Monday, June 28, 2010

Muddy rock and roll!

So Saturday was Summer Jam! All day outdoor 80's rock concert (Skidrow, Warrent, Night Ranger)...and of course, it was 95 degrees after a night full of rain = hot and humid! We drenched ourselves in sunscreen, grabbed some beers for tailgating and rocked out! (and thanked our parents for watching Presley and Ava)
Then we realized the extent of the mud.
But we still had a good time! You couldn't get away from the mud, so we just enjoyed it!
I don't remember what band this was, it was late, I was tired and all the long-haired singers and guitar players looked the same (stuck in the 80's) by the end of the day.
Sunday we mostly hung out. Neither one of us hungover a good(?) sign that we are getting (old?) more mature, but both tired so all 3 of us took naps!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thunderstorm warning....after warning.

Talk about crazy weather. We have had our share, I don't complain much. Everyone complains that it is too cold, too hot, too much rain....blah, blah. Friday I got to spend about 45 minutes in the copy room at work with coworkers b/c of a tornado warning. That makes for an exciting day!
Friday night we went to our friend Shallenbergers house for a summer party! They have an absolutely gorgeous home near Norwalk and it was so nice to see everyone. A lot of people from Steve's hometown of Creston and their kids, we now like parties when kids are invited! :)
Our kid was not impressed with this party. She didn't like people, wouldn't eat, had to be held and cried for no apparent reason. Fun for us! Needless to say I took her home fairly early and let Steve stay and have some fun.

Saturday morning I was up and busy getting ready for Samantha's baby shower! The 'theme' was baby zoo animals. Look at these cupcakes our friend Sam made! If you are interested in her stuff check out The Lemon Drop Bakery on Facebook, I'm always impressed with what she can do!
We had a good turn out, played two games (congrats to Jon's daughter Madison and our Aunt Ann for their big wins!) ate some food and watched Sammy Kay open lots of good stuff! It's so weird to think 2 years ago I was the pregnant one, time flies!
Saturday night I had girls night! Always a good time, got to meet some new friends, drink some margaritas and watch Holly flirt with the waiters! haha!
Sunday we went to the Moellers Fathers Day BBQ! We are bad and didn't get any fathers day pictures! Shame on us! Happy Fathers Day to my dad and husband, you are the most important men in my life and I love you more than you could ever know! Thank you for being so great!
Monday weight loss amount: Jessica total loss 5 pounds, Steve total loss 5.7 pounds. Steve has been working outside sweating off all his weight! Hey, whatever works!
Well off to watch the weather alerts interrupt my television shows.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


- Please pray for our friend Lane, you can read their blog from my blog list. They have been through a lot over the last month and we are thinking and praying for them and Lane's recovery!

- I don't like basketball, Lakers vs Celtics....don't really care. I like seeing the famous people in the stands but other than that the squeaky shoes and the back and forth and back and forth, doesn't really do it for me!

- Weight loss challenge: I didn't update last week, but that's ok....we'll just pretend like that week didn't happen! :)
However this week: My total weight loss so far is 5.4 pounds and Steve is down a total of 3 pounds. We only have a couple weeks left, but as long as I'm ahead of Steve I'll be happy! :)

- I'm getting my hair cut on Thursday, it has been over 6 months! I probably won't do anything fun or fancy with my hair but goodness it is just not pretty these days!

- Congrats to our friends Lane and Rachel and Jared and Lisa on their annoucements of their babies who are due this winter! and congrats to our friends Tami and Mike and Hoots and Basler (aka Mark and Kelli) on the birth of their baby boys! Welcome Finn and Brody! We are so happy for all of you!

Sick and tired and busy!

So the last week has really been a blur! Started out with Presley sick last Tuesday, so her and I got to spend the day at home together relaxing and cuddling. All this time together, must have led to me getting sick also. Fun stuff for all of us!
Friday afternoon we were leaving for Wisconsin for my cousin's highschool graduation and she was up most of that night so Steve took her to the walk in clinic that morning. Double ear infection and slight allergies, we got a prescription, Benedryl and Tylenol and we were on our way with our doped up baby, (just kidding!) and a pregnant woman (Samantha! Not me!). We were sure this was going to be a LONG drive!
Besides Samantha puking in the car and us forgetting all of our bathroom stuff (make-up, toothbrushes) it was a very good drive. Presley was awesome, we only had to watch 1 hour of Baby Einstein on the 6 hour drive!

My aunt and uncle arranged for us to stay in this perfect little cabin at at resort near their home. As always we get nervous when we have to share a room with Presley, but again she did great! Slept until 9 am Saturday morning! ooohhhh yeah!!!!!
They had this awesome water park/pool that Presley loved!

It was a little humid and we had a slight outbreak of spiral curls!

I've posted pictures of Presley's many is her most recent smile. Not nearly as cute as they were before, but still funny!
Oh here is a nice smile!

The graduation party was great! Perfect weather, good food and it was nice to see a lot of relatives that I haven't see in years! Congrats Matt on graduation and in your new start at Purdue!
Presley wasn't too afraid of all the people and attention, she basically just wanted to walk around and up and down the sidewalk looking cute.

This kid LOVES strawberries! She can't get enough!!

So glad we got a picture of my Grandpa shooting baskets....he can't remember what year it is, but he sure wanted to get out there and shoot a few!
Sunday the drive back was short and simple and Presley was again, very good! (sigh of relief!) This was the day that I really started to feel bad, I basically didn't have a voice most of the weekend (I sounded like a 90 year old smoker!) Presley has watched me blow my nose and cover my mouth to cough so many times that now she does it! (well, she holds the tissue up to her face and basically blows a raspberry in it or sticks her hand in her mouth instead of covering it...but whatever, it's close to the same thing!)

Monday, June 14, 2010


Sorry, (Shannon) I know you told me that I needed to post....but I just don't have it in me. Too sick, too tired....too full of snot.
Once I start to feel better, I promise to enlighten you with all sorts of stories and pictures!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's been too long!

It's been a whole week since I've posted, that is too long. Sad part is, I don't really think I have much to say!
Last week my friends Colleen and Chris welcomed a baby boy into their family. Conor John was perfect, his big sister Bridget is extremely happy to have her baby brother around! We are so happy for them!
Friday night we took Presley down to Simon Estes to watch The Nadas play. It was a great night and Presley was very good for being out so late.

It was such a pretty night on the river!
Saturday we didn't do much. I started getting a sore throat and headache. :(
Sunday I went into work for a couple hours and then Presley and I went over to mom's to make mints for Samantha's baby shower on the 19th and for my cousins graduation this coming weekend. Steve took the day to get some work done in the basement (eventually in the next year, we hope to have it finished!) and to build Presley a book shelf for her room.
She was getting too big for her changing table so we took that out and now we have another place to put her toys and books! I think it turned out great! (it pays to have a handy husband!)