Monday, July 20, 2009

Two more cute Presley pics

Daddy and Presley getting ready for bed with a bedtime story! I love watching them! Aren't they cute!
I thought this was too funny! I went to get her out of bed and was greeted by little baby butt crack! :)

the smell of new carpet.....

Well, here is a picture of our old bedroom carpet...see that light colored piece in the middle? Yeah that was the color of the carpet under the closet door hinge....the color the carpet was supposed to be!!! How gross is that? Barf.
Here is the family room getting ready for a fresh coat of paint.
And the bedroom where it meets the family room, see the nice large stain on the carpet in front of the night stand? Yeah, that's been there since we moved in....and even after we cleaned the carpets!

Now look! nice!
Ahhh, nice, clean room! We don't want to move anything back in! I love the crisp, clean look. But let's not kid ourselves...dust will cover this room in the next week and I'll go back to bitching about how I hate the dark furniture b/c you can see all the dust! Owell, life goes on.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Growing girl....

She had peas tonight and actually didn't mind them! I told my mom I feel bad giving her all these vegetables before fruit. I also bought beans and sweet potatoes. My mom said that sweet potatoes shouldn't really count as a vegetable since they are sweet....damn, I should've stuck with the squash.

I would say that Presley is officially scooting around! Though I'm not sure she is aware of it, but she is rolling all over the place...front to back, back to front....then when she is on her tummy she buries her head in the floor, lifts her body up with her legs and pushes herself forward! Over and over again, sometimes reaching her destination and sometimes accidently rolling the wrong way! Right now we try to keep her on her blanket, since our carpet is so gross we don't know what is growing in it! ha, that will all change tomorrow with our new carpet! Of course, then we'll try to stop her from spitting up all over the new carpet!

She is 5 and 1/2 months now, how much will she change in the next 2 weeks before her 6 month appt? Everyone is right, time goes too fast!


As I sit here typing with the patio door baby is sleeping and I can hear the baby next door crying! AHHH.....sweet justice.

Our baby started baby food this past week....carrots! She didn't mind them too much as long as it was diluded with some cereal! I think we are going to give her peas tonight, we'll see how that goes!

My dad got home from his 2 week vacation on Thursday, he loved driving across country in his little convertible! He was tan and tired. I'm sure it was nice for him to get home and sleep in his own bed! I'm so happy he gets to take these vacations to travel and see the country. Though none of us are fond of the fact that he goes by himself, I'm sure he is safe ;)
My mom watched Presley yesterday so we could get the house ready for carpet Monday morning. We painted, re-trimed, got a new bedroom door....and moved everything from the family and bedroom into the living and dining rooms! I never realized we had so much crap! I'll post before and after pictures later this week!

We have a busy week and we leave for Okoboji Saturday morning...again, we didn't realize how much more 'stuff' we'd have to take with us having one kid and Steve's sister has 4 kids and both of his brothers have 3 kids! UGH! Oh well, it will be a nice, relaxing week and hopefully we'll have good weather! Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby laughs!

If this doesn't make you smile, there is something wrong with you! :)

Busy always!

Well my mom came down with either strep or mono on Thursday.....little weird for my mom to have either but owell. So Steve picked Presley up from daycare early. My mom called me at 9 pm, as I'm getting ready for bed....She lost my sisters dog Rocky! OMG! That dog is my sisters life! We had to find that dog! I went over and tried to help find Rocky, after an hour in the dark we gave up. We knew we couldn't tell Holly until she got home on Saturday. Long story short, we ended up getting Rocky back the next day! Thank god!!!!
Friday I went to a baby shower for our friend Jackie! She due to have baby Ava in the next couple weeks and we are very excited for them and for Presley to have a new friend! Saturday morning my friend April went with me to Omaha to pick up Holly from the airport. It was very nice of her to join me so I didn't have to drive two hours by myself! We got to hear all about Holly's trip down the Grand Canyon on mules! How fun! I wish I could've gone with them!
I went to my mom's for 2 hours of uninterruped TV that night so we could watch the Harper's Island finale! No one else we knew seemed to watch it, but I was hooked! If you didn't watch, you missed out! Sorry for your luck!
Steve is working with his brother today, Presley has been very good and is in the middle of her 3rd good nap today! I was actually able to get some stuff down around the house and of course have time to download pics and update the blog!

Cute baby pics

This is from a couple weekends ago, we went up to Saylorville to enjoy the nice weather! We knew Presley would like it!
We bought her a little $5 pool at Target, she can't sit up yet so she wasn't too sure about it. She would prefer standing instead!
I'm trying to see if we can extend her attention span for more than 5 minutes by exposing her to The Little Mermaid. I figured that would keep her intrigued....but not for more than 5 minutes! How can she not like Ariel and Flounder?
She'll sit in her jumper a lot longer if it is outside, which works out perfectly when we want to eat dinner on the deck!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a little of this, a little of that

Well the 4th of July was a success! The weather was actually chilly, who would've thought in July we'd be wearing sweatshirts and using the fire pit? We had a lot of people and a lot of food!...I was terrible at taking any pictures and Presley was whiney..........and if you are wondering, she has not slept thru the night again. We knew it wouldn't last long.

Steve has spent the last couple weeks trying to hook up duct work and vents so that we have heat and air conditioning in the family room and bedroom and now it works! The family room and bedroom were an addition on our house and it was never hooked up, so we managed the last 3 years with fans and space heaters! :) Our carpet should be here and installed in the next couple weeks! We are going to repaint the family room and put up new trim and a new bedroom door! It will look like a completely different room! Can't wait!

I'm so happy for all my friends and family members that are pregnant and having babies! It'll be nice to have people to relate with and tell stories to. It's crazy how different everyones pregnancies are and how different babies can be! (I secretly hope that someone has a difficult baby like Presley, so someone understands what we have been going thru! :) )

Speaking of Presley, she is getting to be a much better and happier baby. She actually falls asleep pretty easily now which is nice. She gets up once in the middle of the night, but usually she'll sleep till 6.........which is a blessing considering it was between 4 and 5:30 am! We are still working on sitting up but she has perfect head control and has for a long time! She could be crying and whiney on the carpet, not wanting to play with us and then you can lay her on her towel next to the running water of the bath tub and she'll screech and giggle b/c she is soooo excited for her bath! She smiles and kicks like crazy for the anticipation of her bath!

My bald father and bald sister in the Grand Canyon riding mules to the bottom! I hope they are having a blast and taking lots of pictures.
My mom is supposed to be painted the bedroom before my dad gets back, but she isn't very motivated. I don't blame her, a nice, quiet household (minus the dogs chasing each other around)! Ahhhhh. lay back and enjoy mom!
My other sister.......hmmmmm....I was told if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at I better go to bed. Night! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bald Holly

Well my sister did it! She shaved her head on Thursday night for charity! For a great cause, she raised almost $6800 in one month! That is amazing and we are all so proud of her. It takes a lot of courage to do that....and she actually looks good! :) I'll try to post some pics later this weekend! The owner of Miss Kitty's was nice enough to let Steve in the bar with Presley...they just stood near the door. But at least Steve was able to watch and be a part of this great occasion! So yes...we were a little white trash and took our baby into a bar! :) She wasn't too impressed...I think there were too many people, lights and noise for her liking!
Yesterday I had to work and Steve drove to Missouri to get fireworks (he's like a little boy, isn't he?) Once I got home we had a lot of errands to run to get ready for our 4th of July gathering. Presley took a late evening nap and was kinda cranky....the makings for a terrible night. However.....she slept all night! From about 9:30 to 7 am! I'm not sure we'll get a repeat performance tonight but it was nice to have ONE night! (even though I got up twice to make sure she was still alive and breathing....of course both times she was on her stomach with her face buried in the bumper pads...but she obviously didn't mind, so I left her there! Never wake a sleeping baby!)
Well I need to go clean so our friends won't realize how dirty our house normally is! Have a happy 4th!