Wednesday, August 16, 2017


As a way to remember my kids I often have to jot down some of the things they say, so that later in life we can all re-read this and laugh at them! :) But knowing me, I will cry b/c I miss my babies and WHY DID THEY HAVE TO GROW UP?

- At the dinner table one night Piper asked "Why did God make my voice so loud?" We have no idea where she got this, we are bad parents and never really talk about God......but we have mentioned her loud voice!

- Steve was getting Piper out of the car the other day and Piper said "If you get a tattoo it will make you stronger!" (Steve is the only adult in my family that doesn't have a tattoo!)
Steve : "Who told you that, b/c that is not true."
Piper : "Scott!"
Steve : "Well Scott is wrong, tattoos do NOT make you stronger!"

- I was putting Presley's hair up in a ponytail and told her she has the perfect color hair. I told her it looks like chocolate! Piper looks up and says "Ugh! That isn't fair! She has chocolate hair!" (Life isn't fair shorty!)

- Presley LOVES her (fake) American Girls is obsessed with them. Last night after dinner she told me she wanted to give me a 'home tour'....and like anyone, I questioned what this 'home tour' was....well it was of her make-shift AG home. I got the detailed tour of this home, which is basically 1/4 of our family room. She makes things for these dolls (food, little dog dishes out of the water bottle lids, little school books), she uses other toys to be items for their house (a little purse for her is a lunch box for her dolls, little bracelets or necklaces are dog leases for their pets), the imagination is awesome!

- Piper's favorite phrases 'Geez mawheelbobbles' (instead of just geez), 'OH MY LANTA' (instead of just oh my), 'Interesting!' as she nods her slowly head up and down as if what she just heard was truly really interesting and if she just can't believe something she slaps herself on the forehead and says 'Really?'

I love these little humans! They make me laugh every day and I wouldn't change a thing (well maybe if they would says "That's not fair" a little less often....I would change that!) :)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend fun

Saturday morning we had Mary's 10th birthday party, it was a pool party at her mom's house and they had to early enough to have a donut/breakfast theme! They got a bunch of glazed donuts and had the kids frost and decorate then, super cute idea and so fun for the kids!
We got home and got ready for the rest of our /afternoon/night, Piper had a birthday party at 3 so we dropped her off at Pump it Up, then dropped P off at my parents and then we headed to Creston for our friend Nick's surprise 40th birthday party!
Steve with his buddy Brandon

 Ryan, Nick, Corey, Ronnie, Steve, Todd and Brandon

Nick was surprised and it was awesome that so many of his friends came back for his party! Most of them don't live in Creston anymore so it is hard for everyone to get together to see each other. I love that they are still friends, I love this group of guys!

Sunday we headed back to pick up the girls and then stayed home for the rest of the day! We didn't do much which was fine with me! We both worked out, did some laundry and just sat around! Presley played with the neighbor girls for so long that we didn't really see much of her and Piper wondered around and did a little of everything....she cuddled with me on the couch to watch part of a movie, we curled her hair, I watched her ride in their Jeep, she played the neighbors a little and then before we knew it, it was dinner and bath times!

State Fair

Friday I took a 1/2 day off of work. Picked up Presley from mom's, jetting out to WDSM to pick up something, stopped and got Mary's birthday present and then headed to pick up Piper. We got home and got ready to head to the fair.
The drive is kinda long and this one just couldn't stay awake! She must have been TIRED b/c she never naps!!
We had a couple hours before we headed to go watch The Nada's play so we saw a couple things, got some temporary tattoos and of course, had some food and drinks!

We got to the stage early enough to get front Steve and I used to do 10 years ago! :) The girls had some ice cream and there was a playground right next door that helped pass the time before the show started!
 Piper begged Steve to dance the whole time, he finally gave in!

Mike's daughter Emma is amazing, you can tell that she has been brought up around the music and definitely has the talent to keep singing and playing! She got a standing ovation after she played the last song of their first set! It was awesome to watch them sing together!

We wish we could've stayed for the late show but we didn't want to push out luck with the girls and we know the 2nd show can get a little rowdy so we headed out. The main drag of the fair was getting packed at 8:30 and we didn't need our kids to be included in the full experience of 'East side night' so we headed home!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Sunday we didn't do much, slept in and I got up and worked out and then we all decided to go for a walk/ride after that. So I got a lot of steps in before noon this day!
Presley has been getting interested again in riding her bike. We practiced a bit this spring but she just wasn't THAT interested. Then she got really used to her scooter and has been riding that around all summer but we figured that would be good 'balance' practice for her.

Steve took the training wheels off the little bike so she could reach the ground comfortably with her feet and she just practiced going down the drive way balancing, over and over and over again until she finally GOT IT! Then she started pedaling and she was off! She went down the street, got off, turned the bike around, over and over again all afternoon! It was awesome to watch. She wasn't comfortable turning quite yet but she got that down yesterday when she got home from KTC and immediately got on her bike! I've got some better pictures of her that I will have to download soon.

That afternoon we went to my parents to get together for Sam's birthday. We hung outside all evening and ate and talked while the kids played, it was so nice! Loving this weather!

Monday night we got home and Presley just rode her bike over and over again. We sat down for dinner and soon after, I was calling for P to clear her dishes and sure enough she was already outside down the street on her bike! It is so nice that we have a cul-de-sac with little traffic b/c the kids in this neighborhood rule this street! HA!

I snapped a picture of the girls this morning. This is fairly typical, they get dressed and shuffled into our room to brush their hair and teeth....instead they both end up cuddled in our bed and then we have to drag them out to go finish getting ready.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Girls Day!

This weekend was a lazy one for us and I was okay with that! Friday night we hung out by the shed. Sam came over with Boston and Jordan for a while and we just ordered pizza and chilled. Another neighbor, David came over for a bit after it got dark and we even had deer run thru the yard as we were sitting out there! 
Saturday Steve decided to play in a golf tournament for The Boat House and he got up and left at 9. The girls and I hung out. I did some cleaning, laundry and such and they just wanted to play! They really like being at home which is nice b/c we don't feel like we have to keep them entertained and busy all the time! It was such a nice day, I decided that we did need to get out of the house and so we headed downtown to the sculpture park. The girls liked walking/running around and seeing what odd and cool things were around.



After this we got ice cream at Black Cat ice cream, if you haven't had it yet, you should! It is seriously so good and nothing like you can get anywhere else!
We did a quick grocery store run and then headed home again. The girls did some more playing, I did some more laundry and cleaning and about 6 we headed to El Mariachi to meet Steve for dinner since he was finally done golfing!
We did baths, got a snack and headed to the basement to chill out and watch a movie before bed time! Perfect night!

Friday, August 4, 2017


So our department meeting went good yesterday! We found out that we have been placed into other jobs in our company. Basically same title, same pay, underwriting 2nd mortgages instead of 1st in the Home Equity division. We will be transitioning over the next 5 months, I am not part of phase #1 that starts next week.  Phase #2 will go over in September and phase #3 will be at the end of the year, so we'll see what happens.

It is not as challenging of a job, some are saying that it truly is a step down in the underwriting world but hey, it's a job and I'll take it until something better comes along!
I still HATE change but at least I can breathe now!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I think I briefly mentioned the uncertainty of my job a while back but now it is coming down to the wire of what is going to happen.

In the middle of May we were informed that our department is being shut down, basically they are paying us an incentive to stay thru the end of August b/c that is when a majority of our loans would be closing and ALL loans must be completed by the end of the year.

Of course there isn't going to be enough work for ALL of us to remain here thru the end of the year so we are just counting down the days until the end of August when we have NO idea what will happen. Some of us might get our 60 day notices, some of us might get addt'l incentive to stay longer to help the remaining loans close, they might place us in other departments.....we really have no idea what the future holds.

I freaked out for the first couple days and then realized that there wasn't much I could do about it. I HATE change. I love my department, managers and coworkers and I love the flexibility! I don't want a new job! *insert whining here*
I haven't really looked too hard for a new job either. I have interviewed for one but don't think I will get it, I have a couple leads outside of WF but really don't want to leave the company after almost 14 years of being with them!

So wish me luck! If you see us selling our Jeep or house you will know that I don't have a job anymore! HA :)