Monday, March 31, 2014


- Smart cars are too small. They make me nervous. You get into an accident and the outlook is not good (like the Magic 8 ball would day!)
- One of the things I do not like about our neighborhood. Everything echos and you can hear everything that happens everywhere. I was walking yesterday and heard a conversation going on the next block over! You know what this means? Everytime our kids are crying or we are yelling at them, (if the windows are open) people can hear us! Sorry neighbors!
- Steve took down the Christmas lights yesterday, 3 months after Christmas isn't too bad....right?
- You know what I realize about FB. FB gives people just one more thing to bitch about. I do it too. People complain about people complaining. People gossip about what other people are doing and posting. It's just tiring.
- Want to read some disturbing books? Read Gone Girl (which will be a movie soon), Sharp Objects and Dark Places (which I'm reading now) The other two were so good and messed up that I just had to read the third book. Holly has read them too and we think the author must have some messed up thinking to write books this f'd up!
- Want to read another good book? Not as messed up but still very good (maybe she is mental more stable that the previous author!). Suspense, intrigue, romance? Read Home by my friend Rachel Smith! I'm so happy for her! I'm glad that she has included me in the process and awesome journey that she has started!
- I know I have said it before but Piper is weird. She spent more time walking around with her eyes closed again tonight...then she got all turned around and walked straight into the table! Seriously?? Then (with her eyes opened) just turned around to take off running and tripped over a toy, knocking herself in the mouth with another toy and started bleeding from the mouth. This girl has bled more in the last 6 months than Presley has in 5 years!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


So of course, I went to bed early on Friday night but I was up from 2-4:30 am (half my own fault and half Piper's fault). I got up about 8 to get ready, finish cleaning and prepare for the shower. Steve took Piper to the mall and away from our house. I just didn't want to have her to worry about while trying to host the shower. It went really good! We had a good turn out, some drinks, some good food and thank you to those who helped out! It is greatly appreciated!!!
Once everyone left we did a quick cleaning then Piper took a nap, I took a nap and Steve took Presley to Walmart. The perfect afternoon! I woke up about 4:30, we spent a little time outside and then I headed out for the bachelorette party!
She wanted casual so we just did Saints in Beaverdale. It was good! She had a really nice turn out, lots of girl talk. SO many laughs! I laughed so hard I was crying, multiple has been a long time since that has happened!
There are SO many other pictures, some bad, some TOO funny and so many pictures of Holly with her friends, so maybe I'll post more of them later!
I spent the night at my moms house, so I didn't have to worry about driving home. It's the first time I have spent the night there in close to 15 years!  Good news is, I wasn't hung over! Woohoo!
Today we tried to spend a lot of time outside since it was nice, it was a little too windy for my liking but the kids don't care!   And sure enough I took another nap again today!

Oh my, where did last week go?

Monday was my late night at work. Piper had a rough drop off at Generation but sounds like she had another good day! So I think we have turned the corner!
Tuesday I worked and then had a hair appt.  Two hours at a salon with wine and now I'm fully blond again! I didn't get much cut off but she thinned it out and layered it some. It's still huge though.
Thursday I was falling asleep on the couch at 8:15, in the middle of American Idol? No worries, I managed to stay up to watch the results but did not stay up late enough to see Parenthood!
Friday I fell asleep in bed with Presley at about 8:30! I was obviously just exhausted. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that we had to get ready for Holly's bridal shower and bachelorette party which was Saturday too! I was able to get off work a couple hours early on Friday to run to Costco. I had planned on going home and doing some cleaning before picking up Piper but Steve actually didn't have that much work this week at work so he was home off and on cleaning! It was so nice to have him do most of the cleaning for me! So after Costco we met at El Mariachi to have a drink and cheese dip before picking up the girls from daycare. It was nice to have that hour to just sit and relax.
I'm sure you might have seen some of the other things that Steve has been doing with his extra time this week! He got some old barn boards from a guy at work and has made a GOODRICH sign that we put up in the kitchen, he made a headboard and frame for the mattresses in the bedroom in the basement and now he is working on a wall art project too. He can't sit still.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So my friend Sarah is having her first baby. I told her I was excited to hold a newborn baby and that hopefully it wouldn't make me want a 3rd kid.....she said maybe it was time for a 3rd.. I let her know that the crazy that goes on in my house on a daily basis does not have time for a 3rd child.
Here is shaggy.
Trying to put a bow in her hair. She'll leave the ponytails that we put in, but the barrettes don't stand a chance.
Oh sure, say cheese and look cute........
right before you climb on the table.
She has to climb on the table. She has to climb up into her highchair. She has to walk around with her eyes closed and then run into things. She is weird. She is funny. She is cute.
Then we have little Miss Attitude! Can you tell?
Oh, she thinks she is the boss around here.
So moral of the story. We are good with two kids. We are good with two crazy girls. We are good with the never-ending fun, laughter and chaos that we have with the 4 of us!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Update

So as expected we already have our first 'road rash' on Piper. She fell and scraped up her upper lip/nose plus she has another runny nose and cough. She looks rough. We know this is not the last fall for this girl..... I'll be happy if we can have her looking normal for Holly's wedding!

Friday Steve had Jerry's bachelor party all day/night, so we had girls night. We got McDonalds on the way home, we tried to get Piper to bed early (which didn't work) and then we watched Frozen and had popcorn! Of course, I fell asleep....Presley stayed up for the whole thing and didn't get to sleep until almost 10.

Yesterday Presley had another birthday party at Pump It Up so Steve stayed home with Piper and took naps! After our party, we dropped some stuff off at a friends house and then went to Target. Presley was pretty good, though she is at the stage where she wants EVERYTHING she sees at the store. So far, it hasn't been an issue b/c she knows that she doesn't get everything she sees or wants.
Then we decided to stop and have a late lunch at El Mariachi on the way home. It was fun to hang out with my baby girl.

We had Holly, Jerry and Mary out that night, we went and got Texas Roadhouse for a late dinner and hung out. The girls all played pretty good together and we have realized that the movie Frozen has the power to put little girls into a trance! Both girls were up too late again so we were hoping they would sleep in this morning.

Steve got up with Piper about 8, they came and woke me up about 9 and Presley came strolling out of her room at 9:30! I knew she was tired!

Today we have done alot of nothing! Grocery store, cleaning, playing, Piper is napping, Steve is in the garage building something and P and I are hanging out watching NOT appropriate kid movies! (Twilight and Goonies!) She is playing thru most of them but then she watches for a while and tells me this is not a kids movie! LOL

Thursday, March 20, 2014

FIve Question Friday (3.5 hours early)

1. If I had 5 minutes alone with Mother Nature I would tell her? What ever happened to global warming? I mean, really? I just think we are going to go from 30 degrees to 100 degrees and not have any good, normal, spring/summer days!

2. If you could eat only one thing for a whole week what would it be?  Panera. It is the one meal that I devour in less than 5 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I love ALL food, especially carbs so choosing any food is just really too hard.

3. What is your favorite season and why? Anything but winter. Spring has the excitement of nice weather, seeing neighbors that have all be hibernating away all winter. Summer has the obvious fun, busy, outdoors all day, every day! Fall has football season and the turning colors of the leaves.....anything but winter.

4. Do you have a meal that you are AMAZING at making? If so, share the recipe! Well, I am AMAZING at making waffles! Not your typical frozen waffles but actually mixing ingredients and using a waffle maker! (gasp!) The recipe.....see the back of the Bisquick box, occasionally add some chocolate chips and always top waffles with peanut butter for a little extra something special! You won't regret it!

5. What has changed in your life since the last 5QF? (8/2/13 was the last one! Wow...over 6 months!) 6 months ago we had a sweet baby girl, and an out of control 4 yr old....the tables have turned. Presley is, for the most part, good.....Piper on the otherhand, is a nut job. Welcome to the roller coaster we call life!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hump Day

Monday, Piper had another 'good' day at Generation! Are we over the hump? Fingers crossed! I have noticed that they no longer give her juice, since she has kept refusing it! We just don't give our kids juice, so they don't really like it (except for the occasional juice box for P)!

Piper is crazy. Like spins in circles, throws herself on the floor- for fun - type of crazy. Do most kids do this type of thing? She babbles on, having quite the conversation, with no 'words' whatsoever.  I know there is 'normal' in her future somewhere, hopefully.

Like most kids, they start learning new words. Even for 5 year olds. Just in the last week we have noticed different things she had picked up on. P is so 'disappointed!', she'll have a waffle and banana 'also'. Tonight, she was mad b/c we were having salmon for dinner. Salmon that she normally loves, eats and has seconds.....she cried and then told Steve that he 'hurt her heart' then that changed to he 'broke her heart'! OMG, this BROKE MY HEART just hearing her say that!

Iowa basketball is on. Steve is talking about it. I'm typing. I know he wants me to be interested and believe me, just sitting here in the same room makes him happy enough. Though I really think I'll be off to the bedroom soon to finish my American Idol and read some of my book. I don't think he reads this blog that often anymore so hopefully he won't read this until after basketball season is over (tonight for the Hawkeyes). :)

Holly asked me and Sam what song we wanted to walk down the aisle to at her wedding. What? I'm sorry. Isn't this her wedding? Her decision? I made these decisions at my wedding, sorry sis, this decision is all on you!  :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I was wrong.

Presley hasn't cried about us cleaning her ears since Sunday night. She now reminds us that we need to do it and likes to help by putting the cleaner on the cotton balls for us! Once again, she surprises me. I'll take it!

I think Piper is mocking me. Every time I ask her to say 'mommy', she gives me a long drawn out 'daaadddyyyy'. Not cool. Right now, she is loving her daddy though!

The next month is looking to be a busy one. This brings me a little stress b/c I am less of a planner than I used to be (thanks to my more laid back husband).  I put lists together. They are a mix of everything, no order, no rhyme or reason.....that makes me want to make lists of my lists!

We got our plane tickets to Denver for August! Since we are going from Saturday to Wednesday (since Kindergarten starts that Thursday! UGH!), we have decided to fly and save ourselves two days of driving time. This could be a DISASTER with Piper. I'm hoping we can tame her down a little in the next 5 months?!

Steve was finally able to put together Presley's trampoline that she got for her birthday, right now it is just in the garage but last night, Layla from down the street came to play and they were out there for a long time jumping and jumping! Perfect way to wear them out! I like it b/c it's not too big, so only a couple kids can be on it at one time. We don't want to be responsible for neighborhood kids getting hurt! :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

She did it!

This girl. This girls AMAZES me ALL the time! In good and bad ways, expected and TOTALLY not expected ways.
So for her 5th birthday we talked about letting her get her ears pierced. She wanted to do it, however when it came down to actually doing it, she wasn't interested. No biggie, no pressure from us.
For some reason, this week she kept talking about it. I told her that we needed to get her hair cut so we could get her ears pierced then if she wanted too. She brought this up almost every day this week.
So today. Today we got ready to go to the mall. Steve didn't want to go, he had stuff to do at home and he said there was no way she was going to do it anyway!
She did it. She did it! She sat there nervously, very nervously. They couldn't do both ears at the same time but she didn't flinch. She had 2 other little girls watching her and after watching her, they are probably ready to do it too! (I was convinced she would scare them out of doing it, as I warned the mothers as we waited!) I was SO proud! SO PROUD! She got done ($55 later! How in the world does it cost that much to get two tiny ears pierced?) and we called Dad and Grandma so she could tell them what she had done!
I think most of the day she has forgotton about them. Then we had to clean them and then she had to go to bed. As we expected.....DRAMA! 'I can't lay down, my ears will hurt!', 'This ear hurts really badly!' (sad face!). We have three times a day of cleaning these ears, I'm just wondering when she will finally STOP telling us that it hurts (I"m guessing at least 2 weeks!)

This and That

So Thursday my mom texted me about 3 saying she was sick and that we needed to come get Piper. Steve, who is usually very flexible in his job, of course couldn't leave this day! LOL! So I left work, got Piper and then got Presley on our way home. It was actually nice out so it worked out perfectly for us to get home, take a walk, see the neighbors and just enjoy the night!
Iowa had a basketball game, Steve was so excited that I didn't have anything planned that he decided to plan a basketball watching date with our friend Damien. They went to Jethros to watch Iowa play (and Iowa lose). You always worry about how the kids will go to bed when there is just one parent around but Piper was asleep by 7:30 and Presley by 8:15. AWESOME! A night to myself! So I got a glass of wine and watched Parenthood and went to sleep!

Friday mom was still sick, it just coincidentally was my late night at work so instead of going in at 10, I went in at noon once Steve was able to come home from work. He took Presley to Generation when he went to work at 7 and Piper and I slept in until 8:30! Piper and I actually got up, ready and actually left the house! We dropped Presley off her 'show and share' item that she forgot, went to the bank, got gas and a car wash! Steve was shocked and impressed that we actually got up and left the house b/c normally this is NOT something I try to do!

Tonight we had over our friends Lisa and Jared and their boys Colton (3 yrs) and Jett (8 months) for dinner. Steve smoked some bacon wrapped pork, we had some beers, the kids played good and we just chatted! It was a good night and we are so glad they were able to make it over!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hump Day

Piper actually had a 'great day' at Generation on Monday! Finally, I don't really expect it to continue but I'm sure it helped that they were able to go outside, get some fresh air and take good naps! It was so nice Monday evening. We got home, Steve cooked dinner and I took Piper for a walk. Then after dinner I cleaned up and Steve went outside with the girls, it was just SO nice to be outside!!

Facebook, it has been one week and honestly it hasn't been too hard. I hear about things people post, people show me pictures of things I have missed but sometimes I think about how great it is to NOT have to read about 'oh the great weather' (I can't imagine the amount of posts on Monday about this). Though I have found myself just getting into stupid computer games, which is just another waste of time. I have done a little more reading and trying to go to bed a little earlier, so only one month left!

RSVP's. This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. Honestly, how hard is it to tell someone whether you will be able to come to an event or not? Heck, even these days you don't have to actually TALK to anyone b/c you can text or use email! It is just common courtesy to RSVP.

I got my annual raise at work! Thankfully I got one, so I guess I can't complain. I'll take whatever they want to give me, at this point I'm just thankful I have a job.

We think Piper may actually be talking. Her 'words' are so obscure and no one else would know what she is saying. She will 'say' Daddy, Presley (which sounds just like daddy), strawberry, blueberry and shoe. Supposedly she has said momma and cracker at grandma's but we've never heard it.
I really think her 'Up, please!' sounds more like a really annoying, whiny 'ahhh....eeeee'
This girls babbles like it's going out of style, so maybe some day it will all make sense!

Another Presley conversation:
P : I see that! (pointing at my bra)
Me : Do you know what that is called?
P : Yeah!
Me : Really? What?
P : Apron!............LOL!Not quite girly!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Update

Thursday night I was able to meet my friend Sarah for a quick dinner, Steve was all in a huff b/c he says I always schedule something when Iowa plays basketball! Oops! They didn't play until 8 and I was home by 7, so no biggie! :P
Saturday Steve got up bright and early to smoke a pork butt on his new smoker that he got for his birthday (which isn't until April, but he just couldn't wait). We did a lot of cleaning and Presley and I made a trip to the mall. She was less than cooperative for most of it. She was hungry (even though we had asked for 2500 times what she wanted for lunch and she said she wasn't hungry) and she her legs were tired (really? we had walked 1/4 of the mall). We did laundry and Steve did more cooking. We had over the neighbors down the street for dinner that night, they have a 2 1/2 yr old girl Bryn, and they are due to have another baby girl in 3 weeks! The company was great and the food was wonderful, Steve did a great job for his first time smoking anything!
My pretty girl.
So almost 2 weeks ago is when Piper fell out of her crib for the first time, then that same week she woke up covered in her own throw up. So we had to wash everything and decided we would try to get rid of the bumper pads. DUMB. Last week her sleeping was terrible, we had to get up multiple times a night to retrieve that stupid pacifier that kept falling out of the crib!
So we put the bumper pads back on to help all of us sleep a little more. Saturday night, after a short afternoon nap and going to bed late, Piper slept like SHIT. It was one of those nights that I just couldn't wait for morning so I could just get up b/c there was no quality sleep happening. She was up at 11, 12 and then from 1-4 AM. Then at 3:30 Presley woke up from Pipers crying! Are you kidding me? Steve finally took Piper into bed with him, I slept on the couch and they eventually fell sleep about 5 am (or 6 with the time change)
So with the time change and Piper not sleeping. We were all completely off Sunday morning. Of course, I was still up at 7:30 like normal, Presley didn't get up until about 9:30 (8:30 normal time), I had to leave to meet Holly and mom at Costco...when I left at 10:40, Piper and Steve were still sleeping in our bed! That is crazy! But that is how completely OFF the family was this night!
So I met Holly and mom at Costco, came home and we tried to spend time outside since it was 50 degrees, however the wind was chilly and everything was soaking wet from the melting snow. Piper only fell down....all of the time, covered in cold, melted snow, so her time was limited out there. She did take a late nap from 2-3:30, we did some laundry, some more playing and then we had Holly and Jerry over for leftover pulled pork from Saturday. They stayed for a couple hours and we ate, hung out and then we got the kids ready for bed! Piper has already been up crying multiple different times in the lat hour, so it's not looking to be a good night.
Goodnight all!
I do have some good Presley stories, but that will have to wait until next time.

Piper overload

This is Piper showing us how she blows her nose. This should be her 'bunny' face, but for that she just closes her eyes instead of wrinkling up her nose.
This is Piper with her 'Are you kidding me?' look.
Playing on the steps. Presley didn't really know how to go up and down steps until she was almost 3, b/c she was never around them. Piper on the other hand, has had these mastered for months now.
She is weird. Walking around holding her pant legs up.
Trying to put on her boots
Trying to put on MY boots
I broke down and help her put on Presley's boots! And she sat here multiple times and read her book.
Shaggy hair, with a cheesy smile.
and growing a slight baby mullet.
Love this crazy chicken!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hump Day

Last night we got Holly, Jerry and Mary to come over and watch the girls while we went out to dinner with my parents. We went to Irina's, I've been wanting to go there and it was good! Great company, food and service! I had a passion fruit martini and raspberry martini, both were really good! We think this is the first time that Steve and I have had dinner (or anything else) with just my parents since Presley was born! So it was nice!

Tonight Steve took Presley to another preschool birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! This is party #6 since November and we have another one in a couple weeks. But like I said before, it's just good for her to be social outside of preschool. And I was lucky enough to have Piper poop in the tub tonight. UGH. We really should learn to NOT give her a bath until she has gone #2, but this does get me to clean the bath toys and bath tub so I will look at the positive side!

They are having Dr. Seuss week at school, we never know what Presley will feel comfortable doing. Being my kid, I don't blame her....I would've be too afraid I would show up and be the only one with crazy hair or backwards clothes, but she had done everything this week so I'm very proud of her, stepping out of her comfort zone!

You know why we are already bad parents to Piper. She is already experiencing 2nd child syndrome....for Valentines Day, we didn't take valentines to daycare (in our defense, she only goes there on Mondays and Vday was we didn't really KNOW!). And now this week, each different room was supposed to wear a certain color on Monday for Dr Seuss week....we had NO idea what color she was supposed to wear. Oh well.

On a side note: Did I mention that a couple weeks ago Presleys room was learning about braille and about what being blind and deaf mean....on the sheet they sent home, TWICE they wrote 'here', instead of 'hear'! This week.....multiple times they wrote Dr Suess....instead of Dr Seuss! OMG! They are teaching my child, please spell write right! (Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not a great speller, however I am not a teacher either)

They laid off 5 people from my department last week, 15 total for our division in WF. Sucks. We know we aren't as busy as previous years but it still sucks. Then this week Steve's company had a meeting and said they might have to layoff a couple people (Steve would be safe, for now)! Just makes me nervous....however this is the time of year that both of our employers should be getting busier, so fingers crossed!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I am not a good Catholic, but this will be the 2nd year in a row I have actually given something up for Lent. Facebook. I'm a little relieved and a little sad.
Honestly there are so many things on FB that I just don't care about. That I shouldn't care about. I don't need to see cartoons, Pinterest crap, couples confessing their ever-lasting love for each other (as they sit next to each other on the couch).
There are alot of things I'm going to miss....people having babies, people announcing they are having babies, my sister getting MARRIED. Not that I'm technically going to 'miss' any of this but you know what I mean.

So my blog might be updated more with my random comments, feel free to become a 'follower' of my blog (I know there are many of you out there! You closet blog readers!) and comment if you like!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Update

 Thursday we had our work outing (social committee as we call it!) at El Bait Shop, it was a good, funny night with coworkers. We don't get too crazy and we are all still home by 9. Then Friday I got my mom to watch the girls so we could go to dinner with some friends. It was so nice to be able to hang out with all of them since we don't see them nearly enough! My mom volunteered to watch the girls overnight, so we had one more beer at The Boat House on the way home and were still home by 11:30!
Saturday we didn't do much, cleaning, shopping, laundry, playing...poor Piper put on Presley's boots and just sto0d there looking outside. Sorry sweetie, 0 degrees is just not warm enough for outdoor play time.
Even this morning she wanted me to put her shoes on (though she only brought me one shoe), I put it on her...she walked over to her coat. She wanted to go outside. UGH, maybe next weekend!
So we brought the snow inside! I put down a towel and got 2 bowls of snow for them to play with, this kept them entertained for a good half hour! :)

Right now, Piper is napping (she was SO tired by 11 am), Presley is in her room playing by herself, Steve is watching Iowa basketball and here I am, doing nothing. Maybe I'll go veg out with the rest of the Girl Scout cookies!