Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Busy weekend!

Friday night we layed low, rented a movie and just stayed in. I was not in a social mood due to some news I rec'd at work Thursday afternoon (more on that later). Frozen pizza for dinner and BFG the movie and then bed!
Saturday Steve and Piper headed to the store and Presley and I made a trip to Target and then we hung out before we headed to Adel for our nephew Austin's graduation party. We hung out for almost 3 hours (I'm pretty sure the party was over and yet here was the Goodrich family still hanging out talking and drinking in the driveway....typical!). We left there after 7 and headed to Ankeny for Jerry's birthday get together at their house! There were alot of people there, including my whole family and lots of friends, good food, good conversation....we hung out until almost 10 and then needed to get home and get the girls to bed!!
I actually set an alarm for Sunday morning b/c I knew we were all tired and we had to get up and out of the house by 9:45 (we rarely leave the house before 10 on the weekends!).
Presley had a birthday party for cousin Ava at Pump It Up (this is the 4th party we have had there in the last 2 months) but Piper couldn't go b/c she had her gymnastics Spring Fling.
Presley was crying when Steve took her inside the party b/c she didn't know anyone and she didn't really want us to leave, she really wanted Piper there with her.
Piper was in the car with me, crying b/c she wanted to go to the party! Lovely.
I figured with both kids crying it was going to be disasterous morning and neither one of them would participate in their scheduled events. Presley finally agreed to hang out at the party with Aunt Christie and eventually played and had fun. I can understand how it would be hard not knowing anyone but the birthday girl.
We took Piper to her Spring Fling (which was a totally different experience than Presley's last year..... http://thegoodlife-jgo.blogspot.com/2016/05/spring-fling.html ) She was definitely nervous but she did good! There were two groups of 5 girls and all the parents, grandparents, siblings were able to watch, clap and take pictures. Both groups went at the same time on different events, which is nice b/c not everyone is watching the SAME kid at one time.....however, Piper was the last one in her group to go and the other group was always done before hers, so everyone in the whole place was watching JUST her. We were so proud of her!

 Her cartwheel, everyone gasped b/c they were impressed with how good she did!

 Goofing around, waiting for her turn.

 Getting her medal

 So cute! So proud! Love that smile!
After that was over, Christie let us know that Presley wanted to go back to Earlham with them for a couple hours to play with Ava and we could get her later at the next graduation party....perfect! So the 3 of us went out to lunch, got home about 1:00, did some laundry, cleaning (Piper actually likes to help clean most of the time), and picking up. We left our house about 2:30 to head to our niece Devin's graduation party in Earlham. It was chilly out for sure! But there is a park right next to where the party was, so the girls played there and we hung out and eat, drank and talked with family for a couple hours and then headed home to get ready for our week ahead!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Preschool Graduation

Seriously the cutest thing EVER. Generation Next is amazing, in addition to caring for and teaching our children and preparing them for kindergarten they make preschool graduation a big deal. An important milestone! I'm almost glad that she really isn't graduating since she has one year left of preschool she will get to do this all over again and I will get to enjoy her being a kid, playing without the pressure of school and homework....I was able to get this thru night with minimal tears knowing we get to do this again next year! :)
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Oh my, that smile!

She is one of the smallest ones!
Walking across stage to get her diploma :)

 And here is when Presley graduated. They have grown to 4 sites now but still keep this 'ceremony' under an hour! http://thegoodlife-jgo.blogspot.com/2014/05/preschool-graduation.html

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day!

P made a book at school for me for mothers day, and she hid it from me and wouldn't let me see it early.....like her sister did with her school present.
Here are my favorites!
(this is one of her favorite things to make with me!)
 (she does know me!)
(well duh!)
 (Her and I just had this discussion about being thankful for what we have!)
(I do make good waffles)
We spent the morning cleaning, laundry, Steve started cooking and getting the house ready for my family to come over to grill out.
Me and my babies!
 This is the first time she has held Jordan!
 Piper seemed really tired all day long and eventually cuddled up in grandma's lap! I love this! You just never know at what point she will stop doing this since she is growing up.
It was hot out but there was a nice wind and our desk faces east, so we had a lot of shade while we sat outside and talked and ate and drank! The kids played so good (really they were very good all weekend!) and even went to the neighbors for a bit! (Thank you Wendy and Jason for watching them!) Everyone left about 7 and we did baths and such to get ready for the busy week ahead! Happy Mother's Day!!!


It is that time of year where we are just busy, some of it fun, some of it by choice, some of it b/c the weather is just too damn nice to sit inside so we must find something to do! Thursday night our friend Baird was playing at the marina, so we headed up there to hang out, the kids feed the fish, listen to music and enjoy the weather!
Friday I might have skipped out of work a tad early and gone to the patio at Eatery A for a pizza and beer! :) Then we picked up the kids, got ready and headed out to Saints in Beaverdale for Susie's 50th birthday party. She had reserved the patio and patio room and it was perfect out! So we sat outside, the kids ate some food and played with cousin Mary.
 Susie's cake, looked like a disco ball and tasted so good.
It was made by the same guy who made her husbands bday cake a couple months ago. He is so talented!
 We got home late and the girls were tired! They are just so sweet sometimes!

Saturday morning we got up and dropped the girls off at a birthday party for a girl in the neighborhood. They had a donuts and dress-up party, it was so cute! Steve and I left and headed for the cystic fibrosis walk at Raccoon River. The top on the jeep was down and the weather was perfect!
Steve and I were able to actually walk the 3 mile walk (normally we have the kids and we know they won't walk that far and we for sure don't want to push them in a stroller that far!) We picked up the girls from that party, Steve went to the grocery store, the girls played, I showered and got ready, and then we hung outside until our next birthday party at Pump It Up!
This party was for our friends daughter Sadie who just turned 8. She had an orange party for her friend Gracie who has cancer. Instead of presents, they collected toys and such to give to the children's hospital. They had orange balloons, orange party favors and the girls were supposed to wear orange (which I totally forgot). I ran to Target while they were there and then we were going to head to Adventureland for a couple hours....however it was 5:15 and thank goodness I checked to see what time they closed and they closed at 6....so we changed plans and headed home (without whining from the kids!)
The kids played outside, I started some laundry and sat on the deck and finished my book. They ended up at the neighbors house, so we hung out over there for a bit and then on a whim decided to see if El Mariachi had room on the patio for dinner. They did, so we had a quick dinner there!

 and of course, stopped by Van Dees for ice cream on the way home!
I think we were all tired by the time we got home so we popped in Sing and watched part of that until we just all wanted to go to bed!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sunday Funday

The girls slept in so late Sunday morning! I think it was 10:30 before Presley got up! We had originally thought about taking them to Adventureland in the morning and then head to the horse/pig races at Prairie Meadows in the afternoon but Presley had a terrible, spoiled brat, entitled attitude when we got home from the wedding on Sunday night and I took Adventureland out of the equation. Even when she got up Sunday morning and saw that some of her American Girl stuff was taken away because of her snotty, disrespectful attitude..... that still didn't stop her bad attitude, eye rolling and fit throwing so she was not able to go to the horse/pig races either. Fun times for her! She stayed home and cleaned with Steve while Piper and I headed to Prairie Meadows for family day.
She was excited for the pig races, it was really cute to watch!

Short but sweet race with corn and an Oreo for the winner!
After a couple hours she decided to be brave enough to have her picture taken with Snow White.
However she refused to take her picture with Supergirl, Superman and Captain America! Oh well, one step at a time!
Then we waited in a huge, long line to get her face painted. She insisted and was willing to wait with very little complaining! She picked the Frozen princess face....she was COVERED in glitter and had blue glitter all over her teeth. I dislike face-painting but she was happy and looked cute!
We did some spin art and she had a Popsicle!
The final pig race was getting ready to start so we hung out around the 'track' and Piper was chosen to be on the pig cheerleaders. Four lucky little girls were chosen and she was ALL about it! It was freaking adorable!

We had a good time and headed home about 4. Steve and Presley had got all sorts of cleaning done and had gone to the grocery store so we got home and just enjoyed being outside some more! We ate dinner, went and got ice cream and then took baths and got ready for an early bedtime!