Tuesday, December 12, 2017


For our 10 year anniversary in September I bought Steve two tickets to the Raiders/Chiefs game for this weekend. He has been a Raiders fan since Bo Jackson was playing. I told him he didn't have to take me with him, but he did anyway! :)
We stayed home Friday night and Saturday with the girls (and I was still fighting my cold and feeling like crap). We dropped them off at my parents house about 3:30 Saturday afternoon and headed down to KC. We stopped in Liberty and ate at Longhorn Steakhouse, the wait was a little long but it was Saturday evening and the food was awesome! http://www.longhornsteakhouse.com/menu-listing/dinner#beyond-steak
We checking into the hotel and headed to the lobby. There were a lot of Raiders fan which made it fun until the ONE Chiefs wouldn't shut his mouth. He was either drunk or high on drugs but he just kept yelling and talking and pushing these fans and finally one of them lost it. Fight broke out in the bar and they shut the bar down at like 10:45. Bummer. After that we stood in the lobby with some of the guys for a bit talking and drinking and then headed back to our room.
This was some of the Raiders crowd from the hotel. They were a good crowd!
Sunday morning we woke up and headed out by 9, our hotel was within walking distance so we didn't have to worry about driving and parking! We did hear that there was a Raiders 'Super Fans' tailgate so we headed off to check that out.
It was more than we could've imagined. If you think of your stereotypical Raiders fan, that is exactly how they are PLUS some! Their tailgate happened to be right where everyone was driving into the lot, so they stood there and taunted every car that came thru. Waving flags, yelling Raiders.... it was insane. If a Raiders car came by, they would open up the gate and let them park in the lot right by them, then close the gate for Chiefs fans. It was funny and fun to check out but definitely not our scene!
We did however get to meet up with Eric and Kylie who live in KC. It worked out perfectly that they were able to get tickets and set up a tailgate for us to meet at! We always have fun with them so we are so happy that this worked out!
The weather wasn't actually too bad. It was supposed to be in the mid 50's and the only time I was actually cold, was at the game. My feet were cold but I think that was b/c the concrete was cold since we were in the shade.  Either way it was perfect and our tickets were 16 row, so they were pretty close! Even though the Raiders didn't really show up to play, we still had fun!

 This guy was turned around for a majority of the game talking to the guy in green in front of us. It was a little distracting to have him facing us!

The game was over about 3 and we headed back to the hotel, got cleaned up and changed and then decided to head to the Power and Lights district for dinner and drinks. I was exhausted and told Steve that I might not make it past 7 pm. :)
but I did make it past 7, I think it was almost 10! Go me!
I slept SO good Sunday night, it was totally what I needed! We slept until 9 and headed to Waffle House in Liberty for breakfast. Neither one of us have ever been there and it was a good, quick, experience! We actually saw some of the Raiders guys from the hotel there too!

We got back about 1:30, picked up the girls stuff from my parents house. Ran a couple errands and picked up Piper early from daycare. She is always so excited when she is the first one picked up! On the way home she said 'Can we go home and clean the whole house?'....of course, we told her yes! and she did a lot (mostly by herself b/c we didn't really want to! ha!) She wants to do more cleaning tonight too! Love it!

We picked Presley up from school about 4:30 and went straight to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, we were home by 6 and we just hung out the rest of the night! The girls played school and restaurant, we cuddled and just hung out! The rest of our week and next weekend aren't THAT busy so I'm excited!

Friday, December 8, 2017


- So I know we go to a lot of concerts, but for the record there are some major concerts that we didn't go to this year. :) Some things we just couldn't make happen, others we needed to just cross of the list and we are kind of concerts snobs and if we can't get 'good seats' then we don't really want to go and sit in the super high up, far away seats. We missed Eric Church, Phillip Phillips, Chris Stapleton, Katy Perry and the Tree Town festival :)

- Steve took Piper shopping the other night to have her pick out a gift for Presley and he bought me a present also. Piper is SO excited for us to open them. She said yesterday 'I wish today was Christmas so you  guys could open your presents!'
I told her that I thought that a was so nice and thoughtful of her to think about us and the gifts she was giving to us and not just HER getting to open presents! My sweet girl!

- I tried to have a conversation with Presley the other day about Christmas. I asked that if she could give someone a really special Christmas who would it be? Could she think of anyone who means a lot to her or someone who might not have a good Christmas or someone who doesn't have a lot of money? She said no.
I asked again 'So you can't think of anyone that you would want to have a really special Christmas?'
Her response 'Well ME!'
----we may need to work on the real meaning of Christmas with her!

December fun

Mondays are our night at home and I think we all enjoy it! Since my work status is a little different now, I basically have nothing to do every other day and I've been able to leave at 4 since there isn't really anything to do and I don't technically take a lunch break. I did think the difference between 4 and 4:30 was that big of a deal, but it is nice to have that little extra time at home!
Tuesday I picked up Presley, ran home and we had about 45 minutes for her to get changed, do homework and eat something before we had to leave for gymnastics. While she was in class, I ran to Target to do some shopping. Power shopping for about an hour so that I get back and watch her. I love watching her but Sapphire is SO busy that it is SO hard to watch your kids and Target is SO close that it is the perfect time for me to swing in there by myself!

Wednesday we had Edge Commercial's holiday party at 1908 in Johnston. They have had it here the last couple years and it works out so nicely. Free drinks and food for everyone!

They always take a company picture too! Small company but they are growing and succeeding! Their 10 year anniversary is the summer of 2019 which is a great accomplishment for this size of a company and being in a competitive construction market!
Last night my sisters, my friend Amy and I met at Quintons in the East Village after work for dinner and drinks. We were there for a couple hours before we headed over to Wooly's for the Blackhawk concert. We just saw them last March and it was so good and we love them so much that we HAD to see them again! 

It was a good, fun night out with my sisters. Now if I can just kick this cold in the butt so I can feel better for my weekend plans!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Weekend fun

Friday night we had Lexis come babysit....she babysat for us a couple yrs ago and works at KTC. Presley loves her! We did a quick dinner at Sonny's in Polk City before headed to Adventureland for the Fitz and the Tantrums concert. It was our first time for a concert there and overall it was pretty good, we wish they would've gotten rid of all the folding chairs and just had mostly standing room but no one asked our opinion! :)

 Saturday we hung out a lot, doing some cleaning, some playing. We headed to a xmas open house for a realtor friend of ours. It was pretty nice! There were cookies and drinks and a ton of crafts and a balloon artist. A really nice get together that she puts on her for clients, friends and family!
She had a really good Santa there, though neither of the girls were remotely interested in sitting on his lap or taking their picture with him.
Steve headed to the store and the girls and I went home and made puppy chow. They love helping but constantly argue about who is going to do what.  Why does she get to do that? Why can't I stir? It's not fair....blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!

We hung out a couple hours, the girls played and I mostly laid on the couch reading my book. The library has their Christmas fun so we headed up there before swim lessons.....it was from 2:30-4:30 and we got there about 4:10 and almost everything had been picked up! I was really irritated!
We looked at the gingerbread houses entered into the contest! It's so neat to see what people come up with and I keep telling Steve that he should do one with the girls some year!

 The ONE thing we were able to do....decorate a cookie!

We looked at Santa from afar at the library also and walked around a little wasting time before we had to leave for swim lessons. They are both doing good! After lessons we met Steve at El Mariachi for dinner and then we headed home. We got in our jammies and headed to the basement to watch Jumanji. They seemed to like it and I mostly slept thru it! :) I was tired!

Sunday morning we got up and started cleaning and doing laundry and Steve started cooking. We had my family over for the Packer game. It was a win for the Packers and everyone seem to eat a lot. The kids were able to play outside and enjoy the nice weather also.
After that we headed to swim lessons, got home and did dinner and baths and then just hung out some more!

Friday, December 1, 2017

It's finally Friday!

So Presley has been complaining about headaches off and on for months now. I hate it. Sunday night she was complaining about it so Steve and I decided that she should go to the doctor to see what we can do instead of doping her up on meds 3 times a week for them.
Monday morning I made her an appointment for Thursday afternoon. I sent her teacher an email letting her know that she would be leaving school a little early and asked if Presley ever complains about headaches at school. She responded no.
Not more than an hour later the school nurse called, Presley had a fever of 103 and was complaining about a headache!!!!!

Steve picked her up from school that afternoon but she couldn't go to school on Tuesday b/c of the fever. I stayed home with her in the morning. Of course she was fine with no fever. We slept in and I worked out and then we went to Target to do some Christmas shopping. Steve got home about 11 and then I headed to work for the afternoon. Supposedly about 4 pm she seemed to NOT feel good again, however I think this was just a ploy to get out of gymnastics. So we let her stay home.

Wednesday Steve took Piper to gymnastic and she threw a fit about going, saying her stomach hurt, blah, blah, blah....she eventually ended up in class but basically stood there complaining the whole time. So she left class early and they came home. Of course when she got home she was magically able to be a normal person with no stomach issues! Funny how that happens huh?

Yesterday Presley had her doctors appointment for her headaches. Steve took her and said that the doc asked a million questions, like we figured she would. Presley did have a temp of 100.1 and it appeared that she had a possible lingering sinus infection due to a cold or allergies (which she did have a bad snotty cold about 2 weeks ago so that wasn't surprising to me). She put her on some meds to clear that up and hopefully that will help! Fingers crossed. (we did find out that she is in the 10% for height and 38% for weight so eventually she'll hit a growth spurt b/c this girl eats like crazy!)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving Week

The last 4 days consisted of me working out all 4 days, being up too late every night, everyone sleeping in but me and almost no pictures were taken! What is wrong with me??

And this picture has nothing to do with this post, but goodness child. Melt my heart with that smile!!

Anywho......Our long weekend started Wednesday about noon! I took off from work a little early and picked up Presley from moms and we went to see the movie Wonder. It was so good and so good for kids to see! I think Presley was excited to see it b/c she knew her teacher and some classmates were going to see it this weekend too. She told me she liked it right when the movie was over, before I could even ask her. I asked her what she thought the message was and she correctly replied 'to be kind'. Perfect!
So of course, I reminded her of that many times over this weekend when she was being mean to her sister! :)

That night we decided to let Piper miss gymnastics and we all headed out to Reclaimed Rails and met my sisters and their families. We did this last year and had a lot of fun so thought we would do it again and make it a good tradition. We bring coloring books for the kids and they do a good job playing and keeping entertained.

Thursday we hung out and headed to my parents about 1. We did your traditional turkey dinner which was great! We played some games which was fun and talked and talked. It was a very nice day and so thankful that we are all able to get together!

Friday we got the Christmas tree out and decorated! Steve got the lights on the house, we did some cleaning and some laundry and some cooking and then headed to neighbor Sarah's for the Iowa game. The game was great! The kids were good, the food was good and it was a nice chill Friday night hanging out with them. Eventually Steve and Kyle headed to the bar and the girls and I hung out and watched the Trolls holiday special and then headed home.
Carver and Piper are too cute! 

Saturday we hung out in the morning and got ready for the Goodrich thanksgiving in Earlham. We spent the afternoon and evening there. We ate too much, the girls played SO hard, Steve was disappointed he lost the family pool tournament and it was nice just having everyone there (which we later thought that we should've taken a picture!!) Plus many new girl/boyfriends for our nieces and nephews! The already big Goodrich family just keeps growing!
When we got home (after 10:30) little Miss wanted her pictures taken in front of the house!

This morning everyone was WORN out! I was still up before 9 so I worked out, read my book, did some laundry, picked up some of the kitchen and took a shower before anyone else was up! We actually had NO plans for today which was perfect since we had been busy. Once everyone was awake and ready we headed to brunch at Jethros, got a car wash and stopped by the library to pick up a Star card (this is a program they do where we can pick a card/child and buy presents for her/him. We did it last year and Presley wanted to do it again, which I think is a good way to get them to think about others during this time of the year!)

When we got home we basically did nothing for the rest of the day! It was nice! Did some laundry, played some games, some cleaning, watched Jumanji.
We did dinner and baths and then watched The Good Dinosaur. We took the girls to see this on Christmas Eve 2 years ago and Steve ended up taking Piper to the car halfway thru b/c she was being so bad, so this was a better experience! Both girls sat and actually watched it and at the end Piper bawled! Like crying, inconsolably crying! It was so sad, I started crying! To see your child have those kind of feelings, ugh...totally broke my heart!

Tomorrow is going to be a struggle to get everyone up in the morning. I'm dreading that! Then Tuesday I have to start testing for my underwriting authority in my new department, so nervous and irritated by the whole process. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it over the next 2 months!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Senior luncheon and weekend update!

Piper is in the Senior 3 class at daycare...the last class before kindergarten. The senior classes have a senior formal luncheon every year. They get to dress up and properly use their manners and the lunch room is decorated like a fancy restaurant. It really is too cute!  My mom and Steve were able to stop by and see some of the cuteness!

That night I took Presley to gymnastics. That place is a madhouse! There are so many people and kids and no where to sit or stand. It gives me anxiety! I decided to leave and meet my friend Lyndsi for an hour to catch up and have a drink! It was perfect and I'm glad it worked out for a last minute get together!

Thursday we had Presley conferences. As we expected she is friendly, nice, quiet and a pleasure to have in class. They are supposed to be reading 90 words a minute and she is at 136 a minute. She struggles in subtraction but is liking multiplication! Her 'report card' is a mixture of M's (meeting expectations) and P's (progressing towards expectations)....and these ratings are not for specific 'subjects' like math, reading, writing....it's subjective things like focusing on the speaker and staying on task (I guess the girls have tendency to braid hair or play with each other shoes laces when seated next to each other on the floor).......Can I tell you how much I dislike these 'report cards'? They basically tell you almost nothing. Any who!

Friday I had a girls night with my mom, sisters and aunts (from Texas and Wisconsin)! We went to Saints in Beaverdale to talk and have a couple appetizers and then headed to see Bad Moms. Even the 2nd time around, it was still SO funny! I think we all enjoyed it!

Saturday was busy! Thankfully we all slept in, which I was happy about b/c I have been waking up early which is super annoying. I slept until 9 and then worked out, once we were all up and ready to go we headed to Target! We got home had some lunch and got ready for the rest of the day. Steve dropped Piper off at a birthday party at 2. I took Presley to a gymnastics clinic at 2:30, this was a kickover clinic. She can do kickovers but not very consistently so when I asked if she wanted to do the one hour clinic she didn't really hesitate. I think she was happy and learned a lot, so it was worth it!
When that was over at 3:30, we ran a couple quick errands and picked up Piper at 4:30 and then headed to swim lessons that started at 4:55! 
When lessons were over, we stopped by the house and picked up Steve and some things to keep the girls busy. We headed to Firetrucker to watch The Sheet play. They are an awesome little reggae band that everyone should check out! They are fun and the girls were good and it was just a good, laid back night of listening to music!

Sunday everyone slept in! I got up at 9 and worked out. Finally at 10 the girls came downstairs! We got ready for the day and headed to my parents house to watch the Packer game. They suck this year so we are still trying to be positive and keep cheering them on! We ordered pizza and the kids played. Steve and Piper left about 1:45 for another birthday party for Piper. When the game and the party were over, we met at swim lessons.
The girls are doing great at swim lessons! I was a little worried since it had been about 6 months since they have really been to lessons but I'm pleasantly surprised!
We all went to bed early! Well, everyone but Piper who was still awake at 10, but when she sleeps in late in the mornings we have to expect that! 

We are definitely ready for a short week! Thanksgivings with both families, we'll get the tree and xmas lights up and hopefully have some time to just chill out!