Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Question Friday

1. Do you prefer to drive to your vacation spot or fly? I don't care either way. I guess it depends on how far we have to drive and who all is going. Are there small children involved? Ones who need bottles every 3 hours or who have to use the potty every couple hours? I think road trips are fun, however Steve is not a big fan. He gets bored (big surprise, him not wanting to sit still for any length of time). I really, really want to do road trips as a family when the girls get older!
2. If you could live any where in the world, where would you go and why?  I would say somewhere warmer but hell it was over 100 degrees most of the summer! I don't think I could ever live too far from my parents though.
3. Should grown women wear leggings? If they can pull it off, sure!  I wish I had the nerve or style sense to pull together something to wear leggings. Heck, I just did the skinny jean thing last year....wonder if I'll ever fit back into them?
4. If you could change your name to any other name, would you? And what would it be? Princess Consuela Bananahammock
5. What magazines to you have subscriptions to? Parents magazine is the only one! Steve was getting Handyman magazine, just what he needs is more ideas of things he can make or build!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Change is good!

I actually hate change but it seems as though my life is full of it these days. I'm taking things day by day dealing with the fact that I have little control of much of anything.

We closed on our house Wednesday! Our 120 day time frame was almost 150 days, but that really was to be expected now wasn't it? :)  Either way, it is done, our responsibility...ours! Steve is busy, that brain never stops thinking. Thank goodness he isn't busy at work right now and is able to take some time off to get some stuff done but it makes is very hard for me to work. It's hard knowing everything that needs to get done but I'm so busy at work I don't have time to think about it and I can't lift anything....again, lack of control getting to me.

Presley is SO excited about the new house, she is like a crazy woman when we are there. She won't stop talking and walks around like she owns the place! I hope she adjusts to everything we have or will be throwing at her...with preschool, a new house and a new baby. If she can get thru all this without major issues, I'll be so thankful!
Preschool is still rough on her. She still cries when my mom leaves and she still doesn't really play with anyone. She always seems excited to go but never wants to talk about it afterwards. It is good for her and I know that but it is still hard to think about my baby standing around watching the other kids have fun and play while she just stands there watching...wanting to be involved. Time will help.

I had my doctors appointment today.....36 weeks and 3 days. I didn't gain any weight, still at a total of 19 pounds and my blood pressure was perfect! And not dilated any further, thank goodness! The doctor said I am 'all baby' and next week we'll do another weight check for Baby G to see how big she is.

Tomorrow we got the moving truck for free (besides mileage) so Steve and my dad are going to get started with getting some things moved and then Saturday will be our main moving day and will actually require me to pack up the apartment (which I haven't started yet). My help will be cleaning everything (all the crap that has been sitting in Holly or my parents garage over the last 5 months) before it gets moved into the house! Wish us luck and maybe I'll have pictures to post by Sunday!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday Daddy and Uncle Leslie!

Two of the most amazing men I know! Aren't they cute?
 Typical brothers!
 Typical twins!
 Gotta love 'em!
We planned to have our families together for months for their big birthday! I think there are 19 of us and we haven't been together as a family in WAY too long and we all live in DSM! Sad huh? It was a great day! So many laughs, lots of food, perfect weather and four square!
Even Scout likes to be in on the action!
 Aunt Ann showing them who the Queen of four square really is! :)

Why am I up at 5 am?

Actually I've been up thinking since 4, but tried my damnest to go back to sleep. Well, why should I waste time just laying there tossing back and forth when I can get up and get some blogging done? One less thing I'll have to think about later!
Our weekend started off with Steve and I  going out for our 5 year anniversary! My mom decided to watch Presley and Boston for the night to give us all a night out. Steve had been sick and I had been just tired. We did dinner at one of our favorites Trostel's Dish, it was delicious as always! Then we did some running around to Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond and even a little Target action! Romantic huh? We thought about catching a 7 oclock movie but didn't think about it until 7 and neither one of us was going to make it thru the 8:30 movie! LOL! Sad huh? Oh well, it was nice to just relax as the two of us!
Saturday Holly took Presley for the day! Both Steve and I put some hours in at work and then we did some more stuff (ran up to the house, did the grocery shopping, laundry, organizing crap) and by 6 pm we were at a loss without our Presley! We missed her! Steve said he realized why we spent so much time at the bar when we didn't have kids....b/c he was bored! Guess I need to work on my entertainment skills! LOL!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Five years!

It seems like just yesterday!....Not really, this days seems like forever ago. I don't mean that in a bad way but life has changed so much in the last 5 years.
We always said we were going to go back to our honeymoon resort at Dreams Cancun for our 5 year anniversary. We loved it there! Of course, 5 years ago we didn't know that we would've been on a cruise, to the Dominican, to Vegas twice, have a 3 1/2 year old or that I would be 8 months prego and about to move into a different house. So maybe next year!
I love you Stephen! Happy Anniversary!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Question Friday

1. What is one grammar issue you cannot let go without correction? Ain't. Can't stand the word ain't! And when people say 'I could care less'. No, you couldn't care less!

2. What's your favorite thing about fall? I am beginning to like fall more than I have in the past. I love the cooler weather and having the windows open, the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees, crunching when you step on them, football season, Halloween which leads to Thanksgiving which leads to Christmas.

3. What's your favorite dish to take to a potluck? We like to change it up! Pinterest has been great in giving new and different ideas. I really need to write down or have a recipe book (do they have online programs for this?) that we can refer to!

4. When do you start Christmas (Holiday) shopping? Well normally we are late shoppers which I hate and every year I tell myself that I won't do it again. However, last year I did most of it on Veterans Day since I didn't have to's before Thanksgiving so it's not too busy and it was so nice to just have a couple random things to get after that! So I'm hoping that since I'll be on maternity leave this year, I can get a lot done during that time to avoid the malls between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

5. Did you move homes a lot growing up? Heck no! Thank goodness! My parents have lived in the same house for about 30 years and that is the only 'home' I can and will remember! That is one of the reasons that Steve and I wanted to find a house that we would live in for a long time and we wanted to get settled before Presley started school!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Monday Presley and I were able to meet baby Cora! Janelle had us over to give us a present for Baby G (which you really didn't have to do!!!). I figured Presley would just stay quiet and ignore their 3 year old son Kayson but she did better than I thought. She actually answered Janelle's questions and showed off her somersault skills. She seemed interested in Cora which is good, but I think she is going to have to work on her 'being gentle' skills!

Tuesday Steve had to do some landscaping up at the new house before the sod went in so I took Presley to gymnastics. Boy it was an interesting class. Two teachers for 9 kids which is good but one of those 9 kids was mentally challenged and neither the teachers nor the mother knew how to get her to pay attention or listen so of course all the other kids just wanted to stare and not listen. Another kid, it was his first class and he just wanted to run around and do whatever he wanted without listening or following directions either, another distraction to the class. Normally, I'm one of the only parents that follows the kids into their room (mostly b/c P won't participate without me there) but this time there were 9 parents watching in this tiny room too! Overall Presley did a good job, she is one of the kids who actually sits still when it isn't her turn!

Wednesday morning was her first official preschool day. My mom dropped her off and said she seemed excited and ready until it was time for Grandma to leave. They had some outdoor playtime and my mom sat in the car and watched her. She stood by herself watching the other kids, both teachers encouraged her to participate. I'm sure she is going to be hesitant for a while but I know the teachers will do a good job in helping her feel comfortable! She didn't really want to talk about her day to my mom but has opened up a little to me about different things they did. Ah the fun of watching your child grow up!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

35 weeks and counting

My doctors appt went good today. Amniotic fluid level was up to 14 so the doctor was happy with that. I gained 3 pounds in one week for a total of 19 pounds, blood pressure was perfect, iron level was good!
Then she checked to see if I was dilated....yep! Dilated to 1.5! What?! NOOO.........I was dilated to .5 with Presley after 5 hours of having contractions! The doctor isn't worried and said it was normal. Great, I'm going to have this baby early. Probably the only people who don't want their baby to come early!
I'm actually just pysching myself out, telling myself we are going to have this baby early so that we really don't. Does reverse psychology work on an unborn baby?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

One week closer

My crazy monkeys pigs?! (Steve likes to take tape and tape his nose 'up', Presley wasn't sure she wanted to participate....until I told her NOT to do it, then she was all about doing it. Gotta love reverse psychology for a 3 year old!)
I'm just getting to the point where I am tired. Of course, it could be a mixture of work, baby, house and life in general. I did work 58 hours last week, heck I work with some people who do that every week! I just can't. I don't like hearing Presley ask when I'm going to be home or why I'm working late. I love walking into the house and having her run to give me a hug and I know the older she gets the less that will happen, I just don't want to miss those moments. Hell, I'm not sure where the last 3.5 years went with her! When did she become a little kid instead of my baby?

Saturday I went to work in the morning. Then we went over to a friends house for their Beaverdale Fall Fest/Iowa game party. It was an afternoon full of fun, food and football! Lots of family and we were able to spend time outside watching the game and letting the kids play, so that was nice! Presley and I wore our purple Panther shirts but UNI couldn't pull off the win against the Hawkeyes. We still had to be happy the Hawks won! Steve and I got a Redbox movie to watch, but Steve was falling asleep on the couch before Presley made it to bed!

Sunday I decided NOT to go to work like I had intended (I figured 7 days in a row was enough). We got up, ready and ran our errands. We got Presley to eat a pretty good lunch, since she has been sick she just hasn't been eating like her normal self! She is starting to feel better, she got plenty of sleep this weekend and her coughing fits have decreased so she might be able to go to preschool this week! Finally! Wednesday is her day to bring snacks for the class and be the line leader! A big deal for a preschooler!! (so we think. Since we haven't really experienced a full day of preschool yet, we really have no idea what this entails! haha!)

Then we made a trip up to the house and to our surprise they had actually cleaned it! It was so nice! The appraisal was done last week and the only things really left are the yard grading, sod and gutters. There are some little indoor things that need to be completed but basically it is ready to be moved in! Our close date is set for the 25th and I think we might actually make it!

 My master bath.....the whirlpool tub.....that I WILL use!

I'm just ready to get moved in and get that checked off my list of things to get done before Baby G arrives! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Question Friday

1. How long did it take for you to find your wedding dress? (Wedding dress pics anyone?) The only place we went was David's Bridal, I tried on all the dresses the crazy lady helping us picked out. I figured I might as well try, you never know how they will look on and how often do you get to try on wedding dresses? Holly was helping me change into the dresses and I remember saying to her "well, I know I won't like this one"...put it on and actually liked it! It was one of two dresses that we narrowed it down to.
I went back a couple days later, saw it in the hanger and still thought it was ugly...until I put it on again. We bought the dress that night. Of course, it was way more money than I planned on spending but my parents wanted to buy it and said it was ok. Then we got to the register and it was half off! Woohoo!!
2. Someone in your general vicinity releases a NASTY smelling fart. Do you say anything or blow it off?  Blow it off, why bring it up?
3. What is the scariest thing that happened to you or scared you recently?  Presley waking up not able to breath, coughing and gagging. Samantha going to the hospital. Me not feeling good and going to the doctor a couple weeks ago, not knowing if there was something wrong with the baby. My mom falling down the stairs last year. I think that's enough, right?
4. Favorite brand and flavor of ice cream. It really doesn't matter, I LOVE ice cream.
5. Are you able to sleep well in hotels? It depends on the hotel, if you can hear people in the halls or the walls are thin, no. Otherwise, I don't seem to have a problem.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


- So I've read two more books....First I read Beautiful Disaster, which was good! I really liked it! Teenage romance, kind of Twilight but without vampires! Then I started reading a Jenny McCarthy book about marriage called If it was Easy, They'd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon, basically about the ups and downs of marriage and the things her husband does that annoys her. It was funny, but there were a lot of things I actually couldn't relate to...her husband being lazy or not involved, Steve is neither of those. I couldn't finish it, maybe when I need some thoughtless reading I'll try to get back into it.
Then I read Bared to You, which everyone said was like 50 Shades of Grey and it was. The raunchiness was the same but I like the unknown history of the male character in this, they leave it for the next book.
- I broke down and bought anti-aging wrinkle cream for my eyes. I've notice those little crows feet forming and I don't like it! I don't know why I've just realized it, I'm sure it didn't happen overnight! Of course, they like to charge a freaking shit-load for wrinkle cream so I bought one of the cheaper ones. Does that mean it will take twice as long to work? Or that it won't work at all?
- Work is busy, there are not enough hours in the day to get done even close to what I need to get done. I want to work overtime to help get caught up but I just hate being away from home especially when we have so much going on in the next 6 weeks. And then a part of me wants to help at work b/c I know I'll be leaving them to pick up my slack soon!
- Presley is doing so good recently with staying dry overnight (or as she says "I dry my diaper!"). If she does wet her diaper she seems to wake up and realize it! She'll wake up, go potty and put underwear on for the rest of the night (without waking us up). It's crazy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update

Friday we made our trip to the house, they were putting in carpet and finishing up the counter tops. It looks so good! I'll have to take more pics soon. Only a couple weeks left and we should be in, but I've been saying that for how many weeks now?

Saturday Steve got up early and headed to Iowa City for the Iowa game (which we won't talk about) so Presley and I had a girls day. She slept in, finally waking up at 10 am! NUTS! We got up, got ready (in her red Mexican dress b/c she refused to wear her Hawkeye shirt and who doesn't get dressed up to go to the mall?) and headed to the mall for some shopping. We didn't buy as much as I had intended, but we had lunch at the mall and did a little play land time.
Then we headed to Super Target for the 'real' shopping! At this point, Presley is more excited about buying things for her baby sister than she is for herself! It's super cute!
We made a dessert to take to my mom's on Sunday for the Packer game, got a Happy Meal for dinner and rented The Lorax for our girls night! Great girls day with my baby! She was very good! The last couple weeks she has been a very good girl, she might actually be 'growing up' a little!

Sunday I worked most of the day and Presley got some quality time with daddy and then we all headed to my parents to watch the Packer game (which we won't talk about). It was good family time and good food and lots of play time for Presley! She was losing her voice all day which we thought was just from screaming and having fun.....until midnight. When she woke not being able to talk, cough or breathe. She was crying, gagging herself as she tried to catch her breath. It was scary for all of us. We took turns sleeping with her b/c we were worried about her breathing, so none of us got very much sleep.
She went to my mom's as normal and about 11 am I got a call that Samantha was being taken to the hospital! After hours at the hospital the end result, she hyperventilated. Sounds like she couldn't breathe, got nauseous and thought she was going to pass out and just wasn't responding normally to her coworkers. Everything turned out to be ok, probably a little exhaustion, dehydration and a drop in blood sugar.
Then at 4 pm my mom called and said that Presley woke up from her nap HOT! Coughing, hacking and crying. Steve went and got her to take her to the walk in clinic. Fever of 104 degrees! Poor thing! They gave her Tylenol right away. I had planned on working late but then decided to leave and meet them at the doctors office. They didn't want her to leave until her temp came down and they did an initial strep test that came back negative. More than likely it is just a virus that needs to run its course. By bedtime you could tell she was already feeling better! I'm ready for this day to be over!
How is it that my kid, who is rarely sick might miss her first FULL day of preschool due to being sick? We'll have to see how she is tomorrow and if she still has a fever, if she preschool on Wednesday! :(

34 Weeks

We had our ultrasound and doctors appointment today! Ultrasound went good, baby measures at 27% at 4 lbs 10 oz. On the smaller side, but when they are this small one or two ounces makes a big difference. The amniotic fluid they want between 5 and 25% and I'm at 9.9 so they want to monitor that to make sure that as the baby gets bigger that it doesn't decrease anymore. She didn't seem worried and said sometimes the fluid can be increased just by me drinking more liquids (just what I want to do is pee more than I already do!).
My blood pressure was perfect and I didn't gain any weight (which was a complete surprise)! Still at 16.3 total pounds.
She bumped me up to going every week now and having my cervix checked with another ultrasound next week to mainly check the amnotic fluid levels.
This baby is going to hang out and be happy for another 6 weeks b/c I'm the mom and I say so!
We got one cute pic of Presley with my belly, impromtu pic with our crappy white apartment walls doesn't make for the best pics!

Friday, September 7, 2012


On meet the teacher day all the kids got a 'social' page that she was to decorate with things that she likes and a picture of her. All of these are going to be put together in a book of all the kids in her class and then each child will get to bring home this book to show their family! I can't wait to see the creativity of these pages!
Here is P and her page, she drew a P in the middle of the page and then used her stickers around it. Daddy loves this kind of stuff, so he made sure she had her Iowa Hawkeye stickers to put on there too. She is very lucky to have a daddy who likes to be creative....cuz this mommy doesn't do crafty!
She had her first day today! It was a shorten, one hour day. The parents took 15 minutes to play and get their kids 'settled' and then the parents went to one room for a parent orientation while the kids got to play in another room with their teachers.
She was scared and didn't want us to leave. I tried to sneak out and she came running after me....(mommy, mommy, mommy!). At this point Steve had followed the rest of the parents and I was one of two mom's trying to part from their daughters. Miss Ronda took the other little girl and Miss Cimberly took Presley over to the drama center to play dress up with a couple other little girls. There might have been a couple tears but overall not the kicking and screaming I had thought might happen.
Afterwards they said she did good, that she was a little standoffish in the beginning (as expected) but eventually started to participate! So we'll see how she does next week when Grandma gets to experience the drop-off! :)
My big girl!
 Presley and Daddy
 Presley and Mommy

FIve Question Friday

1. What is your favorite fall family tradition?  I don't really remember very many traditions in the fall growing up, is that sad? I'm sure we had some! Mom, help here.
But really over the last 3-5 years, we do a lot more together as our family of 3 (pumpkin patchs, carving pumpkins, watching Iowa games) and then with my family of 8 (with our Sunday Packer games!)

2. If money weren't an issue, how many kids would you have? Really, money has nothing to do with the amount of kids we'll have. It has to do with our patience and our love and need to DO things as a couple and as a family. The more kids the harder it is to find time and/or someone to watch them! We'll see how #2 baby is, we've never really discussed having a 3rd kid and if this girl is just as 'challenging' as Presley was....there will not be a 3rd! :)

3. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and where would you put it?  I probably will get a tattoo someday (sorry, mom) and I already know it will be something to do with my baby girls. Their names or birth dates or something along those lines.

4. What condiment is a must in your house?  We don't do a lot of condiments in this house. Steve uses ranch the most, Presley occasionally is interested in ketchup and I rarely use either. If I buy mayo for sandwiches, it expires before it is even half gone. I think that means Steve cooking is so good that we don't need the 'extras' of having condiments with our meals! ;)

5. How did your spouse/fiance propose? February 17th, 2007. We took our annual megamall weekend trip. We had a nice dinner in the Hilton hotel restaurant (which I remember we had a room on the top floor and you had to use your room key in order for the elevator to take you to the top floor and we were too DUMB to figure that out and had to ask why the elevator wouldn't take us to our floor!) and we back to the room and got ready for bed. Nothing sexier than the man you love in his wife beater and boxer briefs proposing!  I love him! and this is a story that completely fits him! I am super lucky to have him in my life, who could resist this fairy tale proposal?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I love this weekend, we have had no plans. Very laid back, do what we want, asking each other a million times before 10 am...what should we do today? Steve doesn't sit still and I feel bad keeping Presley couped up in the apartment. So yesterday we decorated P's preschool bag, which looks great!

Then made our weekend trip to Walmart (shocking that we didn't even spend $100!). Then after lunch P and I made a trip to the pool since it closes this weekend. :(

Our friends Chris and Colleen had us over for dinner with Tony and Kari. P was a little overwhelmed with the other kids, Bridget and Ryan who are both about 5 yrs old and the Conor and Drew who are 2 yrs and 18 months. They were having fun, playing, being loud like normal kids do....and Presley sat with the adults and watched them....for the first 3 hours. Then she wanted to join in the fun but mom or dad had to be with her. And of course, about 30 minutes before we are getting ready to leave, she is playing and having fun! It was a nice night to sit outside and talk with friends. Thanks guys!

I'm trying to take advantage of sleep while we can and after Presley was up at 7:30 on Saturday morning I told her Saturday night that when she gets up Sunday morning she doesn't have to call for mommy and daddy, she can lay in bed and play for a while if she wants...and sure enough Sunday morning I heard her about 7:30 but she didn't start getting loud until about 8:30! I'll take it! And even this morning it was 9 am before any of us got up! And she had already got up, took her diaper off, went potty, put underwear on and got back in bed! Love it!
We were going to go swimming again today, but it looks like it might rain? I thought it was supposed to be hot and sunny today! Bummer!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

No excuses

It's been a long week and I have no excuses for my lack of posting. I have just been lazy and not motivated! Heck, I never posted about last weekend and that is NOT like me!
Last Friday I was able to go to my friend Nicky's house for some girl time! It's was nice and fun and Janelle was able to stop over with baby Cora for a while! So cute! You totally forget how small babies are! Steve took P to the Earlham football game, they lost but it is always nice to be able to see a cousin (Derek) play.
Saturday I had to work for a couple hours and then we did some running around, Steve was able to buy another toy....his poker table, which was 50% off at Homemakers b/c of a chip in the table....that doesn't bother us! So we shipped that off to hang out in my parents garage for another couple weeks until we can finally rid my parents of all of our stuff from their basement and garage! Who knows what will be ruined from the intense heat we've had this year. Oh well, going thru everything will be a nice surprise b/c I'm sure we have forgotton what all we have! LOL! 
Sunday we hung out and then went to my mom's to have dinner and hang out with my Uncle Dave and Steph. Steph is finally moving out to Colorado with my uncle so we won't be seeing them as much! :(

Tuesday we had gymnastics, P was hesitant to go (like always) but she did good (like always). I don't want to make her go if she really doesn't want to, but once she gets there she is fine! She is one of the few that listens good and doesn't run around. There are some boys in her class that I just want to strangle! They don't listen, the talk all the time, they run around and interrupt the class...there is enough down time as it is and now the 'teachers' spend more time dealing with those kids than they should have to! I guess I should just be happy it's not my kid!
I really should have worked a lot more than I did this week, but I wasn't motivated and work is just dragging me down. I am definitely ready for a break from that place, I think I'll only be taking 8 weeks off but I would really like to be able to take 12, we'll just have to see.

Yesterday we had meet the teacher for Presley's new preschool! She actually did surprisingly good, though she refused to wear her name tag (b/c that's an insane thing to ask of her) or sit with the other kids or participate in the song they sang. She didn't cry, she followed directions (as long as we were there with her), she explored the different stations in the play room. So I was shockingly happy with how she did! After reading some of the stuff they sent home with us (the snack schedule, then fall 'conferences' are, parents day around Christmas time)...I said to Steve "its like we are real parents now!" Now she depends on us to help with decorating her school bag and her social profile page and bring snacks on her assigned days....we need to be more organized, that is for sure!

Today I am just EXHAUSTED! I don't know why but again, I just can't get motivated! There is so much that could be done around here and I just can't get off the couch. We did make a trip to the mall forcing myself to get out of the house for Presley's sake, then we left Steve at Old Chicago to watch the Iowa game (since we don't have cable in the apartment) and Presley and I came home and hung out. We watched her favorite movie Tangled during her quiet time. It's so funny b/c there are some parts that she knows the words to and she'll get up and 'act' out the parts of the movie. It's so hard to NOT laugh at her b/c it is so freaking cute!
We are off to pick up Steve from the bar, the Iowa game must NOT be going well if he is willing to come home already. Hopefully I get a burst of energy at some point this weekend!