Friday, June 2, 2017

Sunday Funday

Sunday morning we got up and ready to head back home. My aunt was having everyone over for brunch so we stopped there for a couple hours before leaving. Our trip was short and sweet but it was good to see everyone and still get to have one day at home for the long weekend. The drive home is never as fun as the drive TO somewhere, we kept telling them just to fall asleep and time will go faster and sure enough this happened.....our kids rarely fall asleep in the car!

We got back into town about 4:15 and since we were driving right by Adventureland on the way home and we made a last minute decision to stop and ride some rides for a couple hours!

She came around on the merry-go-round with her tongue out giving me 'rock on'. Seriously so funny.
We got home about 7 and just hung out the rest of the night, we were all tired and that showed Monday morning! I got up about 7:00 to work, Piper got up at 9 and then Presley and Steve got up shortly after that! They all needed it!
Monday we just did some stuff around the house, ate lunch on the patio at 1908 (which was a little chilly with the wind!), went up to Jester Park to look and walk around and then got ice cream and headed home for the rest of the evening!

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