Saturday, July 31, 2010


I think it is funny that instead of bringing up his laundry from the basement, he will go downstairs EVERY morning to get the clothes he is going to wear that day. I can't really say that is lazy b/c he IS walking downstairs every morning, but seriously just bring up the damn clothes!

I'm not complaining! We are very lucky to both have that are requiring us both to work overtime. I'm just tired of it! I want to be able to take a lunch with friends or run errands. Steve is working today and I'll be working tomorrow morning :( But like I said, I'm not complaining! :)

Presley decided to get up at 6:15 this morning! She hasn't been up that early in a long time! She laid in there and talked to herself for over an hour! I laid in bed and tried to sleep more, I don't get up at 6:15 on the weekends, I was at least hoping for 8!....she'll probably sleep in for Steve tomorrow morning. Typical Daddy's girl! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not-so-interesting vacation facts

- we spent every day of these 2 weeks outdoors by a lake and drinking alcohol. I don't want to think about the amount of money we spent on beer.
- Steve thinks our bodies will go into shock this week from alcohol withdrawl.
- one of the reasons I love vacation so much, I don't have to do my hair! I only dried it 3 times and straightened it once!
- Presley slept like a CHAMP! She slept until 8:30, sometimes even 9:30 every morning! Boy, her body will go into shock tomorrow when we wake her up at 6:45!
- I think my feet have a permanent dirt color to them, originally I thought they might be tan now I'm thinking it's just sand and dirt.
- these 2 weeks have confirmed that I still don't want to be a stay-at-home mom. Don't get me wrong, it is awesome to be able to take Presley places and experience all these different things with her, but she is exhausting! Every day I looked forward to the 2-3 hours I would have to myself while she was napping!
- Presley came out of her shell during these two weeks! With all the people around we knew she was going to have to get used to it and she did great! Hopefully it will continue here at home around our friends!
- we still aren't sure it is good to be home, sure we love sleeping in our own bed and all that but we are not ready to get back into our normal routine! We plan on becoming rich so we can travel all the time.

Goodrich family vacation - Week 2

Don't get tired of my pictures already, okay? I seriously took over 300 pictures in 2 weeks, I'm a freak like that.
We spent another 6 hours and traveled over to Okoboji for Steve's annual family vacation. 20 people in 5 cabins on Spirit Lake. The first night we had a serious storm. The tornado sirens were going off, the wind and rain were out of control....and then our power went off. Luckily, the worst thing that happened was a big branch fell off of a tree onto Steve's sisters cabin but everyone was ok and over all the weather was great all week!
The difference between our two families? The Goodrich's have a lot of kids!
Here is Gavin, Sam and Ella.

The oldest ones, Jake and Jordan (brothers, can you tell?)
and here is Austin with Presley.
Presley's cheesy smile during breakfast. She basically wants to sit like a big kid now, no highchair and prefers that we don't cut her food into small pieces (even though most of the time we still do).

One day we went to Arnold's Park and walked around and watched the kids on the rides, Presley is still a little young to ride anything by herself but she loves watching everyone! Then we had lunch at the Barefoot Bar right on the lake, it was fantastic (until Presley decided she wanted to climb on, over and under her highchair instead of sitting in it)! They even have a playground for kids, and boy did she love it! I don't think she realizes that she is too little to climb on some of these things, but she sure tries anyway!

Ava ate an Oreo, and loved it!
Zac showed Presley one of the frogs they caught...she was not impressed. (and yes, we did end up eating fried frog legs with our fish fry on Friday night. Well, I did NOT eat any!
They also had a new game to play instead of bean bags! Beersbee (kinda like frisbee, but includes a target and beer!)

Steve and his siblings - Matt, Jason, Steve and Roxanne

The fishing was a little slow until the last night we were there, then they started catching a little of everything. Here is Steve's big small-mouth bass.

and one of his walleyes!
The sunsets were so pretty, we probably took 20 pictures just of the sky and water!

It was a great, relaxing week and we are already ready for next year!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Frederick Family Reunion 2010 - Vacation Week 1

We traveled about 6 hours to Hayward, Wisconsin for my mom's family reunion. We thought we could make Presley happy for those 6 hours since Steve's car has a DVD player if we needed it to keep her occupied. After the first hour, she started crying and screaming...and we couldn't get the DVD player to work! UGH!!! I know, I know...back in the day there were no DVD players in cars, blah blah. Even my new phone was able to play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on it, but did I really want to spend the whole trip holding the phone up for her to see? Nope! So Presley was happy for one hour, slept for 2 and we spent the other 3 hours trying to figure out how to make her happy and keep her occupied!

There were about 27 of us in 4 cabins, so it worked out nicely. Our family comes from all over - Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado and Oregon! (so maybe I shouldn't complain about our little 6 hour drive!)

The lake was so pretty! The ducks would come up to us and want to be fed, you could hear the loons on the water and Steve even got in some fishing.
Of course we had our Frederick Family Olympics. For those of you who haven't heard about this, it is serious, intense and competitive! This year was actually a little more laid back and fun (even though my team lost)!

We had a good, close game of kickball.

We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!
Run Holly Run!!

Even Presley had the chance to kick and run with Grandma's help.......

........but she got slightly distracted and started picking flowers (or weeds).

She loved the water! (and the swings, and the sand, and the slide....and just being outside in general)!

Here is Presley and Cameron (my cousin's 2 1/2 year old daughter) playing in the sand.


Hayward is the home of the world record muskie, so of course they have a big museum with a ton of fishing stuff! All sorts of records, lures, motors, boats, it was pretty cool for anyone who has an interest in fishing!

Little Miss Thang decided to take a break on a bench.

and then again on the steps.

We also were able to check out the arena where the National Lumberjack Competition was being held. Presley was not impressed, but Steve was!

Me and my baby girl.

Water balloon toss was another Olympic event. Mom and Steve were 2 of the final 3 teams left! Holly and I were one of the first teams out, but in my defense I had Presley whining on my legs!

Presley even got to experience her first boat ride! At first she just sat there, frozen (maybe that was b/c of the life jacket she had to wear?)....but after a while, she LOVED it! She was laughing and smiling!

Steve did great in the free throw shots, he made 2 out of 3! I think I missed all 3.
The last night we had dinner at the original Famous Daves and we took our team pictures (notice how the winning team has all the big, adult men?).
(and the losing team had mostly girls? I'm not sure who thought these teams were even!)

and this is just Steve messing around with 2 of my cousins.

This might be our first family picture this year! The sunset was so pretty!

I was making fun of Holly for having a hard time getting the camera to work, and this is the picture she got. Lovely.

Daddy and Peanut.

We even had a friendly Minute to Win it game. Almost everyone was able to do it!

It was great seeing everyone and we are looking forward in Texas in 2012!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So we all know this body doesn't see the sun much. So why is it on 2 weeks of vacation where every day is spent in the sun, and I'm bathing in SPF 50 and SPF 30 all day long that I manage to get a nice looking tan? My freckles are popping out to say HELLO WORLD, I'M HERE! HAVE YOU MISSED ME?
5 years ago I would be in my swimsuit all day long, wearing SPF 4 tanning OIL! These days, Presley and I are getting used to smelling like lotion. She is fairly cooperative for an almost 18 month old (18 months!? Where did my baby go?)
She is napping right now, so I spent 30 minutes on the beach in the sun, reading my book. (covered in 1 layer of 50 sunblock, followed by a layer of 30 can never be too careful! haha! ) I came inside for my body to adjust to the amount of vitamin D it has been receiving...maybe we'll go find a chair in the shade of the rest of the afternoon.
And where did I put my beer?

Weight loss Challenge.....

which turned into who got lucky enough to lose weight over 2 months. None of us tried that hard. I was all pumped up for about the first month, then time and life took over and I just hoped for the best.
The results: Steve won! 4.02% loss, brat got lucky b/c he spent many days working outside sweating his ass off. I came in 2nd with 3.79%, one more pound and I think I would've won. Now we're thinking about going on cruise on January with some friends and I will definitely have to get into action and lose weight for that b/c the other girls who are going will make me look chunky! ha!
With two weeks of vacation I can't wait to get back and see how much weight I've gained! All I do is eat, all day and all night, my philosophy? I'M ON VACATION!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Toddler fun....or not so fun.

So this summer Presley has been the only kid my mom is watching during the week. We all know how much P likes other people, so we all thought it would be a good idea for her to branch out and spend time with other kids. My friend April, from highschool stays home with her girls and watches a couple other kids so she was the chosen one to watch Presley just one day a week for us. Lucky woman!
I don't know what is is like to drop off an infant at daycare after maternity leave....but I think it has to be harder when your baby is a toddler and realizes you are gone! I'm pretty sure my mom and Steve had a harder time with this than I did, and I was the one that had to drop her off on her first day there!
The first couple Thursdays were rough, Presley watched the other kids play and didn't do much. I think we had a break thru this week! April said she played good and talked and laughed with the other kids! Finally! April's daughters love Presley! Her oldest told Steve that she 'wished she was Presley, b/c she is soo cute!' haha! Kids crack me up!

I don't know if the terrible two's can start at 17 months, but I'm afraid they have. The temper tantrums that have started over the last 2 weeks are nuts! My mom compared her to the girl in the Exorcist! (I know, we are mean!) I'll try to get a video of her fit in the next couple days. This will be the best birth control yet!

Steve talked me into getting an Evo, it's basically Sprints Iphone. It does sooo many things, I can't even begin to explain! It was kinda an impluse purchase. I've never spent this kind of money on a damn phone but I used some of the bonus money I received from work. Once I figure out how to work my phone maybe I'll take a picture with it!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Part 2

We decided to head out to Prairie Meadows for a little horse racing and the fireworks. We knew it was supposed to rain on Sunday and the fireworks in Urbandale would be cancelled so we took a chance that Presley would be up that late and like them!
Jon's daughter Madison was great in keeping Presley occupied and entertained! Presley was good and happy and talkative (the opposite of how she usually is around people)!

This kid was awake the whole time! Hence the pacifer at 11 pm and she wasn't too scared of the fireworks. In the beginning she was a little afraid and jumped, but eventually she started clapping when everyone else clapped! She did so good!!!

Sam obviously had a crooked spine, see how the right side is straight and the left side is curvy? Weird girl, no wonder only one foot swells! Only 8 weeks to go!

Despite the rain on Sunday we had our party anyway. A nice, garage party in the rain is always a good time right? We had a very good turn out, probably close to 30 people and a lot of babies! Seems all of our friends had babies in the last year! There were 5 babies younger than Presley and and 8 other kids under the age of 14! It was so good to see everyone!
Presley was in her typical "there are too many people here" attitude, so she was a peach. She would not go to sleep and ended up falling asleep in my bed (with me!) around 10. Yes, I missed the end of our own party!
Here is Miss Presley and Aunt Holly, who she has taken a liking to these past couple weeks! This makes Holly very happy!

Happy 4th of July!! Part 1

We started off our long weekend with a 4th of July favorite, snaps...... (probably not suitable for a 17 month old!)
and water balloons! Presley loved the water balloons!!
That night Urbandale had the Wingding parade, basically a bunch of motorcycles from all over the U.S. It was pretty cool to see all these bikes, some of them are nicer than the cars we have!
There was 800-1000 bikes! We walked up to the school where they all parked and headed up to the carnival to finish off the night!
Urbandale had their parade on Saturday morning, so Steve got up at 6:30 to go put our chairs out! (It's only 3 blocks away and we know a guy that lives there)....the whole street was full of chairs and blankets already! The homeowners on 70th have learned they need to claim their space the night before or they will be out of luck! It is one of Iowa's largest parades, so I'm sure that is why it is always so packed!
We got our chairs set up in our friends driveway. Presley was so good, she sat in her chair almost the whole parade and got extremely too much candy for a kid that can't eat any of it. Everyone would come up and put candy in her little bucket, it was so cute! Some people would throw it to her (like she was really going to catch it?), and with a bounce off of her head, we'd pick it up for her! haha! We also got bottled water, a Coke, a banana (some church had a theme of 'Go bananas for God'), Presley got a shirt from the Church of Hope and Steve got a hotdog from Hy-Vee! It was nice getting things other than 30 different flavors of tootsie rolls! :)
After nap time we headed back up to the carnival and walked around. Steve took Presley down the huge slide, she loved it!
She is such a happy girl these days! So funny and full of things to say (though none of it makes much sense to us!)
Sporting her Bradstad sticker from the parade! But she refused to wear the cute 4th of July hat to match her dress!