Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My high school. Hoover High School in DSM made the football playoffs for the first time since I was a freshman in high school! That was 1994. That made me feel old. Then I heard that the kids playing now, weren't even born yet! Good Lord, I am old!

The Packers shared an amazing fact during the game Sunday night. Out of the 53 players on the roster, only 3 (THREE) of them have ever played for another team! Isn't that crazy!! Go Pack Go!

Trick or Treat

So I took Presley to cheer class last night, a little bribery with a cookie and that girl was all over it! She participated like it was second nature! She would run over to me and ask 'mommy, am I doing good?' and I would say yes and then she would ask if she could have a cookie when we left. I told her as long as she was listening and participating that she could. I was SO proud! They learned a 'routine', it was so cute! They even have 4 'performances' in the next couple months, we'll worry about that when the time comes! (b/c I don't see it happening!)  But she has shocked me over and over again this year so who knows!
Tonight was trick or treat night! Here are our pumpkins (with crappy, blurry pictures!) The drill worked and was nice and easy!
Boston came over to go trick or treating with the girls around the neighborhood
Batman and our Iowa cheerleaders!
I just pushed Piper around in her car, carrying her was not an option b/c all she wants to do is get down and her walking was not going to happen either b/c we didn't have all night to wait for her!
If you remember last year, Presley didn't speak to anyone, didn't say trick or treat and sometimes didn't even take candy b/c she was so shy. This year.....she ran from house to house, knocked on doors (with me or Samantha close behind), she said trick or treat and thank you! God, when did my baby girl go and grow up on me?? :)
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

More P stories

Presley told Steve he was the worstest dad ever.  And of course, I'm always the meanest mom ever.

She told me that when we are 100 years old, we'll be super tall and we'll have to get a bigger house, with a bigger roof.

I was sweeping and P was sitting there watching me and she said 'there is more crap over here' I couldn't help but laugh and tell her that she shouldn't say 'crap'. Oops!

She pretends a lot. Which is great! She normally has a brother, she normally is 9 years old and her brother is 8 years old. She always talks and talks and talks....she is a Goodrich!

Besides our breakdown at Target, we were able to have some mommy/Presley time.  A few minutes cuddling on the couch, did some pages in one of her preschool workbooks together, watching cartoons before bed.....she can be so sweet and so good when she wants to be!

She now wants to do her hair or dress like me. If my hair is down (which it is most of the time), she wants her hair down (which I don't like most of the time). If I have tall boots on, she'll wear her tall boots. She wears my shoes around the house all the time! She'll come over and say 'Mom, do you know why I am so tall? b/c I have on high heels!' If I can't find a pair of my shoes, they are probably in her room. 


Our weekend of minimal plans ended pretty good (I passed up a baby shower, we decided to NOT do Night Eyes or Living History Farms with the girls)! Good kids, good naps, good nights sleep and got plenty of done around the house with lots of playing!
I finally got P to smile for the camera again....this is her 'cheerleader' pose. I think she did a good job!
Miss Piper has taken a liking to books these days, especially if there are animals in them!
Saturday we really didn't do much (Piper didn't get out of her pj's). A trip to the grocery store for Steve and P. A trip to Target for me and P (which ended with her laying on the floor near the registers b/c she didn't want leave. I stood there watching her while the cashier and 'guest's' laughed at her. Another proud parenting moment!)
Other than that, we did laundry, cleaned, organized, Steve got stuff done in the garage (including mowing the yard and of course, power washing the mower!).
Today we decided to carve our pumpkins! Originally Piper and Presley were just going to use markers on theirs and we were going to carve our big ones.
But....this is the first year Presley has agreed to stick her hand inside the pumpkin, so we decided to 'carve' all of them. I was so proud of her! This is as close as Piper would get, she was not interested!
Over the last three years we have found that it is SO much easier with power tools! Even I got the drill out for my pumpkin (with a little yelling from Steve b/c  I didn't know what I was doing, ya think?) We did make it easy and do polka dot type patterns, but I think they will turn out alright!
This evening we made our way to mom's house for the Packer game. It's the night game so we knew we wouldn't be staying for it, but my Uncle Dave from Colorado was in town so we wanted to see him, socialize, hang out and eat food! It was a good weekend, with minimal plans! Nice since the next three nights are full of me working, cheer practice and trick or treat!

Friday, October 25, 2013


Tonight P told me I was the 'worstest mom ever'. Ok. Whatever. Of course this was 3 days after 'ruining her life'. Good thing I don't take things too personally!

Presley shocked the hell out of me the other night. She was able to name all 25 of her classmates in alphabetical order!  Their lockers are in order and you can just see her little brain working, imagining the lockers and the names. Love it!
Even when they were learning to count my 10's, she knew the chart at school had all the '10' numbers on the far right side. She can visual it which helps her remember! Genius? LOL!

She has been invited to 3 birthday parties in the next 3 weeks. Really? Is she going to get invited to all 24 of their birthdays? I hope not. And I really have no intention of invited all of her classmates to her birthday party either. I just can't and don't want to 'keep up with the Jones'!'

She loves art! Colors, markers, crafts, glitter, color books, drawing, patterns.....she loves it! I can color a good picture, but there is no creativity in this girl! She definitely gets that from her daddy!

Besides the walking we have been 'adjusting' three other habits of Pipers. Formula, bottles and pacifier. She is basically off formula, we are just using up the remaining that we have but she does just fine with the milk! She hasn't had a bottle during the day all week but still has a night time bottle (we can't do too many adjustments at one time!) The pacifier we are trying to just make a nap/bed time habit! Out of sight, out of mind? We'll see!
Makes me sad to see my baby....not as a baby! :(

Thankfully the week is over!

It was just one of those weeks, mostly b/c of my job. I don't normally complain about my job  (Amy, you are probably thinking differently!) or think about looking for new jobs but this week was a doozie and I won't get into it.
Monday I was finally able to have dinner with my friend Cindy, I haven't seen her since June so it was nice to catch up and do some girl talk!
Tuesday was cheer class. I was less than thrilled. We went, she did some about half of eventually she'll do all of it, right? But the last 20 minutes was irritating....she was laying on the mats, she was on the trampoline (where she wasn't supposed to be with some of the 2-3 yr olds) she was rolling around on the mats. I just couldn't get her to concentrate and focus to listen to her coaches! So we left early, I was fed up, she wasn't participating, it was a waste of time. Most parents sit upstairs and watch, I told her that we won't be able to be down with her if she isn't going to participate, we'll see what next week brings!

Wednesday we did nothing! We ate dinner as a family, we watched with shock as Piper just walked around the house! and we enjoyed the night! I think I actually fell asleep in bed with Presley at about 8:30! Whoops!
Thursday we had my work 'social committee' night at El Bait Shop. There were only 4 of us, but I think Amy and I had a great time! So many laughs! Love those nights! Thanks Amy!

Today, work was better.....this week making it thru a day without wanting to cry meant it was a good day! LOL! Tonight we haven't done much. Steve finally got the backsplash grouted and this weekend is the weekend of us NOT planning anything! (for the most part)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Update

Random pictures of Miss Piper, Presley has been camera shy this week!
Piper does not have long hair, however when it is brushed forward (which I hate) she looks like a ragged mess!
If the fridge is open, she makes a bee-line for it. She loves standing in the door, just hanging out.
Saturday we didn't do much, hung out, played and then headed over to RT (or as most people call him, Ryan)and Janelle's for dinner and to hang out with the kiddos. Kayson and Cora are just about the same age as Presley and Piper.
Presley and Kayson actually did pretty good playing with each other. Piper was good for the first half hour, then she was whiny and crying and NOT fun.
Cora was great! She was the best behaved out of the four of them!
It was fun! Thank you guys for having us over.....and Janelle, I agree, next time we get a babysitter! :)
Today I went shopping with my sis Samantha, I needed some clothes and she needed a push to try things out and get out of her comfort zone. I think we both did good! Thanks Sam for going with and letting me tell you what to do! :)
Then we had our Sunday Packer party, however when they aren't televised it becomes more of an excuse to get together and eat and talk...which is exactly what we did! Thank you Jerry, Holly and Mary for having us all over! Presley had a great time with Mary and Boston and once again Piper was a whiny butt! UGH! What happened to my happy baby? We think she might just be more comfortable at home?
Sunday night and I'm ready for bed but Piper is still screaming from her bed. Goodnight all!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Week in review

Saying no....that is what I'm trying to do. Too many things I commit to and too many things I want to do and be a part of. So I'm trying to pick and choose what we are doing, what we really want to do, what we need to do and plan ahead. I think as you become a parent, planning becomes more and more critical to your overall success and sanity.

Monday was my 10-7 work day. Nice to have some time with Piper in the morning before work, not so nice when I get home and the chaos of calming down and getting kids to bed is in process.
Tuesday Presley had cheer, she once again did a little more than the week before. She really does like it and comes home and does all her 'cheers' for us with no problem. She is a little more shy in front of people but I think she is coming out of that shell, slowly but surely.
Wednesday Steve worked a little late (which for him is 5:30), he got home in time for dinner and we had a nice night just the four of us hanging out. Piper was finally beginning to act like her old self again after her cold last week.

Yesterday we had Piper's pictures. Our stress of the last 3 know $300 in outfits, two reschedules...I was ready for them to be over with. The weather actually turned out ok, Piper was pretty good. She did NOT want to be held at all! Presley was less than cooperative! She normally loves the camera, but maybe that is only for me! So we'll see if we got any good ones. One good one of Piper and a decent family picture and I'll be happy, that is all I can ask for at this point!
Afterwards we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, this outing went much better than the last. Still kids that wouldn't really listen or behave, but we had no continuous screaming from Piper or crying for steps!

Today I was lucky enough to have lunch with my Stephen. He is working not too far from downtown so it was nice for me to just hop over and have lunch with him, we might have to do that again before he changes job sites!
I was supposed to have dinner with my friend Sarah tonight but she wasn't feeling good, which was ok, the week had been busy and the weekend is looking that way too, so it was ok to just come home and play.
Tonight Layla came down to play with Presley, I love it! I just love when she is social! I just think of her last year in preschool when she wouldn't speak. I think if she went back there would be a totally different experience and they would see a totally different Presley.
Actually Steve and I have had conversations with the girls at preschool and they just love her. I know we hear this all the time but I think we are in shock and don't really believe it. They even said today that 'that it isn't even a question' if she is good and they have never seen her doing anything remotely bad!?! Steve asked if she participated and they said yes! She raises her hand to answer questions and everything!.....WHAT? MY CHILD? PRESLEY? I think I might have to ask for a video of this b/c I still don't believe it!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

BIrthday par-tay!

So we had Miss Pipers birthday Saturday evening, which gave us plenty of time Friday and Saturday to clean our disgusting house and get ready! She decided that a short hour nap was all she needed and by the time Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Jerry showed up she was grouchy. So she went down for a nap about 15 minutes before the party started! LOL! Oh well. We had time to make dinner, eat and chat before waking her up for the festivities!
I LOVED the outfit we finally found (after $300 worth of other clothes had been bought and returned!) Persistence paid off! LOL!
She opened her gifts and then we did cake!
She was a little leery at first but after getting her hands dirty, she was willing to keep going after it.
Then Boston wanted his picture taken....this is the smile I got?!
then this.......
finally a NICE, cake-faced smile!
Holly, Jerry, Matt and Steve's nephews Jordan, Jake and Derek (we love that they come to these parties! Not very many 16-22 year old boys go to their cousins 1st birthday party!) hung out for a while after the party, it was good, fun and I was still in bed by 10!
Today we got up and got ready for the Packer party at our house. It was nice to just be home and not have to pack up the kids and take them somewhere! We were casual, cozy and as always had a lot of laughs!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Do they look alike?

Piper had her 1 year well child appt today. She was 20.3 lbs (58%) Presley was 22.5 lbs and 28.5 inches (maybe 50%) Presley was 22.5 inches. Piper is just a little smaller. She is doing all the things she should be doing except clapping. That is the one thing we CANNOT get her to do! Oh well.
She has been sick this week and just not herself. Not willing to play, walk, eat as much...and finally, tonight we began to see Miss Piper come back to normal! Just in time for her birthday party tomorrow!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

One Year.

Seriously? Where did this year go? Oh Miss Piper, there are no words that can express the happiness you bring into this household. Your smile, your fake laugh, your courage, your kisses.....I just can't get enough!

Miss Piper :
- is in 12 months clothes and moving on up to size 4 diapers
- has 4 teeth on bottom and two on top, she is a little lopsided
- says 'ahhh dahh' for all done and 'UT!' for ut oh!
- loves to give kisses and wrestle with daddy and Presley
- loves baths!
- loves real food but is still drinking her bottles. We actually haven't tried very hard to get her off the bottle and I don't really care. She probably doesn't drink enough right now so we'll need to change something.
- loves her pacifier. A habit we need to change ASAP!
- has no fear. NO FEAR!
- shakes her head no when you ask her anything! and blow kisses!
- does a good job walking! She still prefers to crawl but can get about 1/2 way across the room before losing her balance.

One year ago....

Presley at one year...

Tonight we had a make-shift smash cake for her, in the form of a Hostess cupcake. We figured it would be good practice for the real thing and we didn't want her actual birthday to go unnoticed! The girl didn't hesitate! She took the whole thing in her hand and took a bite!
She loved it! Half in her lap and half in her mouth.
She got a bath and got a present. Look at that smile!
God I love this girl! Happy 1st birthday sweet girl!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So Miss Piper's cold is still here and she was nice enough to pass it on to me and Steve. UGH! Sunday and Monday night Piper slept like crap, only falling asleep in bed with me. So needless to say the three of us got very little sleep. Presley is the only one who hasn't been affected.....yet.
Yesterday Steve took Piper to the doctor, of course there was nothing wrong (this girl is a trooper, she hasn't had an ear infection yet and this is her first real bad cold!). So we'll wait it out.
Of course, yesterday was the day that Steve and I started feeling terrible....after two nights with little sleep and trying to fight the colds we were done for! I put Piper to bed at 7:30 and I was in bed about 8! Piper slept all night which is exactly what we needed! We have all felt like crap today but I think we are on the mends.

I also took Presley to cheer class last night. She did participate a little, right next to me. So I think eventually she'll continue to feel comfortable and participate we hope!

On a side note : Presley has had one month with no (or very little) crying at preschool drop-off! She loves everything about preschool. The learning, the organization, the crafts, the routine. Loves it!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Update

Wednesday I about had a breakdown with Presley....well I did. The attitude is just out of control and I don't know what to do about it. I couldn't handle it, I broke down crying told Steve I was done with her and I went to bed crying.
Thankfully Thursday I had plans to have some pumpkin beers with some girls at Rock Bottom, it was just what I needed!  Great conversation, lots of laughs and of course good beer and food! Thank you girls!
Photo: GNO

Friday night we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner since we had time to beat the rush when we got home from work. UGH! It was not the best restaurant experience due to our children. Piper screaming at the top of her lungs, not b/c she was unhappy but b/c she just wants to scream. Then Presley has her moments of throwing fits and has to go to the bathroom a minimum of two times anytime we are anywhere.
Piper did not sleep good Friday night and then woke up with a fever Saturday morning. Not good. I don't think she has been sick yet, we have been so lucky with her! She just sat there. Cuddling. So sad. It was nice having her sit still for more than 5 seconds but so pathetic.
We did do much, watched the Iowa game, ran errands and hung out!

Sunday I took the girls to my parents for the Packer game, even though it wasn't televised. Steve needed a couple hours to himself to start the backsplash in the kitchen and it turned out great!  Adds a little something extra to the room!

Photo: Didn't watch much football today but did install a new kitchen backsplash.
Presley played so good with Boston and Mary today and when we got home Layla came down to play too. Normally they don't get along very well b/c both girls are very bossy but today they did good just playing by themselves until dinner.
Now it is time for bed and Miss Piper is still pathetic, she has been feeling better today but is not totally herself could be a long night!

Walking Piper

Well in the last 3 days she has decided that she will try to walk on her own. And she has does pretty good, doing up to 10 steps at a time seems to be getting easier. She thinks she is pretty cute.
and she is right. She is very happy with herself!
How can you NOT love this face? :)
My sweet girl
P was jealous of the pictures we were taking of Piper so she started jumping off the furniture.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


- Steve took P to cheer/tumbling class tonight, she didn't participate but she watched. She wants to join so badly and I think she will. We will try again next week!
- One of P's teachers was 'terminated' today! Of course, it was the one we felt she was more connected to but sounds like she couldn't handle the classroom by herself, who knows. We are sad, Presley doesn't seem to care. She told Steve she went to teach at a new church?! and she told me she went to teach at a different high who knows! LOL!
- Watching The Voice, one of the contestents' dad was in the 80's band Chicago! I love Chicago! And then he sang a Gavin Degraw song! I love Gavin now I want him to win!
- I might drink a bottle of wine tonight. OOPS!
- My daddy is in Colorado (I think) on his every 2 year trip. He hit up Rocky Mountain National Park for some camping and know, before the government shut down the parks! UGH! Anyway, I'm jealous of his trips and I hope that we can travel as a family and do this kind of stuff in the future. Just drive, camp, no real destination, just experiencing whatever we can along the way. The problem is convincing Steve that the driving isn't that bad!  :)
- The older Presley gets the less patience Steve has with her...he is coming down to my level! LOL
- Today was an irritating day at work. People in general are lazy and it seems that my position at work is responsible for what everyone else does and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of having to be perfect when other people get away with doing the bare minimum. There is my rant for the night.
- This is a bad time of year for me...too many reality shows I want to watch. There are a lot of dramas I want to watch but it is hard for me to dedicate every week to them...where reality shows I can miss one and still not miss much! LOL!