple Dr. Phil episodes!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


- So since we built our house, we have only been paying taxes on the land, not on the actual house. Well, we got our tax bill in the mail. We have been expecting it but I prefer to NOT pay taxes instead!
- Piper fell out of her crib again this weekend. It has been a good 6 months since the first time it happened. She has a cold and is just grumpy and did not want to lay she fell. Hopefully she learned her lesson b/c she is not getting out of that crib any time soon!
- Piper has to copy everything Presley does and says. Pipers new favorite words, 'seriously?' and 'Oh gosh!' is so cute!
- Piper is having no problems adjusting to Generation, they said today that she 'had a terrific day, like usual!' (actually they spelled terrific as terific, but who am I to talk? And last week one of the girls spelled kiwi as kewi....makes me cringe!!!) They also said that she 'enjoyed sitting on the couch reading to her classmates this morning!' I guess she thinks she should be the teacher!
- Presley is not adjusting well. We have had two bad dropoffs in a row. This is SO hard for Steve, it makes him feel bad and then he worries about her (too cute!) but she did this for 3 months at Generation last year and I dealt with it! It will get easier for everyone, we might need to start bribing her to be good at this time if it doesn't get better in the next couple weeks! :)

Where did the weekend go?

Man, it does not seem possible that we had a 3 day weekend in there! We've been busy with a little bit of everything!
Last Wednesday, Steve friend Brandon was in town for a bartending competition (I'm sorry, MIXOLOGY, that sounds more professional right?). So he went with some friends to check that out, he said it was pretty cool, and he was home by 9:30!
Aren't they cute! :)
Photo: Brandon Cross didn't win the mixology comp but still a good time with good friends!

Thursday we had parent night at the came over to watch the girls and volunteered to watch them a little later for us so we could go to dinner afterwards! Thanks mom! It was good to meet all the teachers and hear what the goals were for the kindergarten year. We feel that Presley is right where she should be academically but of course, we worry about her socially. So far she seems to be quiet, but listening and behaving. Her teacher said she is slowly coming out of her shell. Two of the little things the teachers really want the kids to know are #1, tie their own shoes and #2 to know their 5 digit lunch code (BAM! She knows both!)
Then we headed to 1908 Draught House in Johnston, they have a great patio and the weather was perfect for us to enjoy for an hour before heading home.

Friday I worked until 6 and then Steve had a fantasy football draft at 7, so he basically left once I got home! And I was falling asleep on the couch with Presley before 9!
Saturday we hung out. It have been so busy on the weekends that it was nice to not have anywhere to go. We played inside and outside, ran some errands, got groceries and got ready for the babysitter to arrive!
We had our monthly 'date' night with Brock and Jackie, we were joined by two of their friends Kari and Mark. We went to Rube's Steakhouse for dinner, it was good, laid back and we had a lot of time to talk. Then we headed downtown to Up Down, the arcade bar. It was crowded but it was fun! Steve and I found the skee-ball machines and spent some time there and I found my favorite Tetris, I could've spent all night with that game!
Before we headed home we had a drink at the Continental and had mojitos! The weather was perfect so we were able to get a table on the patio and do some more talking before heading home.

Sunday Steve decided to have some people over to hang out, and give him and excuse to cook! So he cooked and we cleaned then Kyle and Maggie came over with their girls and then one of the neighbors came by with their two kids! It was so nice to see everyone and be able to get to know Mike and Tammy a little more! We put Piper to bed and went to the garage to watch the lightening coming in and enjoy the nice summer night...and then the tornado sirens went off! So that put an end to our entertainment!

Monday we didn't do much again, which was fine. We did more cleaning, purging and laundry at home and then I headed out to see my friend Cindy and her twin babies Alicia and Zoe! I spent an hour with them just chatting and holding babies and then headed to Target BY MYSELF! Steve does not like when I go to the store alone b/c I tend to spend too much money! HA!

Overall good weekend with our girlies! There is little quiet time (but lots of laughs!), which is probably why I am awake right now by myself. To enjoy no one yelling at me!


She must climb on everything.
For some reason they decided to lay on the dining room floor and eat popcorn. Needless to say, most of the popcorn ended up on the floor!
I tried to get one nice picture with Presley, she looked cute.
I look old. I must do something about these crowfeet that have appeared in the last couple years! Botox?
We were sweeping the floor (shocker huh?), we moved the chairs and Presley set them up to be little desks for them to color at! They loved it!
Wearing mommy's boots (P still in her pajama's!)