Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Concert #1

Over the last 6 months I have bought tickets to 3 concerts that all fell on the same weekend. So I was prepared to be tired and have fun and not feel too old! :) Metallica was this years concert for The Native Fund, and of course, we have to support the cause. Neither of us are real Metallica fans but I knew they were a VERY popular band and that it would be a good show and a concert that I will never experience again. Since they announced this concert Steve and I started listening to Volbeat (one of the openers) and I really like them!! So many of our friends were going, we had the hotel room booked, the day off work and the tailgating situation ready!
We slept in Friday morning, packed up the car and kids and dropped them off at my parents for the night! We ran to Walmart in Altoona for a couple things and then had an early lunch at Spectators, we really like it there, good food and cool atmosphere! Then we headed on the drive to Newton, we got checked into the hotel about 1 and then headed to tailgate when the gates opened at 2. 
Slowly but surely our friends started joining us, the weather was hot but the breeze made it not too bad! So many friends that we hadn't seen in so long, it was a good time just socializing and such for a couple hours before the concert started at 6.

Brock had this shirt made for our friend Kyle who helped make this concert happen.
No Steve, your muscles are NOT as big as Brocks!

VOLBEAT! Our clubs seats were nice and we knew so many people sitting around us!

Then we happened to know someone with a box seat and got tickets to join them up there...free beer too! This was during Avenged Seven Fold? (who we don't really know)

Ashton and Dallas spoke on stage for a couple minutes about The Native Fund.

When Metallica started we stumbled upon some VIP front row tickets (it helps to know people!) So Steve and I were literally right in front of Metallica! (Note, this was NOT the general admission area where people were pushing and shoving and crowd surfing!)

It was a great show and everything worked out perfectly for us....except the 45 minute drive around Newton to get back to our hotel. We went to bed way too late but it was worth it!

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