Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Update

I just love these guys! :)
Friday night we hung out at home. Presley and I watched Pitch Perfect 2. These movies are PG-13, mostly due to language which she knows if she repeats any of it that she won't be watching the movies again. And of course, sexual references which she doesn't understand yet. Actually she was pretty bored during this movie which surprised me since we watch the original Pitch Perfect ALL the time. Oh well!
Saturday morning we got up and I took Presley to get her hair fixed. They were much nicer and apologetic this time, still not sure we'll go back. We shall see. When we got home Steve and Piper ran to the grocery store and then we really just hung out all day! Very lazy, lots of reading time for me and lots of ipad time for the girls!
That night I met mom, dad, Holly and Mary at Fuzzy's Tacos for dinner before we went to see Jerry in Caucus! The Musical. I really didn't know what to expect and it was SO funny! So good and I HIGHLY recommend it, whether you like politics or not!
Sunday Piper was up at 7:30....too early for this household! She laid in bed with us for about an hour and then I finally forced myself out of bed. We hung out in the basement and when Steve got up, I laid back down for a quick nap!
We watched the Iowa basketball game, did laundry, the girls played and then we headed out to Brenton Skating Plaza to use the 2 free passes we had (since it was a 'warm' 40 degrees!). Piper is too young so her and I watched Steve and Presley.

We weren't sure Presley would agree to go out there! It's something new and it was busy. She was nervous but she went out there and tried and I think she actually enjoyed it! They hung on to the railing at the beginning but eventually got better and braver to let go! :)
I'm so proud of her for trying something new! This is a big deal for this girl!.....and Piper danced on the bench until it we were too cold then we went back to the car and hung out! She is a goofball!
Afterwards we decided to try dinner out (the last time, almost 2 weeks ago was a complete failure and I had to carry Piper out of the restaurant screaming and crying. And the whole way home she screamed, kicked the back of my seat and tried to open the car door....while I was driving of course!) ANYWAY.......we headed to Buzzard Billy's and surprisingly they were pretty good. They ate and got their free kids meal ice cream and we watched the end of the football game and headed home! It was nice to have a weekend with minimal obligations so we could do whatever we wanted!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


- Living next to a guy who owns a landscaping business is good and bad.....his landscaping looks amazing during the summer (and he gives us a small deal on things we need) but during the winter when he is plowing snow he tends to do his driveway in the middle of the night. That is right....12:30 AM Wednesday morning, that is what we heard less than 10 feet from Piper's bedroom window. Awesome.

- I think I mentioned that P's hair was crooked after she got it cut. Yeah it is. We are going back on Saturday to have them fix it and they better be nicer and more apologetic than they were when I called them. And if they aren't we will no longer be going back to Sheer Madness, which sucks since we haven't had any problems until now.

- Steve put on FB last Monday that we needed a vacation, semi-jokingly. We have been looking at Nashville for the last year and that was our plan for this spring. Then he got a call from his friend Todd that changed everything. Two couples (friends of ours) had booked a trip to Puerto Vallarta for the end of April and had an extra room in the house mansion they are staying in. So we looked into it, the flight wasn't too expensive, I talked to my mom who agreed to watch the girls for 5 days and now we are going! That was Monday night and Wednesday morning I purchased the flight tickets! I mean, how could we say no?

- I just read The Slave Across the Street, which is a real story of a normal girl who got mixed up with sex trafficking in Michigan. It was very eye-opening! And to realize that this does happen in the US to normal, average girls and it seems that no one is aware of it! :(

- We are doing anything we can to get Piper to sleep at a normal time but every night is it close to 9:30. We've given her Benedryl the last 2 nights and still, the same. I painted her nails the other night and it was coming off already. I told her that it was b/c she was not going to sleep good at night time! :) She wanted Steve to pick her up from daycare today, we told her if she went to sleep good that he would....still it was 9:30. If she would just stay quiet in her room, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. But she wants books, then more milk, then her diaper needs changed, then she picks out an outfit for the next day, then she wants us to pat her back and if you ignore her, she gets loud and usually Presley is already asleep by then and we don't want to wake her up. We have cut her naps down to an hour, but even that doesn't seem to make a difference. It's a struggle, I guess we can just be thankful that she'll sleep in on the weekends. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's COLD.

It's I don't want to leave the house cold! Unforunately we didn't stay home all weekend, like I really could have!
Friday I was able to pick up the girls a little early and we headed home and got ready to head over to our neighbors Sarah and Kyle house to hang out for a while. The kids played pretty good, we hung out and eat and talked and before we knew was 11!

Saturday morning Piper was up at 8 but Presley didn't get up until after 10. Samantha wanted to take Boston to Skyzone, so I took the girls and met them there about noon. A half hour is really long enough to be there! Piper LOVES it! She is not scared to jump on the little kids court by herself or fling herself into the foam pit with the big kids.
We got home and decided it was time to have quiet time, which we don't normally make them take but we were having people over to watch the Packer game that night and they had been up late the night before, so we wanted to try. Presley was hesitant, but once we set her up in our bed to watch a movie she was good. Piper on the otherhand.....over an hour or us putting her back in bed, her getting out, us holding the door shut until she got back in bed, opening the door, her running back out and doing that process over and over and over again...eventually her screaming and crying wore her out. She fell asleep on me about 2:30, I was able to sneak out and she slept until almost 5! We knew she was tired! :)

Then the Packer game. The game had it's ups and downs for sure....not the outcome we were wanting but I guess we have been accustom to the 4th quarter comebacks and losses this season. For some reason we decided to start arm wrestling?! It was so funny to watch the seriousness and see who could beat who. And yes, I am the girl champion! I beat both my sisters and Sarah the neighbor (who had definietly wrestled more people that I did that night, so I think I got lucky b/c her arm was tired!)
I love this pic of the surprised faces when Sam tried to make a come back on Sarah!
 And the surprised looks on both mine and Sam's face when I beat her!
The final round. Me and 2/3 won the $4 sitting on the counter (yes, they bet on us!)

And again our kids were up way too late but they did both sleep on on Sunday morning! I had plans with my sisters and mom. So I left about 11 and we had brunch at Centro and then saw Newsies at the Civic Center! We LOVED this movie growing up and to see it live was awesome! It is just amazing to see them dance and sing like that!

I had Monday off for MLK day and Presley decided she wanted to stay home with me instead of going to KTC for the day, which was fine. She is much easier to run errands with than Piper! So we got her haircut, she cut off about 4 inches, it looks really cute! (which I think is a little crooked so I'm a little pissed).
Then we got cupcakes at Scratch to help raise money for cystic fibrosis. $1 of every 'Bad Ace' cupcake sold in January goes to the foundation! Then we headed to the mall. I wanted to look at shoes (which I really didn't have time for), we found a new dress for Presley to wear to the father/daughter dance since she wore the same one the last 2 years it was time for an upgrade. She was pretty excited and had a hard time accepting that we were only going to buy one! Then we had a birthday party at ChuckECheese for Collins. I don't know the last time I have been there. It was chaos, but Presley and I had fun spending her coins and such. Collins was really the only kid she knew there and Collins didn't feel that good so basically P and I hung out except during the pizza and cake time. It was fun! We packed up her winnings of  super awesome, expensive, fun toys (that will eventually find their way into our garage, oh darn!) and headed to Target to get some shopping done! We did our shopping and headed home to have some nice, quiet time without daddy or Piper home! :) Of course this time went way too fast and before you know it we had two girls fighting with each other.....the stars had aligned and everything was back to normal once again!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Piper update

I stayed home with her Monday morning, Steve came home and then I went to work about 11:30. He said most of the day she seemed fine and didn't act sick at all (thank you tylenol) but when I got home her fever spiked around 101-102. Miserable baby.
Basically the 3 of us didn't do much sleeping last night. She was just hot, whiny, sad, cried for anything and everything ALL night long. Finally about 2 she calmed down and fell asleep. At 5 am she woke up, I gave her more meds and then she wanted to watch Annie (fine, just be quiet and go back to sleep). We did.
I stayed home this morning and once Steve got home I came into work (trying to conserve those PTO hours!). He took her to the doctor and she has a double ear infection. The cough and fever are probably a virus that just needs time. Awesome. I just want her fever to go away so she can go back to daycare! Poor sad baby girl. :(

Monday, January 11, 2016

Elvis Lives!

Steve and I got tickets to see Travis Ledoyt at Wildrose Casino in Jefferson on Friday night. Steve's employer actually built the casino and we had seen Travis perform at the fair before and loved him, so we decided to get away for the night. Travis is known as the worlds best young Elvis...and it would've been Elvis' 81st birthday also!
 I laughed thru the whole show, he is a great performer and I love seeing the 60 year old women go CRAZY over him! It was a lot of fun!

Afterwards we had our picture taken with him, so cute! Then we hung out at the restaurant and watched karaoke and talked to some older people that we had met. We then headed over to the casino to get rich! haha! Steve did pretty good but in the end ended up losing $40, and I doubled my $60 and had to walk away even though the slot machine was on a roll!

We picked up the girls from mom's. Mom said Piper had been coughing alot and they got up too early so they were going to be grouchy. Fun times. I actually got out of the house and went and saw Sisters with my mom and was SO funny! So wrong but had me crying laughing!
Saturday night we just hung out at home, and Piper ended up coughing and not sleeping well at all!
Sunday we hung out, did laundry, cleaned and stuff before we headed to my parents for the Packer game. Piper just went downhill all evening.....fever set in, coughing, asked to lay down to sleep (what?)....and then that continued ALL night long. She slept in bed with me again and we watched Annie at 3 in the morning b/c she couldn't/would'n't sleep. Poor baby. Hoping that this is just a cold and it will run it's course and she'll be better soon! Fingers crossed, she has had a rough week!!

Friday, January 8, 2016


So Monday started out as a normal Monday.....great!
Tuesday I got a call from Generation that there was a possiblity of lice in Pipers classroom. So we went home combed hair, washed everything, vaccumed everything, sprayed down furniture to hopefully stop anything in our home!

Tuesday night Piper woke up in a coughing fit! Cough, cough, cough, puke all over her bed. I assumed she had basically gagged from coughing so much. So she slept in our bed, I slept on the couch and we left the sheets to be cleaned that evening.
Wednesday at work we found out they were shutting down one of our sites (there were 3 of us, now we are down to two....there were 5 sites at one point!). Bummer, but glad it wasn't us. And then I got a call from Generation about 4 that Piper had thrown up. Awesome.
I went to get her adn there was an ambulence in the parking lot (I guess one of the kids had a seizure or something, I'm guessin everything was okay since I never heard any more about it), then one of the toilets was overflowing in Piper's classroom! So I got Piper and her bag full of puked on clothes and tried to get away from the bad karma!

I got Piper set up on the couch with her throw up bowl and tried to get some more laundry done. She kept complaining that her belly hurt but she wanted to eat and she wanted me to hold her. In the meantime, Steve took Presley to gymnastics...the first time since moving up a class, she was crying and didn't want to go in. Really? UGH.
Finally Presley did participate and did good. It will be a challenge but I think she'll learn a lot too. They got home and about 10 minutes later Piper puked.....alot....bright green! (thank you green popsicle) Thankfully she only hit the bowl and my shirt. Awesome.

Then I noticed the fridge leaking water onto the floor. WTF! Really? Steve got that fixed, we think. A part of the floor looks a little water logged and we aren't sure if it will go away but I'm ready for the week to be over!

Yesterday I stayed home from work to be with Piper. I figured that we had had enough fun and phone calls from Generation in one week that we would play it safe and just hang out. She seemed fine, she bossed me around, she threw fits, she acted completely 'normal'. Both girls last night were unbelieveable. Throwing fits about everything!!!! It was really bad. I hate nights like that! So hopefully this weekend can be refreshing and the start of a better week and month ahead!

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Saturday we didn't do much, we were tired after two busy days. Steve took the girls out sledding for over an hour in the backyard! Piper said she didn't want to go sledding...yeah by the smile on her face, I think she loved it!

 Even when they fell sideways!
They spent time climbing the mountain of snow in the neighbors yard (pretending they were in a parade and throwing out candy! Gotta love the imagination!)
Saturday night Piper woke up at 1 in the morning. Laying there moaning, crying, just not happy. I laid in her bed. She laid with Steve on the couch, she laid with us in our bed...she just wasn't happy and then about 2:45 she puked. So we got her and the bed cleaned up, got prepared for the next time (we knew this was a possiblity since Sam, Scott and Holly all got sick Friday night, yes, you can blame our party! :). She kept wanted to drink and every time she had water she threw it up. Poor Steve was up with her, of course he fell asleep off and on and she basically stayed awake. About 8 she came out to the family room and woke me up. Poor thing was exhausted but if fairly good spirits. She threw up two more time before 11 (all water), took a short nap and then woke up crying. Presley and I were at Target and Piper cried until we got home, but then she ate and drank some and played good and things have been normal since. And as a bonus...she was asleep by 7:20! I can't tell you the last time that has happened! So hopefully it's over and no one else gets it! I got all the bedding, clothes, towels washed and put away. The girls helped cleaned, both got showers, Steve made a good dinner...I think we are ready for the week ahead! Fingers crossed!

New Years Weekend

We just tried to make it thru another week. I read 3 books in 3 days at work. Yeah, awesome.
(They must like to hang out in their pj's)
Our nightly visitors. The afternoon after this we had a nice buck just standing right off our deck. I love it.
I took a half day of PTO on Thursday, we decided to have some people over for New Years so I went home and helped Steve and Presley clean and get food ready. I picked up Piper from Generation after her nap, knowing she would need it if she was going to stay up late!
Taste testing the fruit.
Daddy and Miss Piper
Me and my girls. Love them!
So our party was good! What was going to be a couple people coming over ended up with a nice crowd actually! Tons of food and good to see some people that we haven't seen for a while with the colder weather. Piper made it until about 11:15. Presley about 12:15 and Boston was still awake when I went to bed at 1:30!
Friday we hung out, cleaned the house and got ready for our sitter Brittney who came at 3 so we could go watch the Iowa football game. We met some people at 1908, the game was a disaster but it was a great season so everyone should be proud of them anyways. Afterwards we all went and got some dinner and we were home by 9:30. (on a side note....we love Brittney. She made the girls dinner and took them out in the snow. She lives almost right behind us, so they walked over to her house to get her snow gear so they could run off some energy! Thank you Brittney!)