Friday, June 2, 2017

Great start to our weekend!

It has been a short week, but a good one! Wednesday after work I met my friend Lyndsi at Gilroys ( , it is really good, I love this place!) to have dinner and drinks and do some talking, plus our friend Baird was playing there that night too, so it worked out perfectly!
Last night we had Brittany come babysit so we could go to Gavin Degraw at Brenton Skating Plaza! We got downtown about 6:45 and sat at Zombie Burger for a couple drinks before going to the show. We got there about 8 and the opener got done playing about 8:15. Gavin didn't get on stage until 9 and only played until 9:45?! WTH?
Kristin, Holly, me and Sarah

Everyone was surprised the show was so was really odd and it wasn't even 10 pm?! I had just got a drink so Steve and I stayed to hang out and finish our beers. Most of the people had left and then I noticed there was a swarm of people....and I found out why! Gavin had come out and was doing pictures and signing autographs. He was so patient with everyone and really did a good job at acknowledging everyone around him. He was very appreciative and actually looked people in the eyes when he was with them! That is something you don't find in many people!

I waited patiently and then I got my picture!!! I was SO happy! 
And then today was Presley's last day of 2nd grade! They have a BBQ for lunch and the parents can come have lunch and then take them home afterwards, so Steve was able to meet her but then took her to grandma's since he had to go back to work.
She had such a good 2nd grade year and LOVED her teacher so much. I think she is really going to miss having her as a teacher!
Ms. Lynch and Presley.

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