Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Update

So Friday night Steve took Presley shopping, there were some things we needed included new tennis shoes for her and shoes for Piper to wear for Samantha's wedding. Then they had a dinner date at Applebees. I picked Piper up from Generation and she threw a fit b/c I wanted to bring her blankets home to wash them.....screaming, crying, arched back kind of fit.....then had to try to get her in the carseat...it was fun! She literally screamed the whole way home and even after we got home....25 minutes of sheer crying, she finally calmed down and then just layed her head on my shoulder for 10 minutes and cuddled. So worth the 25 minutes of fit-throwing!

Saturday we got up and had brunch at The Sandbar Grill near the marina. It was good, well the food and atmosphere....we had to take each girl out of the restaurant at different times to get them to calm down and behave. Seriously?!
They did end up shaping up and we decided to run off some energy and took them to Skyzone for some trampoline time! Even Steve participated this time, I think they all had a good time and it wore them ALL out!

Then Piper napped, I tried to nap while Presley played near/on me, Steve went to the store. It was a good relaxing afternoon and evening!

Sunday it was nice enough for us to spend alot of time outside! I got a lot of laundry done and still have more to do (why is it never ending?). Our last free weekend for the next 3 weeks is over! Boo.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Catching up

I thought about taking Monday off from work but decided to go to work a little late instead. I dropped Piper off at Generation, went to Hyvee (b/c we had NO food in the house!) and then went home. I put the groceries away, tried to do a quick pick up of the house and throw in some laundry before heading to work!
After work Steve picked up Presley and took her to gymnastics and I took Piper home for quick dinner, then we met at Presley's school for her music 'informance'. They have changed it from a performance to more of an informal/informational experience. They sing the songs they have learned and the parents get to participate! It was so cute and Presley did very good in singing along, more than I thought she would with all those people there!

The rest of the week went on like normal. Steve and I were trying to catch up on sleep, the girls pushing our and each others buttons! :) We were looking forward to the weekend. We had no plans and no where to be!

A week behind! Goodbye Vegas!

I'm a week behind on updating? AHHH.....Saturday in Vegas we got up and walked around again (by then, my feet and legs were EXHAUSTED!) I found a nice spot at the pool for the afternoon to hang out and people watch, while Steve did some more walking around (he doesn't sit still very well).  We relaxed and enjoyed the awesome weather and then that night we headed to the FAR end of the strip at Mandalay Bay to see the Michael Jackson cirque show! We've been to Vegas three times and this was the first pool time and show we have seen, so we were happy to check some things off of our Vegas bucket list!
On our way into the theater they took paparazzi pictures of everyone and Holly made the big screen of photos!
The show was AMAZING! I haven't seen anything so awesome in a very long time! Highly recommended and totally worth the money!  After the show was over we had dinner at Lupo , Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. It was expensive with small portions but was very good even though our server was not very good! Unforunately this was our last night! :( We headed back towards the hotel and spent some time watching dueling pianos but then headed back to our room about midnight.
We got up and ready and headed to the airport about 6:30....our flight scheduled to leave at 8:50....we all got on the plane and then got off the plane, due to some communication/speaker issues. Finally we left about 11:30 and didn't get back to DSM until after 4.
My parents met us at the airport with the girls! It was so nice to have them run up to us. We enjoyed our time away but we did miss them! I think maybe they missed us just a little too! :)
We finally got home about 5:30, after dropping off mom and dad and picking up dinner on the way home....and we were all exhausted. We did dinner and bathes and then all went to bed early!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Friday night : Part 2, Photo dump

There was a band playing this night called Cash Presley, we had heard of them before b/c they played in DSM last summer and it obviously had caught Steve's eye with the name! So we were anxious to watch them. They were really good, they did cover songs of rock and country. It was a lot of fun and we'd love to see them again!
Don't ask what his intention was here!
Then we found the band Spandex Nation....similar to Hair Ball, totally 80's spoof on music. Of course, we love this music and Steve LOVED it when they played AC/DC.
and this lady played the air guitar and danced with Steve! HA!
Friday night was a success! It was a lot of fun and alot of laughs

Zoomline (b/c zipline doesn't sound cool enough!)

This is something that Steve and I have wanted to do since the last time we were there, so we were excited that we could and that Holly and Jerry decided to go with us. The four of us were able to ride at the same time, it was a rush! It was awesome to fly above everyone and take in all of Fremont St with that view!
You can see the 4 of us...flying this way. So much fun!
We survived!

Friday night : Part 1

So Friday night we headed downtown to Fremont St, this is usually the night we have the most fun!  Bands playing in the streets, more laid back and cheaper than the strip!
And people still dress up to be ri-di-cu-lous!
Jerry got his dance on, early, with an old man and two little kids. It was awesome to watch!
Aren't they cute?
Aren't we cute? This is the same spot we had our picture taken the first time we went to Vegas!
It was going to be a cute picture, until he went for the boob.
I have about 10 of these pictures from the 5 minutes before we took a ride on the Zoomline (a zipline that goes from one of the Fremont St to the other, right over all the people, it's awesome! Pics to come!). And almost all of my pics of these two are this good!
I means really? What is going on?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Friday day in Vegas

Because we are old and parents we were not able to sleep in on Friday morning, I think we were up and out of the hotel room by 9. It actually was really nice to get out and do some walking around before it got too busy and hot. We walked around and took in the sites, there is just SO much to see and the architecture is amazing, everything is so extravagant, I love it!
This is inside the Palazzo, we love how it is made to look like the outdoors and you can go on gondola rides on the 'river' thru the mall here!
We found a place to have brunch on a patio, did some more walking around. We knew Holly and Jerry would get into town around 2 (it was their one year anniversary and they just happened to book their trip the same as ours) so we headed to the pool for a little while to relax. It wasn't too busy and was very nice out, so it was good to sit and hang out (and take a selfie!)
Once they got into town we were all ready for a late lunch, so we headed over to Guy Fieri's restaurant which was actually really good!
Jerry wasn't going to let these guys walk around with no shirts on without him!
There are all kinds (yes that is masking tape (maybe duck tape) over their nipples, classy. Once again, their parents must be SO proud.
Holly and the transformers!
We walked around and took in some more fun, we got mini cupcakes at Sprinkles. They were really good and the mini ones were the perfect size to wash down with a beer! HA!
and I just don't know what happened here or why, I don't even why to try to understand.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Vegas Baby!

So last Wednesday I took the afternoon off. I wasn't busy at work and was able to get some last minute shopping, laundry and packing done before our trip! Thursday morning we got up, Steve took the girls to school and I started packing up things! We dropped off the kids stuff at mom's and then dad took us to the airport about 10 am and we were in Vegas at our hotel by 2:15!
This is the new ferris wheel right outside our hotel, the High Roller, each section can hold up to 30 people!
Cute man
Our vacation tradition....tequila shots! We took these and ate dinner at Chayo, they had awesome shrimp tacos (and tequila!).
Weird Al was nearby signing autographs...and to my surprise there was actually a line of people waiting!
Vegas is full of people willing to stand around to earn an extra dollar or two....their parents must be so proud.
Steve decided to get into a poker tournament, doesn't he look cute (boys probably don't want to look 'cute' while playing poker, huh?)
The Paris hotel
I just happened to get this reflection of Bellagio and Caesars Palace together
Me and Steve at the top of the High Roller...higher than all the hotels there
See the Bellagio fountains in the middle?
Steve promised Presley he would get his picture taken with Elvis :)
Steve took the camera and got a pic of me! This was about an hour before bed on our first night....and it wasn't even midnight. We had too much to drink too early and were TIRED!