Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Another busy week and weekend has gone by....Saturday morning I got up nice and early and worked for a couple hours and then we decided to hit up a full day at Adventureland! The weather was hot and steamy so perfect for the waterpark! We got there at 10 when they opened and headed straight there! We got chair right where we wanted them and then made ourselves at home! Sam, Scott, Boston and Jordan were able to join us for the day too, which is great b/c it gives Presley someone to play with so she won't fight with her sister or complain that she is bored and it gives us two extra adults to help keep the kids occupied!

This girl struts around like she owns the place!!
and tries to turn completely around so that her face doesn't get wet on the waterslide!

We stayed in the water park are for most of the day, enjoyed the lazy river and the big pool next to the swim up bar. The kids went down the waterslides and played in the splashpad area and really it didn't get too busy in there until about the time we were leaving! We headed out to the rides about 3pm and we warned the girls that it would be busy and they would need to be patient....we were WRONG! The park wasn't busy at all! There were NO lines for anything, which was perfect!
P thinks she is too cool (or old) to ride the little kid rides with her sister so it is a good thing that Piper doesn't mind going by herself!

Their favorite, the Tilt-a-whirl! 
My sweet girl.

Watching a puppet show, Presley was 'too cool' for it.

We left about 4:30 and we were all hot and exhausted!  Steve ended up going to the Iowa Cubs game with a friend who was in town for the night and the girls and I hung out in the air conditioning! I thought they would go to bed early but no such luck, they did go to bed pretty good and I worked from home for a while.

Sunday we all slept in and it was so nice and needed!! Piper had a birthday party (this time it was NOT at Pump It Up, it was at Monkey Joes!) so we did that. So many little girls! Holy cow!
After the party, Piper and I picked up some things from Hy-vee and headed home. Steve and Presley had bought flowers and got those planted and then he filled up the kiddie pool for them to play in. We sat out by the shed and listened to music, I read my book, Steve fiddled around and the girls played, it was a good relaxing afternoon!
I had plans to meet my sister Samantha for dinner so we headed over to my guessed it, El Mariachi! We got a seat on the patio, ate and drank margarits and talked and laughed for over 3 hours! We never get the chance to do that, so it was nice!

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