Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekend Update

Thursday I was able to meet some friends out for our annual pumpkin beer night at Rock Bottom! We had some new faces this year and as always, it was a lot of fun! A lot of laughs, good food, good pumpkin beer with the rim job! So much fun! Thank you ladies!
Nikki, Holly, me, Lyndsi, Colleen and Missy
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Friday we didn't do much. It was so dreary and gross. We just hung out at home, watched a movie and cuddled....for the second Friday in a row, it was a nice rainy night!

Saturday we originally had a busy weekend planned...however, due to the rain it changed. Presley was supposed to have a soccer game at 10:15 and we left out house at 9:30....but we got a mile down the street and it was POURING rain! We opted out of going to the game and about 5 minutes later it was cancelled anyway. So we headed to HyVee to get some groceries (which very rarely do all 4 of us go to the store!) After that we headed home.

We were going to watch our neighbor Cohen while his sister played soccer that afternoon, but her soccer game was cancelled too !

Our nephew Jake's girlfriend Aliyah is taking a pediatrics physical therapy class and wanted Piper to help them to assess the motor development of a they came over and asked her to do certain things.....hop on one foot, throw a ball, bounce a ball and catch it, skip, follow direction and many other things..... She was cooperative for about 50% of it. She seemed to be afraid or embarrassed if she couldn't do something and then would be hesitant...but she did good overall!

Then we were invited to a house party of a friend of Steve's from high school who lives in Adel. We have never made it to this party but have always heard good things about it. And they do go ALL out for this party!
A hot chocolate bar....with MORE than you can imagine for hot chocolate. Awesome!

 A smore's bar....seriously awesome!
They had Dustin Baird playing music in the open part of their outbuilding....of course, that is where Piper wanted to sit.
 All the drinks you could never need.
And all of this plus a lot of really nice people, some we knew, some we didn't. A food truck that make pizza (515 Pi) was REALLY good and if you see this food truck around....try it! They had a roaring bon fire, a popcorn machine, fruit and veggies....the Cubs game on television, plenty of seating....and this was still all going on despite the rainy, wet conditions was really nice! Thank you Lindsay and Mike!

We did have plans to do something fun today, Sunday. We thought about heading down to Winterset for the their Covered Bridge Days, we thought about a pumpkin patch....but it was chilly in the morning and we thought a lot of places would be muddy and ours kids would whine about being cold. We hit up Cozy Café for brunch, which was actually really good and really cheap and we will totally go there again! and we were going to stop and just get pumpkins at a road side stand but the kids (mostly Piper) were so whiney and snotty that we didn't and then when we got home...they spent time in their rooms cleaning and putting away things b/c they obviously couldn't be together without fighting!

Once they were in trouble and got separated....then they realized how bad that sucked and then Presley went to help Piper finish cleaning and putting her clothes away.....they played and played and we didn't really see them.....THEN I had to interrupt them b/c it was time for Presley to go to volleyball!
Having fun jumping up against the wall, she got up a lot further than I thought she would!
 Serving...she got it over every time! This is where she is most comfortable!
 Playing games at 'halftime' with the college volunteers!
After we got home from volleyball, her and Piper disappeared into the bedrooms for a long time. Then Presley came out and wanted to go outside and practice volleyball! I can't say no, so we did that for a while and then it was dinner time!
Sunday nights are our time to unwind....baths, early bedtimes, fruit and snacks before bed, time to read at bedtime and just cuddle! :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Couple of the funny things the girls have said in the last week and I've been meaning to get jotted down.

Piper: I know what a tutu is!
Me: Really? What is a tutu?
Piper: Boys have them
Me: Boys have tutus? Tutu's are what ballerinas wear when they dance.
Piper: No, boys have tutu's and they pee out of them
---------- I have no idea where she got this! I told her to ask her daddy about it!

Presley must have never owned a pair of draw string pants until recently b/c she was trying to tie the string and said "It's hard to tie pant laces!"
Me: Pant laces???
Presley: Well what do you call them then?
Me: A draw string!
Presley: Why is it called that?
Me: I don't are right 'pant laces' make more sense!

Piper was coloring a picture the other day and said to me 'Mommy, this is so good! This is so beautiful that people are going to think that a mom or dad colored it!'
She was so proud of her picture!

Presley does not like to say I love you, she never really has. If I tell her that I love her, I will either get NO response or she'll say 'okay'...gee thanks!
So after all this negative, scary stuff the last week I'm trying to get her to open up a little more. I told her she could at least say 'Ditto' so that I know she loves me too.
A couple minutes after that conversation she said "What is that word? Jojo?"
I told her that if she wants to say 'jojo' that is fine with me b/c at least I know what she means!
She is still trying to remember the correct word 'ditto' but says jojo, dojo,'s cute and I'm happy that she is at least trying! :)

Steel Panther

So let me start out by giving more bad news and then we can end with more fun news. The last week as just been crap with, I found out that a girl I went to high school died. I went to elementary school with her, was in Girl Scouts and played softball with her and now she is gone! I can't explain the shock and the feeling of too many people I know that have passed away this year and the oldest one was 43 years old. It's sad and it makes you realize how really short life is and you need to enjoy every single second, make the memories, enjoy the time we have.

On a brighter note....Tuesday, my baby's 5th birthday, we went to a concert. Seriously, we are bad parents....but Steel Panther was playing and we have been waiting years for them to come back! 
Steel Panther is f'ing hilarious! They are raunchy, discriminatory, sexist, racist but all in a super funny way. It's a show, not just a concert. I was laughing so hard I was crying b/c it is ALL so WRONG! Look them up on youtube, but only if you don't get offended easily!....I warned ya!

 My girl Jackie, who we don't see hardly enough!
 The crew....Me, Steve, Brock, Jackie, Matt and nephew Austin.
The headliner was Stone Sour....who I don't really know that well but I guess the lead singer, Cory Taylor is/was also the lead singer for Slip Knot. And there are ALOT of Slip Knot fans around.
I know two Stone Sour songs and both are slower and neither one was played before we left a little before 11 pm. The music was HARD, I think a lot harder than any of us thought it would be and in between songs I bet I heard the phrase 'mother fucker' a trillion times....b/c we are obviously really crazy mother fuckers so he had to remind us every three minutes.


OMG. My baby is 5 years old!! How did this happen? I keep telling her to stop growing and she just smiles and tells me that she can't! :)

Oh my Piper I always are so funny! You can light up a room with your smile, laugh and goofiness! You are not afraid to ask questions, raise your hand in class and tattle on anyone at anytime!

At 5 years old:
- she still wears a pull up to bed. We tried the underwear at bed, we had 3 good night but still after that..... no drinks after 7, waking her up at 10 when we go to bed thing....and it wasn't worth it. We were still washing sheets every day. So she isn't ready and we won't push the issue.

- she is so sweet! SO SWEET! She loves to make us happy! She gives kisses and says I love you with no prompting. I love it, can't take it! She is especially good when her sister is getting in trouble!

- she loves being one of the oldest kids at Generation Next. She knows everyone, she gives hugs to teachers and friends ALL the time. It's cute!

- she is smart. I know a lot of people say this about their kids, but she really is. She knows all her upper and lower case letters, can read the easy read books, has been writing her name for about 2 years now. She knows her phone #, both our names and how to spell them, she is good at simple and minus up to 20...and we need to stop talking about it b/c she will say 'Well, I just know a lot of things!'

- the poor girl get almost NO new clothes, she gets clothes from Presley and cousin Mary and still has so many clothes that she never's obscene really. She can wear anything from 4-6 in shirts and mostly 4T/5T pants.  She wears size 10 shoes.

- her favorite food is bacon. Hands down. No question about it. Bacon.....backed up by steak.

- she loves to color! Every day she comes home with papers and papers of her writing or drawing or coloring something! and none of this can be thrown away......until she isn't looking! :)

- she is too funny. Like seriously funny. And I need to do a better job of jotting down some of the things that she (and Presley) says!

- can be a snotty little thing! She can get her head moving all around, like she is telling you off. She doesn't get in trouble TOO often right now, but I'm sure that will change over the years!


2017.....where has my baby gone??

Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend Update

The weekend was kind of blah but busy! Friday night Presley was supposed to have her cheer performance at the football game but that got postponed due to the crappy weather. So we did a quick dinner at El Mariachi and then went home and just cuddled in the basement and watched a movie with popcorn. The perfect rainy Friday night!
Saturday we got up and ready and headed to the mall....Piper has been wanting to get her 'ears piered' since before she was 4. Presley got hers done at 5 years old so that was kinda the time period/age I had for it. So she waited and she was SO excited to go on Saturday! 
She did amazing. I had already walked her thru everything they were going to do and didn't lie when I said that it might hurt real quick. After they did the first ear, you could tell she was in pain and wanted to cry....but she held it together! 

After the mall we went to Jethro's for a breakfast/lunch before the birthday party that Piper had for her friend Ayla. The party was at Sapphire gymnastics and it is so fun to watch all these little girls together and kinda sad that they will all part and go to different schools for kindergarten next year.

We left the party and we headed to Ankeny to drop the girls off at Holly and Jerry's. They agreed to watch them for a couple hours while we went to a cancer benefit for a friend of Steve's from The Boat House.
They had a great turn out! A silent auction that had a lot of good stuff, BBQ that was catered in and you could tell that Dave was very emotional and touched by all of it!
Sunday morning we didn't do much. I think Steve and I were both dreading the visitation that we were going to attend. We dropped the girls off at my parents and headed there. It was really sad. We still don't know what happened and I'm not sure we ever will know the full story. Julie gave me a really nice hug and just broke down crying, as did I! She was standing with her daughter Kira and you can tell that Kira doesn't fully understand the impact of this, both her and Julie are so strong!

Julie did say that even though we have only known them a short time, that Dean had really connected with Steve...and it's true. There are just people in this world that you click with, get along with, that you are able to talk to and want to hang out with...Julie and Dean are those people!

We left there and went back to mom's. We stayed there since the Packers were playing and my Aunt Ellen was in town! Steve was able to take Presley to volleyball and then came back for the end of the game. It was a good game, but stressful. I can't take any more stress these days!

Today we celebrated Piper's 5th birthday a dinner a night early. She wanted Texas Roadhouse and she wanted to sit on the saddle. I NEVER thought I would have a kid who wanted to do this but she did it and loved it! She was however a little disappointed that they didn't actually sing happy birthday to her! HAHA!
We got home and she was able to open her presents from us! She was excited about the puzzles!
 Three-wheeled scooter that the front wheel actually turns (we have one that just goes straight, you can't turn it?! WTH?
Sapphire Gymnastics even mentioned her in their birthday list for the week! :)

Friday, October 6, 2017


Seriously the most depressing week of 2017 and I'm ready for it to be over.
I hate to wish away time.
And I love weekends, but at this point, this week and weekend need to be over.
I need a fresh start.
A positive outlook.
Something to get me motivated, happy, energetic.

After Vegas, a sick kid and the Johnston threats we found out that a friend of ours passed away on Monday! We have no details. Dean was awesome, he was so nice and cool and laid back. We met Julie and Dean in Cancun in January. One of those small world things that I'm sure I have talked about. We have seen them many times in the last 7 Jasper Winery in June, Okoboji in July and they were at our house in August.......and now he is gone. 43 years old. How does that happen? I don't understand. His wife, Julie, who we just saw on Saturday....his daughter do they just move on and live? I don't know and we are really struggling with this. This is hard.

Too many things have happened unexpectantly like this for so many people we know this year. I can't take it. This is one of the reasons we took the kids to Cancun with us last year, life is too short and you never know what could happen.

I don't want to waste time and money on toys that they don't need. I would rather spend it on traveling and memories for all of us! We might just have to go again, in memory of Dean.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Can't deal.

So Sunday morning we picked the girls up at my parents house. Piper wasn't feeling good :( We thought maybe she just stayed up too late and played too hard but she did have a fever and was just lazy and tired and really didn't do much all day. Steve went golfing and the girls and I hung out around the house.
We went to Presley's volleyball practice which I debated since Piper wasn't 100% but we survived.

Sunday's are our night for early dinners, early baths and early bedtimes for all of us. Piper slept like crap b/c of her fever. Any time she is 'sick' she tosses and turns, moans and groans, talks and cries and in turn, we don't sleep well either. I woke up about 2:30 to the news of the Vegas shootings. So I was up watching that unfold forever. Steve got up and took Presley to school and my plan was to stay home with Piper in the morning and then take her to my mom's that afternoon so that I could attend my training for work. Well then she threw up. So I knew she couldn't go to mom's since baby Jordan is there also. So I stayed home. It was a pretty lazy day for both of us. I tried to avoid a lot of the Vegas news b/c it was just too depressing and I was just seeing the same new footage over and over again. So I watched some mindless Keeping Up with the Kardashians! (don't judge)

I was so excited to a full night sleep last night. I went to bed early, asleep by 10 pm. I woke up to Piper moaning and crying (in her sleep) and saw that I had 6 missed text messages. My mom and my neighbors letting us know that Johnston schools were cancelled Tuesday due to threats that students and parents were getting. The texts were disturbing and I won't waste my space putting their content on my blog, they don't deserve it. So of course, I was up for almost 2 hours thinking about that and watching whatever was on TV (yes, we sleep with the TV on all night). So our plan was for Steve to run to work real quick, real early and then I would head to work. We decided to keep Piper home also, it just made me feel better.

So now I sit and ponder, worry, I send my child to school tomorrow? From the sounds of it, this is a recent cyber issue that many towns have had over the last couple months. There doesn't appear to be any real threat but you never know. I basically told Presley that someone was making threats to the school so she didn't have school b/c they were making sure everyone was safe. She just commented that they were supposed to have a substitute today! HA! She had no questions and didn't really seem to understand, as I'm sure many of these kids are the same way.

There is school tomorrow.....running 2 hours late so they can address security and do sweeps of schools just to double check the safety of the area. My thoughts, my rational brain, knows that tomorrow will probably be the safest day that she has attended school so far....but how do we take that chance? I don't know.

How can we make sure our children our safe? What is wrong with this world?
Social media is the devil.
Social media is out of control.
Everyone is so tough, everyone is always right.
I have given up reading comments on any articles b/c I just can't handle the mean people!
People are just mean!
I just feel that we almost need to ignore these people, don't give them the glory and attention they are so desperately wanting but social media is like wild fire! You can't stop it!

When people say they can't image things until it happens to is 100% true. Or if people say they know how you feel.....I doubt it.
You think you know what you would do, how you would feel, what decision you would make.
You don't.
You don't know until it happens to you.