Sunday, July 31, 2016

Family pictures! LOVE!

We always try to do family Packer shirts...what was the one thing I forgot to pack for us? Packer shirts! We compromised and made it thru without standing out too much!
In order from my mom's oldest sister to her youngest brother.
John, Ann, Lee, Kelly, Tyler and Cameron. John and Ann live in Texas while their son and family lives in Oregon and just moved to Singapore for work this week!!! What an adventure for their family!!! already know us and if you don't...Welcome! Nice to meet you!!
Cindy with her daughter Molly and granddaughter Harper....they are missing daughter Sarah who was super prego with her 3rd child and just had a baby a couple days ago! Congrats Sarah and Seth on baby Jonas! They all live in Texas also.
Uncle Dave and Steph with the boy...Chris (known for his afro and awesome lights the kids liked), Brian (an amazing rapper) and Andrew (who is too smart for his own good!) They live in Colorado!
Ellen, Roger and boys Matt and Luke...they got the tall genes in the family! They live in Wisconsin
Danny and Debbie who recently retired in Texas and are traveling the US in their motor home! How awesome is that??
The whole crew....Frederick Family reunion 2016! It's awesome that we can all get together from all over the US every other year to see each other for a week. Where will the reunion be in 2 years? Time will tell!

Day 5/ Wednesday

Wednesday we decided to try out one of the other pools....There was an indoor pool with a slide and BOTH of our kids went down it (with Steve catching them of course), a splash pad area and the outdoors pool with some cool water features...the view was not nearly as awesome as the other pool but the kids had a good time. We stayed a couple hours and headed back to the cabin to chill.

 Dinner was at my Uncle Dave's cabin that night, the weather was perfect again!
Half the family
 and the other half, sitting, talking, eating and chillin.

 That night we had the talent show!
Danny and Debbie went first....they were so cute with their little country song about meeting each other and their relationship, it was funny and adorable!

 Then we headed outside for Dave, Steph, Chris, Andrew and Brian's talent....synchronized swimming! So creative!

Ann and John's Poo-pouri commercial remake (Piper was scared of Santa, she just kept telling me she wanted the Easter Bunny!)
Then it was our turn....we went for a Saturday Night Live act......our introduction from Mary and Presley 'Live from Black Butt it's Saturday night!!'
The Gap Girls.....

 Da Pack!

 Spartan cheerleaders

 and the Weekend Update!

 Cindy, Molly and Harper went for a little Janis Joplin and Miss Harper played the harmonica for us! So cute!

Lee, Kelly, Tyler and Camerson did a Star Wars reenactment....episodes 4, 5, and 6 within 10 cute and so funny!
Roger, Ellen, Matt and Luke with their light up dance creative and fun to watch (again, Piper was scared!)
There is no winner named for this talent show but it's fun to see what everyone comes up with every 4 years...I wouldn't be sad to see this be our last year though! :)