Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Monday Funday!

Yesterday, where do I start? We cleaned and organized, and re-cleaned and reorganized! It was amazing!
We cleaned the basement, moved out the old Barbie house we had (which was given to us) and moved the new one downstairs. We got rid of more toys, we organized more toys. We went thru the play-doh (you know those crusty dried out containers of play-doh that are sitting in bid somewhere just waiting to be played with? Yep those, tossed out in the garbage, buh-bye!), the crayons/color books (goodbye dried out markers!), all the toys we had upstairs (goodbye McDonalds toys!), the girls cleaned their rooms, laundry (most of it) was done and put away, ALL the Christmas stuff was put away and now our house looks fresh and empty without all that crap everywhere!
Of course, I am in no way saying that every inch of my house is clean or organized but it feels good to have all that crap done!
The girls did some playing, Steve went to work for a couple hours before braving Target to get some things, we did an early dinner out at Buffalo Wild Wings and then went home for more playing, baths and early bedtimes!
Three days of work/school this week and then a 4 day weekend! I'm ready!


Santa did come! For a while there it seemed iffy as to whether he should or not! I think they made out pretty good this year! Piper came into our room at 5....and not b/c she was excited about Santa (I think she had forgot) but just b/c she was awake! I think sleeping until 10 Saturday morning and being asleep by 8:30 on Christmas Eve, she just wasn't tired! I laid with her a while and tried to get her back to sleep, at 5:45 I told her I was going back to my bed and she could just play on the Ipad until it was time to get up! About 7:30 she came back into my room and she hung out with us until Presley woke up about 8. They were so excited! Presley has REALLY been into all of it this year!
Seems fitting for this girl!
Santa brought her that chair, similar to the reading chairs at school that she likes...How did Santa know?

Fart gun! Her friend Carver has one and she loves it! How did Santa know?
This girl has been begging for scarves! She got a pink and black one! 
The one thing she has asked for over the last 6 months.....an American Girl doll popcorn set! Santa was hesitant to buy this b/c normally we get the cheap American Girl doll stuff. 
Our Generation doll for Piper! (or what we call American Girl doll, since they don't know the difference and they are $100 cheaper! ha!)
And another for Presley (this is #4 for her!)
Santa made a gymnastics set for her dolls!
and their dollhouse! It's big and so cool (and b/c it's not 'Barbie' it was way cheaper than most Barbie houses!) Our house has officially been overtaken with Barbie and American Girl dolls!
The girls were really happy about their gifts and then came the fighting and the attitudes. Everyone on Facebook talked about the wonderful time with their family and we were at home with snotty kids and taking presents away from them b/c they were being ungrateful (Presley still hasn't earned that popcorn set back yet!) After some time outs and tears we finally regrouped!
Then we made some food (and by 'we' I mean Steve). Got packed up and headed to my parents at about 11:30.
The one thing on her list! A guitar!! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
Presley got an American Girl doll kitchen set! Only 3000 pieces! But she loves it!

Holly was super excited about her new bird feeder to go up at her new house!

Mary was super excited about her badmitton/volleyball set! Love the look!
We did our white elephant gift exchange (I got a SUPER adult coloring book and colored pencils!) and then we also played this saran wrap game, it was fun! The adults had to use gloves to make it a little harder and there were little toys and candies along the way and the person who got the middle prize won $25 gift cards to Target, which were won by Boston and Mary!

 It was a fun game and we'll be doing it again next year! Actually we might use this game at Presley's birthday party in February!
Once we got home our house looked like a tornado went thru! The amount of toys and crap everywhere about gave me an anxiety attack!
Then shit hit the fan when Presley front tooth started bleeding. It's really so sad that she is so scared. It breaks our heart that she has to go thru it like this. We don't like it either. It took us a good hour to calm her down and 'convince' her to let us pull it. (and by convince, I mean that she did agree that we need to pull it but she was not happy about it and didn't want it to hurt) And it wasn't so much as just us pulling it, as it was me holding her arms down, Steve holding her head in his arm and forcing her mouth open! I'm telling ya, this is terrible for all of us! She said that she just wants to be me b/c then she would be done losing teeth! :(
Once that was all over we found Piper in the bathroom putting on her new make-up!
Presley was very happy to have it all over with and within 10 minutes she was back to being happy again. It was hard for her to eat but she did, she fell asleep in our bed that night, which was fine since I felt so bad for her anyways! Look at her poor puffy eyed, crying face! :( Seriously heart-breaking!

Christmas Eve

The girls (and us) were exhausted so Saturday morning we didn't get up and moving around until after 10!!! We hung out and Piper just seemed cranky so she and Steve went downstairs to watch a movie while Presley and I made cookies. She was a very good helper and it was so nice to just have this time with her. If both of them would've been helping me, they would've been fighting and I would've been mad so it worked out better this way! She even cleaned off the counter without me asking! :)

And I must say that our cookies were pretty good too! :) After that we hung out some more and then decided to do an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse. They were rather good there and once we got home we decided to decorate cookies!

When there are so many sprinkles on the table, what better way to use them then to put the cookies face down on the sprinkles! Way faster decorating too! 
Once we got that cleaned up, they got to open their gift from us. We did this last year with a Christmas Eve present that has new jammies, popcorn, candy and a new movie! We also got them Adventureland season passes, but that isn't very exciting to open! :)
She was thrilled that their new jammies had matching ones for their dolls!

Family picture time!
Another tradition is to let them take a bubble bath in our jet tub. They had so many bubble and so much fun! 

(see that front tooth.....yeah this was the last night she had it!)
They got in their new pj's and got their dolls dressed too! 
Then we had our reindeer food to put out! This is one of the crafts that the library did, oatmeal and glitter and then sprinkle on the yard for Santa's reindeer!

They wanted to open one more present, so they opened their gifts to each other. Presley got Piper a bag that you can color (that girl can color for hours)
and Piper got Presley a Barbie scooter, which was on her list, so she was excited!

They were happy and polite and said thank you! Then we all headed downstairs to watch Finding Dory, eat popcorn and have some chocolate before Santa came! Successful and fun Christmas Eve with just the 4 of us.

Goodrich Christmas

I had to work on Friday so Steve stayed home with the girls. I did get off work early at about 2:30. I got home and we got everything rounded up and packed to head to Earlham. Of course, the girls went off to play and we hung out and chatted. The kids all opened their presents and then the adults got ready for their white elephant exchange....21 people in this game! It took 2.5 hours to play!
Cousins Devin and Sam
They decided to have an immunity idol for the gift exchange. Mike won the right to take any present at the end (and he won this lovely immunity idol to wear also!).
I won this hat.
This was how I really felt about it....luckily it got stolen from me!
Sam with his daddy Jason (Steve's brother)
Gavin won this grill master stuff, that got stolen also.
Derek won this poster of Steve (There are two of these in circulation right now! A very hot commodity!)
Ella got a duck decoy, so of course she took a selfie with it!

And Sam ended up with the thumb wresting glove! He was very happy about it.
We hung out a while more and then headed home way too late. By the time we got home and unpacked it was after 11 and the girls actually fell asleep in the car on the ride home!!!