Monday, April 29, 2013


I have figured out one of the reasons we have problems with Presley. She cries and throws a fit over everything b/c she is SO hard on herself. She hates to mess up, she doesn't want to lose, she wants to be perfect....and she can't be.
Here are some examples from just the last week.....
- she was drawing a person and accidently drew hair into her persons face. Breakdown.
- she didn't draw an 's' correctly.....those s's are hard! Breakdown, fit and throwing papers all over.
- soccer she didn't know what to do, she cried. During their 'sharks and minnows' game she got 'caught', she cried. She didn't score a goal, she cried. Well kid, you have to touch the ball and actually play if you think you are going to score!
- we were racing to kick a ball yesterday and I won.....she HAS to win.
- she was mad b/c she didn't know that 9+6 =15....which she shouldn't know! Then she was mad b/c I was right!
- she tried to step on a spider yesterday and it got away. She stomped off crying "I can't even kill a spider!"

I don't think we push her to be like this. I don't think we give her the impression that she needs to be perfect. We tell her things like soccer and games are just for fun, that she doesn't have to win. We let her know that it is ok to be wrong. UGH! This parenting thing is hard.

Sunday Funday

Piper woke up at 1 am...we gave her a quick bottle, then she cried it out for awhile...then she slept until 8...I'll take it! Steve got up at 9 to start work on the deck railing and Presley woke up shortly after that. The goal for the day was fun and playing. We had no where to go and the weather was great!
We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, once Piper went down for her morning nap about 10:30, Presley and I headed outside. It was the perfect day!
 We blew bubbles, we cleaned the insides of the cars, she played in the back of the car while I did dishes and laundry. When Piper got up about 11:45 we ate lunch, we went for a walk, played Frisbee, soccer and swung on the swings. Then we played inside for a short while, I did more housework, Piper played on the floor and in her jumper, Presley played princesses and watered her flowers and swing set (?).
Piper went down for her afternoon nap about 2:30 and Presley and I went back outside again. I thought about the housework I could get done......but then talked myself out of it and into enjoying the afternoon.
We did sidewalk chalk, painted our nails, had a snack. I read/finished by book while Presley played princesses in the back of the car!
Steve finished the deck railing around most of the deck...minus the stairs.
He got everything cleaned up and we moved our patio furniture up there. I think it looks pretty damn good! I had to wake up Piper at 5, and the four of us headed out on another walk. We got back and Steve grilled up some salmon, had dinner, had baths and got ready for bed. Busy, wonderful day and night!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jumping fun

So Lisa and Jared's neighbors had the best outdoor item least where P was concerned. A small trampoline. The girl was on it 75% of the time we were there!
She actually made friends rather quickly with Kamden, they jumped together and played kitchen together. It was awesome to see her like that with another kid!
Cutie Colton! Lisa says he is always excited to have Presley over to play!
Even Steve made a friend in little Berkeley! She is adorable and seems to be quite the little spit-fire!
It was such a nice night! It was great to see everyone with all the kids (half of whom I don't have pictures of on here). Piper took a short nap, Presley played good, we drank a little, ate a lot and still got home about 9 to get the kiddos to bed! Thank you Lisa and Jared and good luck Rachel and Lane, hopefully we can stop by and see you in July!

Perfect Weekend

Hello from Miss Piper!
This weekend was perfect. The weather, the kids, the activities. Friday night we didn't do much, Steve did the grocery shopping while I picked up the girls from mom's, then he got our steak, potato and onion kabobs ready to grill! Yes, he is handy and he cooks! :) Both kids were asleep by 8:45, I cuddled up on the couch and Steve cleaned the garage.
Saturday Piper woke up at 4 am...I gave her a bottle and by 5 she was back asleep.....and then we didn't hear from her until almost 9! Heck ya! We also had soccer. Steve decided he wasn't going to go b/c he just can't handle Presley in that situation. It was picture day, team the team tshirts. Nope, not for Presley. Again, she wouldn't wear the tshirt. Fine. There are only so many battles I was willing to have with her. I told her that parents were not allowed on the field during the game. So she didn't play, she sat on Grandmas lap until the last 30 seconds of the game when Coach Kelly basically forced her out there. She went with him, held his hand, ran down the field with him...and then she came to the sidelines crying b/c she didn't score a goal?! Good Lord.
This whole soccer thing is turning into a $90 tshirt that she won't wear and one shitty hour every Saturday morning....I think I could've found something better to spend $90 on but we'll just hang on at least another week and chalk this up to a good experience! HA!
We headed home and her mood changed was long forgotten by the time we got home and then she helped Steve plant flowers, she was very excited!
She was a good helper and didn't mind getting dirty!
We hung out and played, P and I went for a walk and we got ready to head to Lisa and Jared's house. They had a house-warming party / goodbye party and we got perfect weather for it! They moved into their house a couple weeks after us and our friends Lane and Rachel are moving to Clear Lake and it turned out that everyone was able to come!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. Who drives when your family is together, you or your spouse? Steve drives 95% of the time, occasionally I will but why bother when he will do it? :)
2. Are you an introvert or extrovert? I would say I'm mostly an introvert but that Steve has brought a little extrovert out in me. I'm on the quiet side, reserved, don't like confrontation, try to keep my opinions to myself but I'm always trying to make an effort to be more outgoing.
3. Are you married to an introvert or extrovert? Steve is completely an extrovert. He likes to be friendly and outgoing and the center of attention and talk to strangers.This is why it frustrates him SO much that Presley is shy. He said he just doesn't understand why there are people who don't want to be included. How could she NOT want to have fun? Why would she not want to be involved with other kids? He does not understand and does not like all! I'm on the other side. I completely understand! I don't like it either but I don't want to make her feel bad about it, I want to make her feel comfortable in the situation. The more comfortable she feels the more likely she is to participate. UGH, ongoing battle in our home.
4. What's your favorite type of social media? I would say Facebook but if everyone would blog I think I would like that even more! :)
5. What's your favorite way to "recharge"? I don't know, a glass of wine...does that count? Going to bed early and reading a book. A bath, book and bottle of wine. A walk on a nice night.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunday Funday

Sunday was not a fun day. I woke up with Piper at 6:30 with a slight headache, damn beer. About 8, she was ready for a morning snooze. She fell asleep on the couch and I was just about asleep when I heard 'mommy! mommy!' from Presley's room. Damn it! Steve got up about 9:30 and I decided I would try to lay down for a quick nap....I tried for an hour and maybe got 1/2 hour of sleep.
Oh well, headache continued. Presley and I got ready and headed to Target and the mall, I had wanted a girls day for shopping but really the weather was too nice to stay inside so we cut our mall trip short, headed to the grocery store and headed home! Presley did a good job of playing outside with the neighbor kids and we just tried to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
Steve decided he was going to make the girls a picnic table from the left over wood from the deck. It turned out pretty darn cute!
Photo: A little afternoon project. Picnic table for the kids.
We were SO tired Sunday night! I'm pretty sure I was asleep by 9:30 (wish it would've been sooner but it's not always smart to fall asleep before the kids in the house)!
I took the girls to gymnastics tonight. There was a new teacher, so I was concerned that Presley might not participate, but she did great. Piper on the other hand was tired! She cried almost the whole time, which she never does but she just wanted to sleep and couldn't sprawl out so it wasn't happening.
While we were gone Steve worked on his next project, (wouldn't have been my choice of projects to do around the house, but whatever!) a table to put next to his charcoal grill, he wants to add a bottle opener and then it will be complete! :)

Photo: Project #2 with left over cedar from deck.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Update

So Friday night we had tickets to go see the Land Before Time movie at the Science Center. We had Andrea babysit Piper and we had date night with P. Sam, Scott, Boston, Holly, Jerry and Mary joined us also so it was fun. Something a little different and the kids love that movie so they were excited! Then the 3 of us went to dinner at Buzzard Billy's and headed home about 9.

Miss Piper was pretty good for Andrea, slept all night but woke up at 6 We had to get up and get ready for soccer, which we knew would be another struggle. She refused to wear the shirt and shinguards again.She participated in the first 20 minutes of 'warm up' (with one of us out there with her) and then gametime started and she wouldn't play. She would stand on the field if one of us was with her but that was it. Then at the end of the game she cried b/c she didn't get the ball?!

We hung out during the afternoon, Steve picked up the railed for the deck and I got some organizing done (I need to go thru the girls' closets SO badly!). Presley had some quiet time and Piper took a short afternoon nap but was pretty good about entertaining herself on the floor since she pulls herself around EVERYWHERE! She'll get on her knees and rock and then fall forward. UGH, she can stop growing any day now, I can't handle it.

Then Holly, Jerry and Mary came over to watch the girls and hang out while Steve and I went out for his birthday dinner. We went to Chicago Speakeasy and it was very good! We got to see alot of prom kids and for once I didn't think about me at prom...I started thinking about Presley going to prom! Makes me TOO SAD! STOP GROWING UP!
Then we went to Saints and Brock met us out for a couple beers and then we all headed to The Boathouse, which is closer to home so that is nice. It was a good night! Happy Birthday Steve!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Emotional Wednesday

After 3 tough days with Presley (for us and grandma) we decided to see if we could get Presley into her new daycare (or preschool as we are calling it) sooner. She was supposed to go in September but it turns out they have an opening June 17th! So starting in June she will be at fulltime daycare, not with Grandma, not with April.
It was sad and emotional and mom and I both had a hard time with the decision but we all know it is for the best. I think to have the same routine, rules and schedule will help her. It took her a good year to get comfortable going to Aprils and took about 4 months to accept long will it take her for this? I warned the director that she'll be one of those kids that kick and scream and cry (I know she won't be the first or the last kid to do that) but she said that we could come for half days and stay with her or have her stay a couple hours by herself, so I think in June we'll try to do some of that so she can know what to expect. It should be a rather interesting change for all of us.

So after that emotional day I had an appointment to get my hairs did. A long overdue appointment with my BFF Josie at Bella. I stopped going to her over a year ago b/c it just costs too much money but you know what? Screw it! It is worth it!
I got there a little early and Steve made a comment earlier about how I would never go to the bar by myself (for some reason he thought I would swing by a bar on my way home?!). SO I proved him wrong! While I waited I went right next door to 34s and had a beer, by myself. So HA!  Anywhooo....
I sat there while Josie worked her magic, sipping my wine and just relaxing for 2 hours. Having someone wash your hair and two girls drying your hair, you feel maybe going back every 3 months will be worth it!

Presley was actually good for Steve while I was gone and was good at Aprils today. She was pretty good tonight with a couple occasional breakdowns but maybe, hopefully she is back to feeling better and back to her old self again (the girl lost about 4 pounds!). We'll see. With a busy weekend, only time will tell. Wish us luck to a healthy, happy 4 year old!

And my mom said that Presley is one of the 'smart' kids in preschool! HA! They have all the kids' names on the back of their pictures and when they get to school they have to find their name and flip over the card to show their picture...almost like a little attendance policy that teaches them how to recognize their names. Well, this is easier for some than others and Presley along with a couple others have had their last names added to their cards! We have her spring conference next week and I'm super excited to see what they say and how she has progressed since the fall!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


-  Me : Presley, do you know what a chameleon is?
   P : a lizard?
   Me : Yep, but it turns colors to match its surroundings. Like if it is in a tree it will turn brown or  grass it will turn green.
   P :    Like in Tangled? Rapunzel's lizard is a chameleon?
   Me : Yep! Exactly!

Who says they don't learn things from princess movies??

- Last night Piper woke up at 9 and spent 2 hours awake...crying for about 1/2 and kicking and playing with her bumper pads for the other half....finally, she fell asleep and today I am exhausted. Too many days of having to deal with this is not fun. Sleep is overrated, right?

- Presley spent a good week being sick, she still isn't eating normally but man her attitude is crappy. The past three days she has done nothing but cry, whine and scream over EVERYTHING. And when she doesn't get what she wants, she does it some more. We had gymnastics tonight and didn't get home until 6:30....the next hour, we spent with a crying, screaming, whining 4 year old. Time out after time out, putting her in her room, putting her in her room, taking away her blanket....she didn't like what we had for dinner, so she didn't eat. Then of course she wanted a pumpkin bar, sorry! One really fun hour for us.

- Piper was perfect during this hour. This girl has the wonderful ability to make us smile all of the time! She ate a good dinner, she played on the floor for so long (she is pulling herself around everywhere!) now let's just hope that she goes to sleep and stays asleep! She had a bath, a bottle, some Tylenol and teething tablets...which sounds like the perfect bedtime routine! LOL!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Update (Congrats Steph and Bo!)

Friday was Steve's birthday so after work we went to Jethros for dinner, then Steve went to go meet a friend for a know how that goes. One beer leads to five, one hour leads to 6. HA!
Presley was very good for me, though she still wasn't feeling very good so she just laid around most of the night.
Piper was up crying a lot which she has been doing recently (more on that later), so neither one of us got very much sleep and we had to get up and get ready to leave for the wedding on Saturday morning. We all got up, ready, and packed in record time for the 4 of us! We dropped Piper off about 10 am and we headed north! We got to Algona in time to check-in to the hotel, dip our feet in the pool and have a snack then we headed to the wedding which was another 45 minutes away. The wedding was nice, short and sweet! We headed back to the hotel and had some drinks with the fam (Aunt Roxanne, cousins Devin and Jordan and his girlfriend Sarah). Once we got to the reception we hunkered down at a table.
Presley was just embarrassed by her daddy
They had happy meals for the kids so Presley was in heaven! She was so good but you could tell she just wasn't back to 100% normal. We did a little dancing.
and tried the limbo!
She was not impressed and was just tired. She took advantage of the fact that Roxanne and Devin went back to the hotel at 9 and she joined them so that she could go to bed. She was exhausted and I was SHOCKED that she left with them, but so happy that she was comfortable with it and was good for them!
We got home about 12:30 yesterday, I quickly did dishes and a load of laundry before going to pick up Piper. I took her to Walmart with me and then went home. I did SO good for being SO tired with a headache (thank you beer), my goal was to NOT sit down. I was able to do some cleaning, organizing, more laundry and then finally sat down to watch the end of the Masters! Presley was NOT so good yesterday. I think she was just tired from the whole weekend, but she cried over everything....EVERYTHING.
Steve and I were exhausted (two nights of minimal sleep and drinking is harder to handle at 34 years old than 24 years old!) we got in bed at 8:45 last night, but by 9 Piper was up screaming....we were both too tired to deal with her plus nothing consoled her anyway. She screams, not just cries. The pacifier, rocking, nothing works unless you give her a bottle to calm down. She throws her head back and arches her we decided if she was going to cry in our arms she could just cry in her crib. 30 minutes of 'crying it out' and she was finally asleep. Almost 2 am....she woke up again, same thing. Another 20 minutes of crying before she fell asleep again...and P slept thru all of it!
Tonight, Presley was a big baby again. Everything made her cry. Everything. It pisses Steve off, I'm just ignoring it. Piper woke up at 9 again tonight, crying....and she is still crying, Presley fell asleep, thank goodness. One down, one to go.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. Where do you hide things from your kids at? Either the top of the fridge or in our bedroom somewhere. Depends on what it is....if it is Presley's blanket that we have taken away as punishment, you bet your butt that goes on top of the fridge...where she can see it and be reminded of it! LOL!

2. What is your favorite rainy day activity for bored toddlers? Let me post my mom's FB post from yesterday and you will understand that there is nothing that will keep them busy for a long amount of time. We need spring and we need it fast! We love you mom!!!

Three kids have had 2nd breakftast changed 2 poopie diapers, and cleaned up after a dog, who decided to poop and pee in the house, played and cleaned up play doh, played and cleaned up paints, watched a few cartoons while fighting over what to watch......the kids, not me. Now we are doing a puzzle and stampers at the same time. And it is only 9:45. What are we going to do the rest of the morning? One grandma really needs nice weather so we can go outside before she goes crazy. Oh, and we have read a few books, and cleaned up some spit-up and let the dog out and in about 4 times. Everyone please thank your caregivers. :)

3. Are you a punctual person or are you always running a few minutes (or more!) late?? I am punctual! I have a couple friends that are ALWAYS late and it is so frustrating! I used to give her a time that was actually 1/2 hour before we actually had to be somewhere b/c I knew she just procrastinates and then runs late!

4. When eating out, do you prefer off the beaten path "Mom and Pop" cafes or tried and true national food chains? It depends, normally we stick to our standards....places we know we like or that P will eat something at. I love trying new places, we just don't do it very often!

5. Does your significant other snore? Do YOU snore? I think we both do occasionally, usually if we are sick or sleeping on our backs. I'll wake Steve up if he is snoring (b/c normally he doesn't snore) but he'll just complain about me snoring and never wake me up! Oh well!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Six Months!

Miss Piper is 6 months old! Six months seems to be the milestone that I love b/c that is when the likelihood of SIDS becomes almost non-existent so it helps put my mind at ease (a little). She is so good and smiley. So sweet!
- is 15.6 lbs (37%) and 25 1/4 inches long (25%). P was 16 lbs and 26 in, so just a smidge smaller
- can't sit up yet....but we are working on it!
- will still pull her self around, turn in circles, and roll over, over and over
- loves her jumper! LOVES it! That girl gets to jumping and you'd think she is going to spring herself out of it!
- is finally in her 6 month clothes and can still wear some of her 3-6 month clothes (hopefully not for much longer)
- moving into size 3 diapers
- loves baths!
- loves her food! We had been giving her baby oatmeal and when that ran out we switched to rice cereal. Well last night it dawned on me that about the time Piper started having issues is when we made this change! So I didn't give her any cereal last night and she slept all night, no issues! And mom said that Piper was acting more content today! So we'll keep that change and see how it goes!
- has been flipping over and sleeping on her stomach which works for me! She'll wake up crying if she can't find her pacifier, but I'm not complaining!
- thinks her big sister is pretty cool. She loves watching Presley and smiles at her ALL the time.
- has nicknames of Miss Piper, Mini P, and my 'sweet baby'

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fun in the short-lived sun

Presley Pie playing outside Sunday night when the weather was perfect. This is the night I couldn't convince her to come in! She has always loved the outdoors and I know her daddy loves this!
Of course, now the rain has moved in and the grass is SO green....finally! I love all the signs of spring...the rain, green grass, the kids outside, the parents walking. It's just nice to see the city come alive again after everyone comes out of the winter hibernation!
She has stopped throwing up and I think is fighting off her fever. She woke up a couple times last night so I figured I would stay home with her. Steve took Piper to my moms and then went to work, but then he started to NOT feel good either! I had fallen back asleep until I heard thunder about 9:30 this morning! Steve was sleeping on the couch and Presley was still sleeping in bed. I finally got up and got ready and headed to work, since there was no sense in both Steve and I being home....Presley woke up about 10:30 when I was leaving! Steve and P cuddled and watching tv all day, took naps and neither one of them ate much. We convinced her to take a bath but she just doesn't want to do anything. I hoping tomorrow she'll continue to rest and eat a little more and that no one else gets sick! :(

Monday, April 8, 2013


So yesterday as you can see we had the girls' pictures taken. We just went to Portrait Innovations, we've had good luck there in the past so we thought we'd give it another whirl. We got some good ones, as I posted before and the girls did pretty good!
We drove separately b/c we had errands to run, so Piper and I went to Costco while we waited for our pictures to be printed and Steve took P to Home Depot before he went home to work on the deck. We all got home and Steve worked on the deck and we hung out. My parents came over to see the pictures and then Piper went down for a nice, long nap and Presley went outside to play with the neighbors! It was such a nice afternoon/evening! Us girls went on a walk (stopping at almost every  driveway for red lights or cars going by, thanks to Presley's imagination), we did more playing, talking to the neighbors and just enjoying the night! Even when all the other kids went inside Presley insisted on staying outside and coloring with sidewalk chalk!

Piper still hasn't been sleeping good. She just wakes up screaming for hours at night....Friday night it was 2 hours, Saturday night it was about an hour, last night was only 1/2 hour and then she slept in my arms for 2 hours. So we decided to have my mom take her back to the walk in clinic to make sure there wasn't still something wrong since she was hardly eating, nasty diapers and then the painful screaming at night. Of course, there was nothing wrong...but at least we know!
However, at 3 this afternoon April texted me that Presley had thrown up in her car! I had really never seen her thrown up before and this was the second time....both times in Aprils car. So we thought maybe she was getting car sick from sitting in the third row of her car? Then she threw up again in the car on the way home. Then projectile vomit all over her bed once I got home.....then 3 more times, mostly bile by the end. Poor thing! She was a sport, she did a great job for a kid who has really never thrown up before! She didn't freak out like I thought she would, so we'll see what the night brings. So far we have about 3 hours with no action, I'll take it! Fingers crossed!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our baby girls

Presley 4 years and Piper 6 months
So grown up.
So smiley with her blue eyes

So sweet (both sporting reddish hair!)
I just want to squeeze them!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Soccer is fun!

From the looks of these pictures, soccer was a success.....
However, these pictures do not tell the full story...not even close. See how good our friend Kayson did! He wore his shin guards and team shirt. He participated and went after the ball.
Presley did NONE of those things. I knew it was going to be like this. I knew it would be overwhelming with all the people there and the chaos that goes along with 4 year old soccer. She did basically everything I expected her to do including crying. Then she even threw in a bonus of screaming and crying b/c she wanted the other teams after-game-treat! It was super fun (to watch the other kids fall all over each other!).
We got home had lunch and then she had some quiet time. Steve worked on prepping the deck to get the deck boards all done tomorrow. I can't wait! And I think he is pretty excited to finally be able to build something for this house.
We made our trip to Target (I've saved $10 so far with my Target Red Card!) and then us girls headed home and Steve headed to Panora. All of his family is hanging out there tonight and he wanted to join. Well....all of us wanted to join but with the way Piper has been over the last 2 weeks we didn't think it was a good idea.
Presley and I made a cake for Steve's birthday (which isn't until next Friday, but we won't be around next weekend)!
Like mother, like daughter!
(No, we don't care about the raw eggs that we eat when we do this!)
We took a nice walk, they both got baths, we decorated the cake and P and I made popcorn to watch Madagascar together.
Presley fell asleep in the chair watching the movie and both girls were in bed asleep by 9:15, that is a record around here recently! For the most part both girls were pretty good tonight....let's hope that continues ALL night long so I can get some sleep! (Last night Miss Piper was up for over 2 hours crying....Steve was up with her, but it was still hard for me to sleep listening to her cry for that long!....we don't know what is going on with her. She has her 6 month appt this week so maybe the doctor will have an answer or advice for us)

FIve Question Friday

1. Would you go to your high school reunion? I don't think my class had a 5 year and I didn't go to the 10 year...however, they are planning a 16 year reunion this fall and I think I might actually go! I follow alot of them on FB and I think it might be nice to actually see a couple of them in person for a change!

2. What's something that you've recently splurged on; either for yourself or someone else? Well, we bought an Ipad a while back, which wasn't technically 'needed' but it is nice to have. I'm thinking about going back to my girl Josie to get my hair cut and colored, that is splurging!

3. How do you handle your child's fever? Tylenol....other than that, liquid and try to get them to sleep. We haven't had a real high fever in our house (knock on, seriously...GO KNOCK ON SOME WOOD FOR ME!) but I think it would take a very high temp for us to go to the doc or the ER for fever.

4. What's the nicest thing to happen to you lately? Good question. I have no idea, I think that sounds kind of sad. I'm sure nice things have happened....right?

5. What is your current favorite song? P!nk's Give me a Reason....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Busy week, into a busy weekend!

So Monday seems like a very long time ago. I don't think we did anything Monday night. Tuesday we were going to take P back to gymnastics since soccer will now be on Saturday and not Wednesday but she woke up from her nap bright red and hot. So we thought we should just get her home and rested. She didn't have a fever but she just layed around and of course didn't want to go to bed. She has been taking naps during the day which makes for long nights! Her cough has been TERRIBLE she coughs so hard she gags herself, but she refuses to take any cough medicine.
She seemed to feel better by Wednesday morning so she went to preschool. I got to have lunch with my friend Janelle, which was much needed! Rarely do I take lunches anymore so it is nice when I can get away from my desk and do some much needed talking! She actually had some clothes for Piper! Her little girl Cora is almost 2 months older than Piper and had grown out of her 6 month clothes which we desperately needed some winter clothes to get us thru the next month or so! Thank you so much Janelle and Cora!
Wednesday night Steve started some work on the deck (since the weather is nice he is getting antsy!) so us girls got home, got unpacked and settled. I cooked dinner (yes, you read that right..I COOKED what if it was just popping some fish and tater tots in the oven, that counts!), we all ate, the girls got baths then we proceeded to bedtime. Last night it only took Presley 1.5 hours to go to sleep and Piper close to 2 hours before we could lay her down without her waking up. It was not fun. However, we got more sleep last night b/c neither one of them woke up (for the most part) and I am still exhausted today!
Today I got home and Steve was working on the deck...maybe by Monday we'll be able to see the final results!
and Presley was outside playing with the neighbors, Naia (I have no idea how to spell her name, like Night, only with an 'a' instead of a 't' at the end. Nigh-a.) who just turned 6 and one of her little sisters, Taleea (they call her Tally) who is 2 years old. P loves playing with them and she actually becomes the alpha female of the group. Our shy, quiet Presley becomes the bossy weird, but seems about right!
Tomorrow I have girls night after work! A nice, casual girls night...not crazy, drunken girls night! LOL

Monday, April 1, 2013


- Yes, I am recording The View on Wednesday.....for those of you that don't know. New Kids on the Block will be performing.
- Presley starts soccer league on Saturday....shinguards and everything. I'm going to go ahead and predict the future...she will NOT wear the shinguards. In fact, she might not play at all. She might sit right by us and watch. She told us that she doesn't know how to play soccer outside (b/c she has only been playing inside) and she told Steve today that she probably wouldn't be able to go b/c she didn't want to give the other kids her cough.
- I signed up for the Target red card today! A debit card, linked to your checking account and you save 5% every time you use it! I should have done this months ago! It was SO simple and easy! I saved $3.52 today! :)
- I'm back on Facebook after giving it up for Lent this year. I'm actually very glad that I did it! It was nice to not have that distraction. Even tonight I have looked at it and I just realize that I'm not missing THAT much! I think I need to go thru and do a spring cleaning of my 'friends' though!
- I got our Pink concert tickets for her concert in DSM in November! So excited!