Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Busy Bees

So after our girls day last Monday the week remained busy....Tuesday was Presley's first day of summer KTC...the first day is always a struggle for her. She cried and didn't want to go, ugh it's so hard to see her struggle like that.
Steve was able to take them to swim lessons, Piper went under the water and didn't cry this time, so that was good. She negotiated and talked to her teacher the entire time, trying to be the boss of the teacher I'm sure! He was super impressed with Presley's swimming, like I was!

Wednesday they were supposed to have dentist appts but I cancelled those b/c our afternoon was going to be crazy and getting out of work for both Steve and I right now is not easy. Presley went to Pump it Up that day and Piper had water play day at Generation Next. THEN they had swim lessons from 4-4:30 and then they had gymnastics! (we feel like those parents that have really busy kids, but we really don't!) Steve took them to both (so thankful for his flexibility and willingness!) and then I met them at gymnastics when I got off work. Once I got there, he ran to the grocery store b/c we had minimal time before our weekend.
I LOVE watching the girls doing gymnastics! They are always looking around to see if we are watching them and I don't want to miss anything they do! Piper's class is 45 minutes long and Presley just got moved up classes so now hers is 1.5 hours....we haven't told her that yet, maybe she won't realize it! Shhhh......by the time we got home it was after 6:30 and we hadn't had dinner or baths yet. Long afternoon and evening for them!

Thursday Presley was happy that she was able to go to grandma's instead of KTC and then I left work early to take them to swim lessons. I love watching how far they had come even since Monday, Piper was going under (very hesitantly) and Presley was learning to dive. Just amazing! Steve had the opportunity to go to Newton to help with the set up of the Metallica concert! So the girls and I had our night together, got their bags packed for grandmas on Friday and then when they were in bed I worked!

On the work front...the short but sweet version...we are very busy, at least for couple months..... overtime galore and just trying to keep afloat while doing all the other summer time fun stuff we have planned. The busy time is short-lived (along with my future in this position and department unfortunately) so I'm just trying to make some money, do my job and not worry too much about what the future might bring. Thankfully I can do some of this overtime from home after the girls go to bed so I don't miss everything that goes on in the evenings.

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